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[Step by Step Tips] Remove Background Noise and Mute Clip in Premiere Pro

Background noise always causes distraction whenever you are watching something. It is essential to have distraction-free content. For this reason, learn from us about how to remove noise from video in premiere pro.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Jan 21, 22, updated May 20, 24

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing tool. In the editing world, Premiere Pro has a separate fan base; people use this video editing tool because of its unmatchable features. People love the quality of editing that Premiere Pro delivers. Among its many features, few are color correction, safe margins, rulers, and audio assign.

Moreover, the video editor has an Auto Reframe feature. Along with this, Premiere Pro offers Comparison View and many other things. If you want to learn more about Premiere Pro and how to remove noise from video in Premiere Pro, then stay with us.

Part 1. Remove Background Noise Premiere Pro

While recording a video, you cannot control every noise. Sometimes, you get disturbed by your doorbell. Sometimes, it's your neighbor's horn that might bother you or anything else. What do you do when this happens to you? Do you stop the recording and wait until it's quiet?

If this is what you do, then let us share a smart solution with you. Background noise can be removed from your video using the remove background noise Premiere Pro feature. Allow us to share its steps to guide you more about it.

Step 1: Import the File

To remove background noise from your videos, you first need to import the media file to Premiere Pro. Then drag and drop the file onto the timeline. After that, you need to select and open the 'Effects' menu.

access the effects tab

Step 2: Add Denoise Effect

On the right side of the Effects menu, type and search for 'Denoise.' Then, you should select the Denoise option and drag it onto the timeline over the media file. The Denoise feature removes nearly 50% of the noise automatically.

insert the denoise effect

Step 3: Denoise Effects Control

The rest of the background noise can be customized. For that, head to the ‘Effects Control’ section. You will see Denoise-related options. There, click on ‘Edit’ for Custom Setup. You can adjust both the 'Frequency' and 'Amount' values.

customize denoise effect

Step 4: Voice Enhance Effect

Removing background noise damages the quality of voice. This quality can be improved by using 'Vocal Enhance.' You can search it from the search bar in the Effects tab and drag it over to the media file in the timeline. You can also customize this from the ‘Effects Control’ tab.

use the vocal enhance effect

Part 2. How to Mute A Clip in Premiere Pro

Sometimes, you might need to mute a clip. You can use such clips as your status. You can also add your desired background music and then share the clips. In any case, you need to mute the clip, but what if you don’t know how to mute the clip in Premiere Pro?

Don’t worry because we are here to help you. The following section of this article will share different methods to mute clips in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Method 1: The first method is to mute an entire clip on the timeline. This could be done by checking the Mute Track ‘M’ button. You will find the mute button beside the track name.

tap on the m button

Method 2: The next method is to mute a specific clip. For that, go to the ‘Audio’ section from the menu bar. Then, look at the 'Essential Sound' panel on the right side of the screen. From you will see various tags. Open your desired tag and check the box against the 'Mute' option.

enable the mute option

Method 3: Another method that could be used to mute a clip is by right-clicking on the clip that you want to mute. A menu appears on the screen. From that menu, you need to uncheck the ‘Enable’ button. This mutes the clip.

uncheck the enable option

Method 4: The next method demands you to first select the video clip. Then, from the menu bar, head over to the ‘Editing’ tab. There go to the ‘Audio Clip Mixer’ section. You will see volume sliders; drag down the Volume slider to negative to mute the clip.

drag the slider to negative

Part 3. Tips and Tricks to Help You Better Editing Audio in Premiere Pro

As we have mentioned earlier, noise removal damages the overall quality of the audio. All your effort goes to waste if your voice is not clear or anything else. Now that you know how you can handle background noise removal, it’s time to talk about something new and different.

The following section of this article is going to share tips and tricks that could be adopted. These will help you to get better and improved quality while editing audio.

1. Restore Bass

The first tip that we are going to introduce is restoring the bass of the media file. You can do this by using the Parametric Equalizer and dragging it onto the timeline. With an equalizer, you can play with different audio frequencies. Whatsoever suits the best, you can set it.

2. Atmosphere Setting

Its essential to first of all create an atmosphere. For this, you can mix sounds, add reverb and even adjust the loudness. An ambiance audio tag can be used for background noise. You need to set the scene for your music or the dialogue.

3. Compress the Audio

To make the audio better and more consistent, it is essential to compress it. Like the name is presenting, compression lowers the volume of loud parts, increases the volume of fairly quiet parts, it compresses the waveform of audio. After compression, your audio sounds instantly better, especially the voices.

4. Dialogue Adjustments

You can unify different recordings for a common loudness if you tag audio clips as Dialogue. If you plan to add a voiceover to your video, then you must improve the clarity, reduce or remove any background noise and also, adjust the reverb. Subtitles could be added to make the conversation understandable in your video.

5. Remove Noise

The noise of the computer fan or the weird hissing noise of the microphone and other similar things are referred to as Background noise. This can become a distracting element. While editing the audio, it matters that you remove the background noise because it does not get automatically removed. So, to have good audio, always remove background noise.

Bottom Line

If background noise is bothering you, then this problem is resolved. The article above has shared how to remove noise from video in premiere pro. The easy step-by-step guide for removing background noise with Premiere Pro has been shared.

To remove background noise, Premiere Pro is not the only editor. Wondershare Filmora is another stunning and known video editor. You can use the tool to remove background noise from your videos. With this editor, you can also mute your clips.

Not just this, but the editor has many more classic features. Filmora allows keyframing, motion tracking, and doing cool edits with a split-screen. Color match is another offered feature among the many other features of Filmora. It also has an asset library. You can get fantastic effects, transitions, elements, and whatnot from its library.

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