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Top 12 AI Video Generators to Pick

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 25, 22, updated Mar 07, 24
Top 12 AI Video Generators to Pick

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

It is a fact that video editing can sometimes be laborious and time-consuming. Even when using the best video editing software, it still requires human effort to get an impressive result. But luckily for us, the invention of the AI video generator has now made a lot of things easier. The AI video generators are the next level as they allow users to automate video creation and editing without compromising quality.

top 10 AI video generators

This article will discuss the best AI text to video generators for free that will help make your life easier. Thus, this will soon help you create engaging videos for your personal or business use in just a few clicks.

Part 1 What Is an AI Video Generator

AI video generator is the process of using artificial intelligence (AI) to create professional videos. With an AI video generator for free, you do not need any equipment, an editing studio, or a premium video editing application to be able to create a video. 

All that is required is that you feed input to the AI tool, and it will automatically help you generate a video. You can edit a blog post into a video within a few minutes with any of these tools listed. In addition, it won’t incur any high costs for video productions because the AI tool will help you carry out most of the tasks.

what is an ai video generator

Part 2 How Does the AI Video Maker Work

Professional AI video editors, are trained by showing them various examples and then providing them feedback by telling them what is wrong and good. The machine then takes note of it and remembers it. However, as the machine continues to learn, it picks the results and then improves itself based on the feedback. Ultimately the device becomes very good or even better than the human that creates it. Here are some breakdowns of the ways video editors work:

The AI video maker tool, can augment your videos with AR effects, including AR masks, face and color filters, face touch-ups, etc. The tool uses neural networks and computer vision to interrupt, extract, and understand the video content. 

This AI subtitle generator can allow interviews to be delivered and analyzed to the editor fully transcribed, searchable by word or even sentences. Video editors can use AI for keyword extraction, speech-to-text conversion, facial recognition, sentiment analysis, image recognition, and emotion detection.

AI-video editors can pull sections of a video clip from any source automatically. These AI systems can also detect emotions that allow the creation of warm, appealing videos.

how does the AI video maker work

Part 3 The 12 Best AI Video Generator

There are top AI video generators for free that you can choose from for your video editing. These video editors complete work quickly and easily. In addition, if you need video editing software to help you edit your generated videos after generating them, we recommend that you try out Filmora from Wondershare. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a perfect video editing software with tons of new features, like keyframing, split video, and adding animations and effects to help you carry out your video editing seamlessly.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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For macOS 10.12 or later


Sora is an artificial intelligence model that generates videos with textual descriptions, developed by OpenAI. It is a US-based artificial intelligence research organization. Sora stands out as a game-changing platform. It can seamlessly convert text into captivating videos, blending convenience with creativity.


With Sora, transforming written content into engaging videos is swift and efficient.

Unlike traditional video editing tools, Sora is designed for users of all levels, eliminating the need for prior video production experience.

Sora offers a plethora of customization options.

Generates videos up to 60 seconds long

Generates complex scenes with multiple characters, motions, and accurate details of the subject

Creates multiple shots within a single generated video

Generating videos from text instructions by utilizing the recaptioning technique from DALL·E 3


Highly realistic video generation with impressive visual quality

Text-based control over the content of the video, allowing for precise video generation

A highly versatile tool that handles a wide range of prompts and styles


Lacks implicit understanding of the rules of physics

This software is best realistic and imaginative scenes.

02Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a highly efficient video editing software that comes with AI text to video generation. The software is friendly to both beginner and intermediate creations, offering you a wide range of intuitive features.


Subscription Plan: US$19.99 per month

Cross-Platform Plan: US$69.99 per year

Perpetual Plan: US$19.99 Onetime Payment


User-friendly interface that is easy to learn and use

Wide range of features for creating and editing videos, including transitions, effects, and text overlays.

Large stock library of royalty-free music and stock footage

Readily available templates and presets to quickly generate videos

Easily export videos directly to popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok


User-friendly interface with a learning curve suitable for all kinds of creators

Extensive library of free and paid assets to enhance your videos

Wide range of features for video editing


Lacks advanced features for AI video prompt generation

This software is best for video creation and editing for freelancers, SMBs, markters.

Try AI Text-To-Video

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try AI Text-To-Video

For macOS 10.12 or later

How to Use Filmora’s AI to Video Feature: AI Video Prompt Sample

Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to use Filmora to generate AI videos. The process is as simple as writing a text prompt and getting the video ready:

Step 1: Lauch Filmora AI Text-to-Video Features

Once you launch on your PC Filmora, click the AI Text-to-Video option to start the video generation process.

filmora 1

Step 2: Add a Text Prompt or Video Script

On the AI Text-to-Video video, add your text prompt. You can also modify other settings such as text language and video voice. Then click the Text to Video button at the bottom to prompt Filmora to generate the video.

filmora 2

Step 3: Preview the Generated Video

Filmora generates the video based on your prompt and a new editing window. You can now a preview video and make any further editing needed.

filmora 3

AI Video Prompt Sample Using Filmora

Prompt: A young man at his 20s is sitting on a piece of cloud in the sky, reading a book.

filmora prompt

When prompted to generate a video of a young man in his 20s sitting on a piece of cloud in the sky, reading a book, Filmora generated a narration video from the point of view of the young man as shown above.


This is a web-app video generator AI from a text supporting AI-driven video creation used by experts and beginners. Rather than filming content utilizing a microphone and camera, this software AI technology helps to simulate human presenters and real-life videos. Thus, it saves video creators hours of work.


Personal Plan: $30 monthly

Corporate Plan: custom pricing


Over 40 supported languages

Allows template customizations

Allows users to make their avatars

It has 50 built-in presenters

Allows you to create realistic AI videos

Offers live chat support

Allows download in Mp4

Enables users to create videos automatically using integrations with APIs

Allows the addition of backgrounds

Users can share their videos on other social media platforms

Allows the addition of images, shapes, and texts to videos


Great for beginners are you do not need prior knowledge


It supports only front-facing poses

This software is best for freelancers, agencies, marketers, and content creators looking to create high-quality video content.

the 10 best ai video generators 01

04Synths Video

This is an AI video-generating tool primarily concerned with helping users drive leads and traffic from YouTube. It is an AI YouTube title generator that allows users to create professional-looking videos from blog posts on YouTube. 


YouTube Start: $399 monthly.

Premium Custom Package: Custom Pricing.


Video generation from URLs

It has built-in integration with YouTube

20+ avatars are available

Allows video upload in HD quality

Over 40+ languages supported


No free plan is available

Best for the owners of YouTube channels.

the 10 best ai video generators 02 is a video editing software that uses a sophisticated deep learning engine to create professional videos.


Starter plan: $25 monthly

Enterprise plan: Custom Pricing


Produces high-resolution videos

Supports functionality for presenter customization

Multiple-use cases supported

Allows users to select their preferred AI voice

Support varieties of video editing tools


It has a complex pricing plan

It is best for agencies seeking to create customizable and personalized professional videos for marketing and advertising.

the 10 best ai video generators 03


Lumen5 is one of the top AI video-creating tools available for beginners and uses Natural Language Processing algorithms to convert text into high-quality videos.


Free Plan

Creator plan: $15 monthly.

Premium plan: $79 monthly.

Business plan: $199 monthly.

Enterprise plan: Custom Pricing.


Transforms text to video within minutes

Numerous templates are available

Allows customization of videos resolution, color, and font


Limited features in the free plan

Best for beginners who are looking to generate short-duration of videos for social media platforms.

the 10 best ai video generators 04

This is an AI-powered video maker that is useful for users that do not have any experience in design.


Basic plan: $29 monthly

Pro plan: $69 monthly

Enterprise plan: Custom Pricing


It has an attractive and modern user interface

Allows the creation of videos from pre-designed templates

Helps video creation from your custom video files

Over 20 languages supported

Coverts texts to video


Only allows video download in a paid plan.

This tool is best for creators and designers who are willing to create quick AI videos.

the 10 best ai video generators 05


This is a perfect AI generator used for creating explainers or marketing videos easily and quickly. The platform helps produce high-quality videos with varieties of style options to make the ideal video according to your requirements.


Free: Free with watermarks on your videos.

Business: $15 monthly with no watermarks.

Unlimited: $30 monthly with unlimited video exports.


Very affordable

Comprises an online drag-and-drop video editor

Over 50 AI-powered themes that help to convert text to video in 3 minutes

Full iStock media library available in all plans


Requires internet connection to use

the 10 best ai video generators 06

This AI subtitle generator converts your text and turns it into an AI-generated video. This program is simple and easy to get started, requiring no software download. Paste your text into the editor and get started.


Free trial: Only use 3 videos.

Standard Plan: $29 per month.

Premium Plan: $59 per month.


It has a simple user interface.

Over 6M licensed Shutterstock available

Unlimited and affordable videos in the premium plan


It is quite expensive compared to other tools

the 10 best ai video generators 07 is not specifically an AI video generator but a video editing tool that utilizes AI to simplify the entire process and allows users to create high-quality videos within seconds.


Free: Free with watermarks!

Basic: $18 monthly.

Pro: $30 monthly


It has lots of video templates and a music library to choose

Easy to learn, user-friendly interface

Video rendering times are quite fast

The basic plan has a high-quality resolution


Not a typical AI video generator

Not for beginners

the 10 best ai video generators 08


This free AI video generator platform allows you to turn your text into video. Type in your text and choose a voice actor, and then Wisecut will take care of the rest. It offers excellent editing tools for users to tweak your video until it’s just right.


Basic: Free.

Professional: $57 per month.


This platform is easy to use

It has a simple drag and drops user-interface

Allows auto subtitles and auto cut silences

Allows integration with YouTube

Subtitles auto-translation

Excellent video quality


Has limited effects

the 10 best ai video generators 09


FlexClip makes video creation and editing easy with-it millions of royalty-free stock media and thousands of templates for you to choose from.



Basic: $5.99 per month.

Plus: $9.99 per month

Business: $19.99 per month.


Thousands of available templates

Simple tool for creating and editing videos

Use for creating engaging videos

Provides millions of royalty stock media

Versatile and Flexible


Not for beginners

the 10 best ai video generators 10

Ending Thoughts

In this post, we have listed the top text to video generators that you can choose from to help you perform tasks within minutes.

The report also explains all you need to know about video AI generators and recommends Filmora as a perfect tool for editing your videos. 

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