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15 Best Father's Day Gift Ideas: Practical & Cheap Gifts for Dad

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 13, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Father's Day is celebrated worldwide to honor one’s father, his love for his children and his contributions to their lives. Not only our biological fathers, this day is also observed to honor the influences of our father-figures, grandfathers or great-grandfathers in our lives. Although different countries celebrate Father’s Day on different days, many countries including the USA observe it on the third Sunday of June. It’s a tradition to celebrate the day with Father's Day gifts and cards, a sumptuous meal and spending some quality time with our dads.

Choosing the best Father's Day gifts for your dad can be a real tough job. If you are confused about what to get your father this year, here are some brilliant ideas.

1. Smart Jump Rope

fathers day gifts smart jump rope


For the fitness-freak dad, this is the best thing you can get as this year Father's Day gifts. This LED exercise rope, available in different colors and sizes, automatically keeps count of the jumps. It also provides calorie readings through a synchronized app on dad’s phone.

2. T-shirt with Proud Father Quotes

fathers day gifts tshirt


Want your father to look cool? Present him a stylish t-shirt that has a quotation referring to his proud parental status.

3. Pocket Nanny Alerts

fathers day gifts alert


Young dads who are very busy with their tiring and stressful work schedules it is extremely hard to remember his child’s schedules. This electronic nursing reminder helps dad to remember the time for the baby’s changing, sleep, feeding or medication.

4. Leather Folder

fathers day gifts leather folder


Is your dad a workaholic? Get him something work-related as this year Father’s day gifts. An elegant looking folder made of soft leather and with a finished exterior which makes it easy to slide into any bag.

5. Pro-skin Advanced Trimmer

fathers day gifts trimmer


An electronic trimmer with advanced settings is always a good choice for Father’s day gifts. You can find trimmers with skin-friendly rounded tips for smooth trimming, easy to select and lock-in length settings and detachable heads. Available with a rechargeable battery, this one will make sure that your dad looks handsome all the time.

6. Portable High-sensitivity GPS Receiver

fathers day gifts gps


Dad’s a travel-geek? Then it’s probably best to gift him a handheld GPS tracker which is lightweight, easy to use and comes with a long battery life.

7. Morning, Noon and Night Coffee

fathers day gifts coffe


Many of our dads are caffeine addicts. Try to find a set of three packs of artisan grounds which includes three types of roasts and flavors suited for different times of a day.

8. The Godfather: The Coppola Restoration DVD Set

fathers day dvd set


Buy your dad this set of DVDs of the famous Francis Ford Coppola movie trilogy which are restored to its original glory in this new format.

9. Extra Large Coffee Mug

fathers day coffee mug


You can always give him an extra large coffee mug with designer print on the outside for his daily caffeine needs.

10. A Digital Photo Frame

fathers day digital frame


Get him a digital photo frame with an elegant finish this Father’s day so that he can enjoy all his precious moments with you.

11. One Handed Bottle Opener

fathers day gifts bottle opener


You should go for a stylish, one handed bottle opener made out of stainless steel. Its innovative design helps one to pop the cap with an easy squeeze of its thumbhole trigger.

12. Essential EDC Kit

fathers day gifts edc kits


If your dad is into hiking or trekking then this is an item you must buy for him. This paracord pod Everyday Carry (EDC) kit provides him with sixteen essential items wrapped into one handy kit and makes him prepared for his adventures.

13. Philip Meyer’s The Son

fathers day gifts philip mayer


For the dad who is passionate about reading, this is one of the best Father’s day gifts. This epic novel narrates a multigenerational story of power struggles and survival in the American West following the rise of a rich and powerful Texas family.

14. Moscow Mule Copper Cups

fathers day gifts copper cup


These retro-looking copper utensils for cocktails are a unique gift for your dad. These mugs are made of 100% copper and their insulated design keeps the drink chilled for a long time.

15. Kammok Roo Hammock

fathers day gifts hammock


For the adventurer-lover dad, this hammock is ideal for summer camps in woods. The material is totally water resistant, durable and the whole set up is very handy.


All items presented here can be easily obtained from online stores and at affordable prices. Any of these Father's Day gifts can make the day special. Choose wisely and make this Father's Day one of the unforgettable days in your dad’s life.

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