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Best 9 AI Voice Generators That Will Save Your Day

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

The Latest AI and voice synthesis technology is the perfect tool to add audio to files through software – without the need for professional recording equipment and studio. AI voice generators are used for many things like reading a document or e-book, mimicking celebrity voices, dubbing movies, adding audio to tutorials, and more. There are many AI voice generators you can use for dictation, transcription, and other text-to-speech services. With so many options available, it can be confusing to pick the right one. This is where we come in. Today, we will reveal the top 8 ai voice generator tools you should know about.

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Best 9 AI Voice Generators You Should Know

Here are the top 8 ai text to speech software you should use in 2021: 

1. is excellent text-to-speech software, and it is updated regularly. It allows you to download and share the audio file. You can create highly professional audio using this tool as it comes with speech synthesis and SSML controls. It is perfect for businesses as it gives you the commercial and broadcast rights to all your audio files. Another great thing about is that it is available in multiple languages. It is free and also offers different subscription plans. You can download the audio file in MP3 and WAV format. Moreover, it is SEO friendly and offer live chat support.


2. Filmora - Video editor yet text to voice generator

Filmora's Text to Speech (TTS) function allows you to convert your text files to voiceover and bring more elements to enrich your video. It is incredibly accurate to transcript your text-to-speech with Filmora Text To Speech function, based on the industry-leading algorithms technology. Whether you want a male or female voice, Filmora offers ten different voices to select and customize your preference. Filmora supports up to 16 types of languages to transcribe. Whether you speak English, Japanese, French, or another language, Filmora can convert them all.

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3. Clipchamp

Chipchamp is an online AI voice generator and video editor that help you create and edit videos. It is straightforward to use and offers multiple tools to create professional audio files and videos. The text-to-speech AI generator works excellent and allows you to create audio for all types of videos. It offers flexible export options and enables you to share your creations too. Moreover, this software is trusted by big names like Deloitte, Microsoft and Google. Plus, it has a community of over 14 million users. All in all, chipchamp is a great text-to-speech and video tool for all. 


4. is one of the top ai voice generators because it offers the latest algorithm and text-to-speech technology. It is a quick and efficient voice generating software and produces natural voices. It translates text into Hindi. It is free to use and allows you to add audio to any file like e-books, tutorials, vlogs, etc. The audio will be studio quality, and you can create 1000 characters for free. It also has a paid version for 5000 characters limit and unlimited downloads. 



Resemble is another top-rated ai voice generator on this list. You can create audio for pre-existing files using this tool. From fake deep voices to natural human-like voices, you can generate different types of high-quality audio using It allows you to record 50 sentences or upload raw data and render audio. All this comes at zero cost as it is free software. However, a premium version is also available for extra perks and features like custom voices or stock voices.



LOVO is one of the most popular ai voice generators that enables you to create personal ai audio. You can create natural, emotional audio with a personal touch. Lovo offers the latest ai text to speech technology to generate humanistic audios, and it also features more than 50 voice skins. Another intelligent feature of Lovo is the voice cloning technology that allows you to create audio in less than 10 minutes. All you have to do is sign up and submit a voice sample. That’s it! Lovo will allow you to generate text to speech audio for free. 


7. is a very user-friendly AI text-to-speech generator for realistic audio. You can use it to create audiobooks, explainers, news reports, and explainers. It is super quick and only takes two minutes for processing. comes for free, but you can also use a paid version for extra features. Free version is limited to 500 characters. All the tools on this platform are powered by ai technology to help you create the most high-quality content. Plus, it supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Korean, Norwegian and many more.


8. Robot Voice Generator

This tool is available at You can create audio files with Robot Voice Generator for free. It allows you to develop robotic audio. All you have to do is add text and let the ai technology do the rest. With this tool, you can shift text to speech, create multiple audios and download audios. With its intuitive and clean interface, anyone can use it. You can also adjust the speed and pitch of the audio. 



Spik.AI is a famous free text-to-speech software. It uses advanced tools and algorithms to generate realistic voices from any text. It is available for free, but a premium version is also available. As a free user, you can use this software for up to 300 characters. Moreover, also offers text markup to enhance the quality of audio. You can emphasize, break and edit the pitch, tone, and speed of the audio. So, if you want to add any attractive voice to your file, try using


Summing Up

Forget about going to a recording studio. All you need is an ai voice generator that will help you create audio for any purpose. You can use the ai text to speech tools for audiobooks, tutorials, dubbing, vlogs, presentations, marketing ads, and much more. It is easy, convenient, and super cost-effective. We have listed down the top 8 ai voice generators in 2020 that you can use to create high-quality human-like voice audios. They are all user-friendly and well-reputed. Use these tools and let us know what you think!

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