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Best 10 Voice Changer Apps Male to Female [Powerful]

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jun 12, 24

If you've been searching for the best android and iOS voice-changing apps around the internet, you're on the right spot. Voice-changing applications are always fun. They're handy when you're pulling a prank on a friend, or you want some amazing effects to test your voice. Thus, we provide you with all the best male to female voice changer apps in the list below.

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Before changing your voice from male to female, I suggest you edit your voice first. Filmora is an easy-to-use yet powerful video editor helping you quickly edit voice no matter your voice or the audio extracted from videos. Explore Filmora's audio editing features and get ready for changing voice!

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Part 1: Changing Voice Online for Free with Online Voice Changer

If you want to change voice without downloading and installing any app on your mobile phone, you can try some online solutions. is an all-in-one online video toolkit that allows you to edit, convert and compress video, audio and image files easily. The online voice changer from can transform your voice to a male voice, female voice, child voice, robot voice, and Donald Duck voice. If you wish to have voice filters, you won't have any problems in the future with the voice changer.

change voice online with

This online voice changer works best on the Chrome browser, so you can utilize it whether using a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook device. As a result, you can deceive your family or friends by speaking in another people's voice rather than your own. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Part 2: Best Male to Female Voice Changer Apps for iPhone and Android

  • Girls Voice Changer

  • Voice Changer Voice Recorder Editor & Effect

  • VoiceFX

  • Voice Changer

  • Voice Changer - Audio effects

  • Magic Call App

  • Voice Changer and Sound Recorder

  • Super Voice Editor

  • Voice Changer with Effects

  • Voice Changer - Girls Voice changer Male to Female

1. Girls Voice Changer

Available for: Android, iOS

 Girls Voice Changer

This girl voice changer app is highly portable and easy for any user to use comfortably. It is specifically more popular for changing male voice to female and for pitch adjustments. It's completely free, so download on your android if you have a storage of about 8MB ready, and start using it!

This male-to-female voice changer app has several options in the library. Though the pitch adjustments are easy to make, some users have informed a lack of performance on very high-pitched settings. However, the smoothness of an android application also depends on how much space is readily available in the device. So next time you're bored at a part, you have the perfect partner!

2. Voice Changer Voice Recorder Editor & Effect

Available for: Android

voice Changer Voice Recorder Editor

This voice changer application is for multi-purpose. Yes, you can use it as a girl voice changer smoothly and with ease. But apart from male to female voice changing, The "voice changer - voice editor application" can also be used to autotune your voice.

Now autotune is a big feature that every singer uses to make their voices tuned perfectly. With this app, you can also do the same to record your music or have fun while you are bored. The application is pretty to use and can be used as a girl voice changer not only for entertainment but also if you're practicing. Many people who wish to seek a career in background voices might find this useful.

3. VoiceFX

Available for: Android

VoiceFX Voice Changer

The VoiceFX application is filled with a lot of exciting options and features. If you are looking for an app that is more than just a male-to-female voice changer app, the voice fx is highly recommended.

You can also convert your voice into a robot or even an animal from male to female voice. Yes, you read it right. You can turn your manly voice into any of the fictional cartoons you want. This one's a very easy and efficient way of filming a video with added effects or developing a mini-game with different voice characters. If you haven't forgotten, there was a very big trend of converting famous music into chipmunk voices. With this app, you can convert your favorite songs into a chipmunk addition song without any problem.

4. Voice Changer

Available for: Android

 Android Voice Changer

The voice changer is a very famous male-to-female voice changer app. With over 10 million downloads on the google play store, the voice changer is highly recommended for users who have fun changing their voices from male to female. Compared to other voice changer applications, The Voice changer app has a very elegant and sleek design that makes it very easy to use.

Apart from the male to female voice change option, There are more than 50 other options that you can enjoy. Furthermore, you can share your creations with your friends through Bluetooth or other social media.

5. Voice Changer - Audio effects

Available for: Android

 Voice Changer - Audio effects

There are a lot of girl voice changer applications on the google play store. But not all of them are up to the mark. The Voice changer - audio effects is another highly recommended voice changer application.

The Voice Changer - Audio effects have a lot of other things to offer as well. Converting your voice from a male to a female has never been easier. Not only can you convert your voice into a girl, but you can also modify it. Furthermore, you can talk to your friends on the phone while you use the voice changer application. Moreover, the voices of animals and robots can also be an alternative to the female voice if you ever get bored of it.

6. Magic Call App

Available for: Android

 Magic Call App

The magic call is a real-time voice changer app that you can use for changing your voice during a call specifically. It is a really fun app which you can use with your friends to prank even your family!

This is a perfect option for people looking for a real-time girl voice changer app. The main purpose of this application is real-time calls. The magic call is ideal specifically for a male-to-female voice modification. And you can operate this application easily in call durations.

All you have to do is open the voice changer app and dial your call. Apart from Female voice, you can also convert your voice into a cartoon or an animal.

7. Voice Changer and Sound Recorder

Available for: iOS

Voice Changer and Sound Recorder

If you are an iPhone user, then you must know that finding a voice changer on the apple store is like digging a diamond from the ground.

The Voice changer and sound recorder application is found exclusively on the apple store for people who love girl voice changer apps. It is a live call voice changer app, which means converting your voice from a male to a female in between the call. Furthermore, you can even add background voices such as traffic and echo to make your call even funnier. If you are looking for an excuse to get off from your call, then this application has got your back.

8. Super Voice Editor

Available for: Android

 Super Voice Editor

This one is a fun application for people searching for a voice changer app male to female. Not only can you record the audio that you edit, but also use it in real-time! Amazing right? Super voice editor enables you to add effects to your voice while you're on a call as well. This feature means, next time you're pulling a prank on the birthday boy, he won't ever know! Sound like the wonder woman or dexter from his laboratory. The Super-Voice editor is perfect for kids playing in the house and even teenagers looking for something interesting. The SoulApps studio has made it easy for you to sound like your dream faces on the screen. With an MP3 cutter and Ringtone maker, this girl voice changer app is pure creativity.

9. Voice Changer with Effects

Available for: Android

Voice Changer with Effects

Our list of girl voice changers, Voice changer with effects, is a very practical application that we highly recommend to our users.

With over 50 million downloads on google play, Voice changer with effects is highly suited for anyone looking for more than just a male-to-female voice changer. It has over 40 plus options such as helium, chipmunk, zombie, alien, and many more. With this application, you can even import a favorite audio clip of yours, and then you can easily convert it into a voice you like. If you want to modify your ringtone to an audio clip you just converted, then there is no better application than this one.

10. Voice Changer - Girls Voice changer Male to Female

Available for: Android

Voice Changer - Girls Voice changer Male to Female

If you are looking for a girl voice changer app solely, this application perfectly fits you. The application is specifically designed only to change your voice from a male to a female. Although this application does provide options apart from female voice conversions, those features don't function ideally. However, if you want a girl voice changer, you won't have any trouble.

You can use this application while you are on a call. Hence, you can fool your family or friends by using a girl voice instead of your own. We recommend this as an average application that would fit your needs sufficiently.

In conclusion, you have now gone through the list of the perfect options for your android or iOS. Therefore, now you must be ready to choose the best girl voice changer app. So head on to your play store and search for your favorite app right now!

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