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8 Best Rain Sound Effect Resources to Download

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Rain sound effect is a perfect blend of several emotions that one can feel with it. For instance, rain has always been a symbol of Romance! Rain sound effects can be an active element to stimulate the “Romantic” emotions in us.

Moreover, rain sound effect can also make one feel joyous and lively. While on the other hand, for some people feeling sadness, a rain sound mp3 can be the most heart touching music they want to listen to.

Therefore, we would like to bring limelight over the 10 best rain sound effect resources from where you can easily get hold of the effect for your video production.

8 Best Rain Sound Effect MP3 for You

Without waiting any longer, let’s get started with 8 of the best rain sound effect sources, which you can always look up to. These rain sound mp3 providers are not just easy to browse but also provide multiple sounds that can be free or paid depending upon the provider.

1. Sound Jay

One of the easiest sources to download a rain sound effect for your videos is Sound Jay. You’re privileged to play the preferred file before you can download it.

Moreover, you can get your desired rain sound mp3 from this website without pay any Royalty fee, implies, for absolutely no charge. But yes, you’re just not allowed to sell or publish these rain sound mp3 files over any website to let others download it.

Sound Jay

2. Apple Music

Apple Music is a popular source for various sounds that you can make use of in your videos. But it is a little tricky to make use of. The rain sound effect provided over this source includes the sounds that stimulate emotions like Sleep, Relaxing, Meditation, Healing, etc.

Moreover, for various occasions as well, like Thunderstorms, raindrops, heavy rainfall, etc. These can only be shared using embed code or facebook or twitter. But in case you need to download it, you may need to purchase it or take help of some media file grabber tools to retrieve the rain sound mp3 files or free.

Apple Music

3. Calmsound

A yet another rain sound mp3 files provider is Calmsound. This website has quite an engaging interface. On the home screen itself, you have several options of sounds that you can choose from, and as soon as you hit one, it automatically gets played for your preview. You can also browse for more different sounds by scrolling down over the website.


4. Relax Rain Sounds

The next source from where you can get the rain sound effects is from the Microsoft Store. This rain sound mp3 collection is the largest one in the relaxing category as bragged over the description of the source.

It is packed with 51 types of rain sound effects, 23 for evoking deep meditation to achieve the complete state of relaxation.

Relax Rain Sounds

5. BigSoundBank

BigSoundBank is the next big source of rain sound effect that you can browse. Though there are several adverts over the website, you may find it a little bit difficult to download the rain sound mp3 from the interface. But hey!

A little bit of struggle is worth it when you can get a royalty-free rain sound effect with not a single penny spent. However, you can always donate funds to the provider if you wish to appreciate their efforts. Furthermore, you also have a lot information available about the sound mp3 file like the author, conditions, channels, sample rate or bit depth, etc.


6. A Sound Effect

A well-defined website that provides rain sound effects is “A Sound Effect.” It is packed with a lot of important information about the rain sound effects and other sound effects that you can browse. Moreover, it has a well-designed interface to gain your interest. Though, the rain sound mp3 files provided here are paid.

But it offers a variety of rain sound effects that can prove to be worthy for you. For instance, you’ll have a wide collection of rainfall with varied intensities. It is ranging from soft (dripping of raindrops over the roof tiles) to torrential downpour to heavy rainfall during the night time and many more.

A Sound Effect

7. Adobe Audition Sound Effects

Up next, we have Adobe Audition Sound Effects as the 7th best rain sound effects provider. You can browse this website to get the desired sound mp3 files for your videos. On this website you have an entire list of categories that you can look up to choose the right one that caters your needs.

Adobe Audition Sound Effects

8. Sonniss

Lastly, Sonniss is another best rain sound effects provider that we have collated on today’s list. The website offers paid “Rain in the City” collection of rain sound mp3 files. You can easily preview the library using the inbuilt track player over the top banner.

Besides, it offers enormous details about the library in the later part of the website, like the author, package size, sample rate, number of files, playback time, etc. etc. Furthermore, you can even opt to buy a multiuser license if need be.


In a nutshell

With all this comprehensive information about each of the best rain sound effects providers, we now leave this up to you to choose the one that suits your needs.

No matter, which rain sound mp3 files provider you go with, if you like our efforts, please consider sharing this post with your other friends and corporate circles that may get benefitted from the information enclosed here.

In case you have any queries about rain sound effects or rain sound mp3 providers or require any further help, please feel free to comment it right below or directly mail us in.

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