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8 Best Cinematic Sound Effects [Pack Included]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Cinematic sound effects add more life to your videos. A dull and ordinary looking video can be turned into an interesting power-packed video only by adding cinematic sound effects to it.

They take your video to the next level. It’s a fact! Many filmmakers diligently add more of these sounds to boost the overall feel of the scene.

Moreover, for every excellent movie trailer, it’s a hallmark to have cinematic sound effects of building up the power and intensity for a pivotal climax.

For this purpose, we have handpicked 8 of the top cinematic sound effects pack, which you can download and use to turn your video into an overwhelming experience.

So, without much delay, let’s get started to unveil the best cinematic sound effects pack now!

8 Best Cinematic Sound Effects for You

1. Free Cinematic Sounds Pack

The very first source from which you can get the cinematic sound effects pack and that too for free is via Boomlibrary.

These free cinematic sound effects pack consists of 142 royalty-free sound and 52 WAV files with the 96kHz/24bit rate.

Moreover, the pack size is just 350 MB offering high quality free cinematic sound effects and hence, is a must to give a shot!

Furthermore, you can also look up for different other cinematic sound fx for purposes like trailers and metal impacts hit construction right over the same page link.

2. Sample Phonics-Cinematic Sound FX Freebie

The next cinematic sound effects pack that we have Sample Phonics, where the collection of sound effects is manifold in the full version.

Also, it is packed with over 400 ‘one-shots’ sounds. You can download it free on Noiiz and can get full professional-quality loops and samples. Having excellent sound designs and multiple download options, this website fits best for what you want.

Sample Phonics-Cinematic Sound FX Freebie

3. Ghost Hack

Here at Ghost Hack, you can expect 407 royalty-free cinematic sound fx samples. This website promises professional-quality effects with the help of which enhancing your video quality will become a no big task.

Using the cinematic sound effects like deep atonal drones, heavy downshifters, foley fx, tonal pads, you can give your project a great and useful impression. Moreover, it has a provision of 30 lookup royalty-free guarantee. What else can anybody want!

Ghost Hack

4. Otherworld - Cinematic Sound Effects

Otherworld can be a blessing to those who wish originality and quality at the same time. This website has it all what makes a ‘cinematic sound effects pack’ complete.

With over 750 sound elements, 165 atmospheres and backgrounds that break down into various categories. All the samples are layered and handled in a way to be added effortlessly in your projects.

cinematic sound effects

5. Cinematic Impacts Pack

If you want to get the Cinematic Impacts Pack, the website Pond5 is there to help you. By spending just $20, you can enjoy this cinematic sound effect. The size will be 50.1 MB.

Cinematic Impacts Pack

6. Big Fish Audio – Cinematic Sound Design

The cinematic sound design by Big Fish Audio contains over 1.2GB of Hollywood sound styles divided into 13 groups. This cinematic sound effect will cost you $49.50 from the Big Fish Audio website. More than this, the site has a lot of significant sound effects including themed music game etc.

Cinematic Sound Design

7. Sound Cloud - Free Cinematic Sound Effects

Sound Cloud offers free cinematic sound effects ranging from sound effects for sleep, workout, study, and more. If getting the audio effect sample for free is your choice, don’t miss Sound Cloud and explore the best kind of music thereby bringing out the best from your project.

Free Cinematic Sound Effects

8. Sound Ideas - Cinematic Metal Sound Effects Library Bundle

Sound Ideas is the last in our list whose Cinematic Meta Sound Effects Library brings 1500 royalty-free cinematic sound effects. It is entirely available for 1 CD ROM as well as 2 DVD ROMs. This product from Sound Ideas comprises construction kit and the metal impacts CD, where the former includes complete and original HD recordings and the latter consists of 200 pre-designed sounds.

Cinematic Metal Sound Effects Library Bundle

Bottom Line

Here, we are concluding the topic, and by the end, you must have gotten what you expected from this post.

We hope that you could grasp all the cinematic sound effects pack by carefully reading this. If you want to share any experience or have any queries, we are open to you. You can drop a comment to us and we will gladly respond to you. Thank you for giving time to read this and stay tuned for more updates.

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