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Best Audio Editors to Remove Background Noise from Audio [Windows]

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

Background noise is the unwanted sound present in the background while recording audio. It is not always possible to make a call or record an audio or video from a silent room. Then the noise was made by working machines like a fan, air conditioner, etc. or people talking. It will make it difficult to hear the recording and to concentrate on the topic. It diminishes the overall sound quality of the audio or video. Quite annoying, right?


Best Audio Editors to Remove Background Noise from Audio

We all know background noise will reduce the overall impression of video no matter how perfect the video is. Here we are going to discuss 4 applications that can be used to remove background noise from any audio clip (they are listed in no particular order).

Part 1: Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is a video editing app with an extensive set of features and options for editing a video or audio. This application is equally used by amateurs as well as professionals. You can remove background noise by its simple denoise feature in several mins. Let’s see how noise reduction is done using filmora9:

    • Download Filmora9 below, and install it on your computer

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

    • Open Filmora9, and go to File-Import Media to import your source video to the Media Library


    • Add or drag-n-drop the source video to the video track. Then right click the video on the track, and select Adjust Audio option


    • The audio settings panel will pop up. Please enable the Remove background noise option, and then adjust the level of denoising to Strong by moving the pointer to the extreme right


    • Playback your video on timeline and check whether the voice quality have been improved
    • Once done, click Export to save or export your video. Filmora supports various video formats. You can select the format you want and export the video, or you can upload your video to Youtube and Vimeo directly.


The audio can also be fine-tuned by using the Equalizer feature of Filmora which will make the audio sound more natural. Also, the Audio Mixer feature will help you to edit the audio further and save it in MP3 format.

Part 2: Audacity

Audacity is an open platform for audio recording and editing. It is a very simple-to-use application and can be used to record, play import and export any audio files of the formats WAV, MP3, AIFF, and OGG. Audacity also offers the functions of mixing tracks and applying special effects to the audios.

    • First select the “silent” part of the audio, where only the noise can be heard
    • Tap on the Effects menu at the top and select the Noise Removal


    • Tap on the Get Noise Profile option, under Step 1

apply audacity noise reduction

    • Select all the audios from which you wish to remove the background noise
    • Now once again go to the Effects menu and tap on the Noise Removal option
    • Adjust the settings under Step 2, if you feel it is necessary and click OK to save the settings.
    • Listen to the audio clip to make sure the quality has been improved and the noise reduced. And here are the waveforms before and after the noise removal.


It is always recommended to reduce the noise before recording audio on Audacity.

Part 3: Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is a nonlinear video editing application that is been widely used by people for their editing purposes. It can be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. Let us see how the background noise can be removed by using Davinci Resolve:

    • Open the Davinci Resolve application on your device and add the video/audio file in which the background noise needs to be reduced, to the timeline


    • Tap the Effects Library tab and then Audio FX and then tap on Fairlight FX


    • Now drag the Noise Reduction tab to the audio timeline and drop it
    • A small window will appear in which you can check the Auto Speech Mode option, which will detect the speech from the audio and reduce all other background sounds.


Here is another way to reduce the noise is by following the same process and instead of checking the Auto Speech mode option, check the Manual option beside it

    • Now position the time record on the timeline from where you want to get the noise removed
    • Use the Learn option beside Manual, to remove the noise from the required part of the audio by tapping it


The background noise will be removed from the audio clip. The first method is recommended to filter "speech" audio clips.

Part 4: Movavi Video Editor

Movavi is a simple video editing application that can be used by anyone to edit videos based on the time it was taken, for example, wedding videos, birthday videos, etc. it offers a lot of features to edit a video clip based on a specific theme. Here is how noise reduction can be done by using Movavi Video Editor.

    • Open the Movavi Video editor on your desktop and open an audio/video clip on your timeline.
    • Click on the audio clip to select it and then tap on the Settings icon on the extreme left
    • Then choose the Audio Editing option and tap on Noise Removal box


  • Adjust the pointer of the Noise Suppression according to the need of the video.
  • Playback the video on the timeline and check if the sound quality gets better.
The Noise Suppression level needs to be adjusted for every video as the noise level will be different for every one of them. It is also recommended to use speakers while playing back the audio after noise suppression to check the audio quality

To sum up

The above are 4 of the best editing applications available in the market in which unwanted background music can be removed. These applications also have a lot of other features that can be useful for audio and video editing. Do let us know what you think about our suggestion and leave your valuable comments in the comment box below.

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