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Top 5 Text to Speech Websites in 2024

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

According to human psychology, it becomes easier for an individual to understand when both the senses, sense of sight, and sense of hearing, work together. Being a video content creator, it is imperative to have a high-quality video along with high-quality speech to support your videos. Having speech in your videos can bolster the engagement and make it easier for the viewers to understand your content. But how can you make add audio without recording it yourself? Are you thinking of hiring a voice-over? Or want to use text to speech website? A text-to-speech webpage provides you with the ability to create a speech for your videos using text. Just put your text into the website, select a voice you like, and you are good to go. There is no need to find a voice-over for it. But there are hundreds of websites available on the internet. It is challenging to choose the right one that can provide you high-quality text to speed services. Let us help you decide which text-to-speech website you should use for your videos to make them more appealing and engaging.

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Top 5 Online Text to Speech Websites:

  1. Google text to speech

google-text-to-speechPrice: Chart Attached
Language Coverage: 40+
Voice Choices: 220+

Google, famous for its search engine, also provides its users with a natural-sounding text-to-speech converter. You can give your videos an outstanding touch using Google's text-to-speech service. It enables you to create a brand voice that can be used only for your brand instead of using the familiar voice that every other person uses for its brand and videos. Google uses DeepMind's speech synthesis expertise to provide you an authentic voice. It will be difficult for the listener to differentiate. Google charges its customer based on the number of characters that were sent for conversion per month. It also provides some free characters each month to its users. There are two packages that you can choose from, Standard voices and WaveNet voices. The WaveNet voices provide premium quality voices such as Google Assistance, Google Search, and Google Translate. In the Standard voice package, you will be given 0 to 4 million characters free per month, and in the WaveNet voice package, you will be given 0 to 1 million characters free per month.

Standard Voices $4.00/1 Million Characters
WaveNet Voices $16.00/1 Million Characters
  1. Microsoft Text to Speech 

microsoft-azurePrice: Chart Attached
Language Coverage: 60
Voice Choices: 215

Everyone is aware of Microsoft, but very few know about their text-to-speech services. Microsoft provides Cloud text to speech using Artificial Intelligence for the best possible results. It gives you high-quality and natural-sounding speech that can be used in videos for a relaxed and lifelike touch. You can voices of different ages, depending upon your need. It also enables you to change the pitch of speech as per your requirement. This platform provides you the ability to customize your speech to match the voice with your brand and videos. It also enables you to play with the pitch and speed of the voice so that your audience can perfectly understand it.

Standard $4.00/1 Million Characters
Neural $16.00/1 Million Characters
Custom $6.00/1 Million Characters
  1. Natural Readers

natural-readerPrice: Chart Attached
Language Coverage: 20
Voice Choices: 100+

Natural Readers is a text Speech converter for the web, software, and mobile. It can be used for personal, commercial, and educational purposes. It helps you convert all kinds of files, including PDF, ppt(x), doc(x), txt, and more. You can easily select from a wide variety of languages according to your audience. It is available for Google Chrome, Android, and iOS. With its latest AI technology, it helps you create natural speech from your text to give your videos an authentic voice instead of a robotic tone. Natural Readers has two plans, Personal and Commercial. Personal Plan is further divided into two plans. Personal Premium contains facilities like premium voices, OCR to read from images, and Scanned documents. Another one is Personal Plus, which includes all the premium features and access to the most intelligent and highly accurate plus voices. If we talk about its commercial plans, it contains a single plan and team plan. A single plan allows one person to get lifelike voices for commercial videos like Youtube, Facebook, and other e-learning platforms.


Premium $9.99/month
Plus $19.00/month


Premium $99/Month
Plus $204/month
  $948/Year (Four Users) ($10/user)
  1. Wideo

wideoPrice: Chart Attached
Language Coverage: 30+
Voice Choices: 10+

Wideo is an online video maker and Text to Speech converter. It helps you convert text to speech and provides you a wide variety of templates that can be used to create incredible videos. It has a simple interface that can accelerate the process and helps you convert your text into voice in no time. Just upload a file from your pc or paste the text into the box, choose a voice from a wide range of voices, select the voice speed, and you are good to go. Wideo provides you a wide variety of packages to choose from, starting from Free to Pro+. There are four standard packages, Free, Basic, Pro, and Pro+. With the Free package, you can create a 1-minute branded video using ten video templates. With a Basic Package, you will get ten downloads/month, 1.5-minute videos using 20 video templates for $59/month and $228/year. With Pro Package, you will be able to download unlimited videos and create 10 minutes videos using the full template library for $99/month and $468/year. And with Pro+ Package, you will get unlimited downloads, 30 minutes videos, full access to the template library, and one additional account for $199/month and $948/year.

Basic $59/Month
Pro $99/month
Pro+ $199/month
  1. Read Speaker

read-speakerPrice: Contact for Quotation
Language Coverage: 20
Voice Choices: 20

Read Speaker is a web-based text-to-speech converter that helps you create human-like voices used in your videos to make them more engaging. It supports around 20 languages in 20 different voices to provide a wide variety for your videos and tutorials. It enables you to choose your own style of pronunciation with its built-in pronunciation dictionary. Apart from a wide range of languages and voices, it provides you the ability to change the pitch and speed of voices to make them more comfortable and easy to be understood by your audience. With its SSML Input, it allows you to control the way your text is being pronounced, add pauses, insert phonetics, and switch voices. It is the fastest text-to-speech converter that enables you to convert multiple texts into speech simultaneously, which can save you a lot of time. Reader Speaker allows you to choose from two different plans, word-based or

Numerous platforms can be used to put the speech on your videos. But most of the platforms are very intricate and require technical skills to use them. On the other hand, Filmora X provides you a smooth and user-friendly interface that any newbie can use for the first time without any technical skills and expertise. Filmora X allows you to adjust the speech according to your video and provides multiple other features that can help you enhance your videos and make them more engaging and powerful.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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