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Top AI Music Remixer Tools to Give a Go This 2024

How to enhance or revitalize a pre-made song to have a completely different style? Learn about the best tools here, including their features, pros, and more.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Apr 18, 23, updated Jul 22, 24

A lot goes into music production, and you must handle multiple parts of the work in most cases. For example, you must focus on lyrics and the music and then combine them cohesively while adjusting. In fact, many artists repurpose the basic tunes and remix them into a new beat entirely.

Of course, in real-time, all of these steps will require different types of professional support from experts in the field. It is much better to use an AI music remixer tool instead for the same work quickly and efficiently. Wondering what they are? This post covers the best ones so read ahead.

ai music remixer
In this article
  1. Online Music Remixer & Extender
  3. LANDR AI Mastering
  4. BandLab SongStarter
  5. FAST Verb
  6. AudioShake

Top 6 AI Music Remixer Tools to Utilize

Typically, the process of mixing the sound by adjusting the length, tempo, lyrics, instrumentation, and more., takes longer time and effort.

Currently, AI-based tools are available that instantly process these elements in the song you add and create a remix within a much shorter period. The following are some of these top-tier apps to use.

1. Online Music Remixer & Extender

Regarding using the AI Music Remixer, Remix functionality is one of the top options to select. Here, users will find more than 100 sound effects available for remixing that they can activate with simple steps.

online music remixer and extender

The AI technology within this program also smoothly analyses and changes the song length. Overall, it is very simple to utilize this app for high-grade song remixing functions, making it a suitable choice for beginners and professional-level artists.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: web-based, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


  • Strong AI technology for automatic trimming, remixing, and rearrangement.
  • Multiple sound effects for song remixing.
  • Simple to choose a remixing level with the toggle.
  • Change the song duration with the AI tool.
  • See the history of past remixes.
  • Works on multiple platforms and devices with seamless performance quality.
  • Supports file exporting in varying formats, like MP3, WAV, OGG, etc.
  • Sometimes the AI-based adjustment process takes a longer time to complete.
  • You cannot change the genre.
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Regarding the remix AI functionality, LALAI.AI is one of the best options. With this tool, you can add extra instrumentation, vocals, and other sound accompaniments from the file you add to the platform.

The AI algorithm here makes sure to process the stem-splitting function with proper accuracy. This process makes the remix sound well-balanced and high-quality while ensuring zero loss of quality.

Price: Free, Lite Pack- USD 15, Plus Pack- USD 30

Device Compatibility: web-based, Mac, Ubuntu, Windows


  • Add up to 20 files for simultaneous processing.
  • Choosing specific types of remixing, like the bass, instrumentation, etc.
  • Set the processing level between mild and aggressive.
  • Upload a file of 50 MB in the free version and around 2 GB in size in the paid ones.
  • Drag and drop functionality available for simple usability.
  • Supports various formats like MP4, MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AVI, etc.
  • Get around 10 minutes of remixing with the free plan.
  • Batch uploading requires upgrading the plan.
  • No stem downloads for free version users.

3. LANDR AI Mastering

If you want to create a high-quality AI song remix, you can depend on LANDR AI Mastering software for the process easily. You must add a song in the approved format and wait for the powered AI algorithm to analyze it elementally.

landr ai mastering

Then, you can choose between low to high on the loudness level and even select styles like Warm, Open, or Balance. Then, tap on Create Master to instantly AI remix the song you added.

Price: Free with in-app costs starting at USD 19.99/month.

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • Change between 3 types of unique styles of mastering here.
  • Insert reference tracks for advanced customization with a balanced sound.
  • Add 2-20 tracks for high-quality mastering.
  • Accurately keep the mastered file and the original at the same volume with automated volume match functionality.
  • Quick processing of the file you add.
  • Supports media file formats like MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, and OGG.
  • See the preview of the mastered file.
  • Saving the mastering preferences is not available to all users.
  • Subscribers can do track revisions only.

4. BandLab SongStarter

BandLab SongStarter is one of the best AI remix generator tools available, especially because it is also available in iOS and Android app versions. The app offers three unique AI remix music type of compositions for instant use. Then, you can customize it further.

bandlab songstarter

With this software, you can add around 12 tracks to the editor. Then, you can choose between the available features, like instrument choices, to remix the sound in another style.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: web-based, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


  • Choose genres like Hip Hop, Rap, Ambient, Pop, etc.
  • Royalty-free songs are available for usage.
  • Preset unique compositions available for inspiration.
  • Adjust the FX and instrumentation for remixing the original in a specific mood.
  • It does not take a long time to process the remixed file.
  • Access as a MIDI file for direct remixing.
  • Save files for future remixing process easily.
  • Not many sample songs are available as compositions.
  • Noise cancellation could use some improvement.
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5. FAST Verb

When choosing the best for the AI music remix process, The Fast Verb software is one of the best apps available. On this platform, users get a wide range of remixing tools that make it simple to redo an original piece uniquely.

fast verb

You can add a natural or artificial style to your editing file here and even activate the Snap to Tempo function. Moreover, the software also provides high-quality Relearn functionality here.

Price: Monthly payments- USD 5.99; Full Purchase Plugin (One Time Payment)- USD 89.85

Device Compatibility: Windows, Mac


  • View the changes in sound with parameters like Modulation, Clarity, Hi-pass, etc.
  • Adjust space and time controls.
  • Use reverse or freeze settings to customize the original playback.
  • Multiple plugins are available.
  • Creating FX features is available here for customizations.
  • The detail view is supported for more focused editing.
  • Sample pieces of remixed sounds are available.
  • It is not the easier software to use for beginner-level musicians.
  • Slightly slow learning curve.

6. AudioShake

Adding the song you want to remix into the AudioShake software is simple for quick stem separation. Then, it is possible to use the different stems to prepare new tracks. Musicians typically utilize this ai song remixer to combine the available elements into mashups, samples, and more.


Users find it simple to utilize the tool for quick song breakdowns, even if it is a multi-track recording. The algorithm can efficiently isolate the track for future use in remixing, sync-licensing, etc.

Price: Free

Device Compatibility: web-based


  • Easily breakdown audio stems with a high-quality AI-powered separation technique.
  • Remix the leftover sound elements in any format.
  • Simple remastering steps.
  • Remove bleed out of live recording in multi-track style.
  • Fast processing in seconds.
  • Listen to sample options available on the platform.
  • Play and pause the playback multiple times.
  • Mainly for creating instrumental-based remixes.
  • It takes some time to get used to the complex features.


If you want help with quick and steady AI-based music remixing work, the given tools are some of the best options to try. Please go through the features and disclaimers for the applications and even directly use the software to see how they work. So, you can make the right choice based on your personalized remixing needs out of these useful tools.


  • 1. What does remixing a song involve?
    To explain, remixing a song involves the artist reconstructing said piece of art and then rebuilding it with new interpretations or effects. Here, the producer makes adjustments to song elements like beats, tempo, instrumentation, speed, etc. Typically, people that want to change up the original song and give it a new feel utilize this method.
  • 2. What should I look for when choosing an AI remixer tool?

    When you are searching for an AI-based music remixer, you should check if it has most or all of these points:

    • The software should properly extract stems from any musical file, like instruments, bass, drums, vocals, etc.
    • Sample of remixed tracks for recommendations.
    • Features to easily tweak the song elements.
    • Adding tempo, beat, or volume level to create a DJ-based rhythmic effect change.
    • AI-based genre-shifting ability while remixing a track.
    • The software should automatically highlight specified sections for remixing.
Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jul 22, 24
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