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  • Offers a ChatGPT plug-in and AI tools to enhance your creative vision
  • Various free templates and effects to make your video professional
  • Export and upload video to social media directly

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5 Best AI Video Editing Software and Service (Black Magic)

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The videos are the future of the digitally transforming marketing spaces of the companies.  Today, one cannot think of marketing or sales strategies without videos as people spend a good amount of time on it. Not just that, it also helps in conversion and growth. You can create videos without outsourcing or any external assistance with the help of the right video editors.

AI video editing is the future in the video editing industry. Right now, there are also some services or video makers that support AI video editing. It can help you a lot for your business. So, let’s learn why AI video editing is important, and some of the best AI video makers that can help your business grow.

Best Easy to Use AI Video Editor - Filmora

If you want to give your video a little black magic, why not choose Filmora? It is a simple video editor with powerful AI features. You can use it to quickly make brand and product videos for your business and for personal used.

Filmora now add multiple AI functions for helping you create video in more flexible ways, below are some of the AI features:

  • Use ChatGPT to generate copywriting
  • Turn your words into art
  • Automatically remove noise from video or audio
Edit Video Like a Pro

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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Edit Video Like a Pro

For macOS 10.14 or later

Filmora secure download Secure Download

More features are ready for you to explore! What's more, Filmora video editor supports adding watermark to make your video unique. It includes more than 50 free to use audio and 300 visual effects/audio/images. You can also access a growing visual effects library to make amazing videos. Download it now to have a try!

Why Choose AI Video Editing for Your Business

Some production and distribution areas of the business are easily handled by the Artificial Intelligence as it can select, edit, film, and share the video clips online. With the help of AI, you can now create more personalized and customized videos resulting in higher engagement. Programmed or automatic video editing is now possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Today, the cameras don’t need to be operated manually or need your instruction. It can easily grab and select the moments that are important, edit, and create a video. Some great examples of AI video makers are SoloShot that offers automated video editing tools and Quikstories by GoPro for instant editing and sharing of videos.

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Filmora AI Video Editor

Create AI-Generated Video with Filmora

Filmora AI video editor offers a ChatGPT plug-in and AI tools to enhance your creative vision. Make your idea into reality.

5 Best AI Video Editing Software and Service

Here is a list of the bst AI video editor we can find for you. Watch a video first to take a quick view!

1. Gliacloud

If you want to make videos, it is no more a tiring process with Gliacloud. It is an AI video maker that helps your content to present in the form of a video. Gliacloud is powered by AI technology that helps you to create video content automatically from your preferred content. The features of Gliacloud include-


  • Paste the content URL or upload file, and the algorithm automatically captures the keywords and major content in it
  • Allows material mapping
  • Easily create different versions of the same video for A/B testing
  • User-friendly editing package to make your video at your preference

ai video editing

2. Rawshorts

Rawshorts is a simple AI video editing tool that easily helps in creating marketing, explainer, and demo videos. It has a drag and drops video editing option where you can choose from the pre-existing video editing template, upload your own video clips, and also customize your video by addition of colors, texts, audio, and transition effects. The features of Rawshorts are-


  • Upload videos, trim clips and position it
  • Easy content creation on a web-based platform and publishing studio
  • A range of video templates that is strong and industry-specific
  • With a drag and drop interface, easily add text, media, and transitions to videos
  • Easily download, export and share finished videos on social media platforms

ai video editing

filmora box
Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Filmora - No Watermark Video Editing Software

• Easily edit and export video files without watermark
• offers popular effects and filters for making your video professional
• Cross-platform supported - (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)

3. Jumptvs

A great AI video editing tool for the video industry, Jumptvs is an actionable business data platform. It is said that if video content is the king, data is the queen in the video industry. Jumptvs offer data-driven content. The features of Jumptvs are-


  • Get daily analysis of business video
  • Get in-depth knowledge of user activities
  • Improve your user experience on any device
  • Track performance of your marketing campaign, content recommendation, marketing action

ai video editing

4. Premiere

Whether the professionals or just the beginners, Adobe Premiere is a great AI video editing tool for the desktop. It helps to turn the raw video clips into stunning cinematic products. From fine-tuning to adjusting color and audio, Premiere AI video maker offer more than just basic editing. The features of Premiere are-


  • Sensei AI platform of Adobe help editors match colors automatically
  • Adjust colors with face detection option
  • Improved audio auto-ducking reduces the volume of the music or effects soundtrack around dialog automatically
  • Create organic-looking and realistic effects when you have layers like a fluttering flag with enhanced puppet engine
  • It has a responsive interface design for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Integrated workflow makes the work smooth and without any glitch
  • Supports complex VR editing function
  • Creates videos that are immersive in all aspects
  • Supports multiple formats

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5. Magisto

One of the renowned AI video editing tools Magisto is a smart editor for creating outstanding social videos. Transforming videos and images into well-crafted movies is not at all difficult with Magisto. It allows you to easily create automated entertaining and fun videos. The features of Magisto are-


  • Offers commercially licensed music
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence making it smart and powerful
  • Ability to make video editing process semi-automatic
  • The refined AI engine captures the most exciting clips in your video, edit it to perfection and deliver stunning videos
  • The Magisto app lets you create, edit, and publish videos anytime, anywhere with little effort
  • Supports cross-channel video content distribution and hosting

ai video editing


The AI video editing tools are the part and future of video marketing process as it allows the content to be more relevant to the users. The brands can make data-driven decisions to make their content more informative by using the above AI video makers while crafting the video. Such tools and their algorithms provide companies with increased access to data. Download Filmora Business to have a try!

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