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The Best External Microphones for iPhone

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Top External Microphones:

Rode VideoMic Me:

Price: $59.00 only

VideoMac Me is designed to offer high quality audio performance with its compact and lightweight design. It can make connections with all smartphone and iPhone devices without making any compromise for audio quality. You will be glad to know that VideoMic Me is designed with a deluxe furry windshield that ensures stunning results even in worst weather conditions. People love its consistent performance over wide frequency response

Key Features:

  • Compact size, easier to transport
  • Battery power unit that offers wide audio capturing range.
  • Contains high pass filter.
  • Comes with PAD switch that reduces sensitivity for louder recordings.


Rode IXYL Condenser:

Price: $59.00 only

Rode IXYL is simply an outstanding choice for iPad and iPhone like devices with a smooth performance. The windshield based design make it suitable for outdoor recording in adverse weather conditions and the protective zip case improves performance by great extent. If you want to use this microphone for your live recording needs then you need to spend on an application that costs $5 only. Most of the professionals love to use this microphone for recording interviews due to its incredible stereo recording ability.

Key Features:

  • It records audios at 96 KHz frequency with 24bit setting.
  • Can be used with iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5c, 5s and iPhone 5.
  • Metal casing improved durability while reducing electromagnetic interference.
  • Comes with a zip case and windshield that improves audio quality in adverse weather conditions.
  • Users can easily switch to a 72 Hz, well performing high pass filter to reduce effect of low frequency noise.


Zoom iQ7:

Price: $99.99 only

In case if you are searching for a professional audio recording unit then you must have a look over Zoom iQ7. The zoom recorder application offers great results with variable audio rates and the stereo imaging is also improved. Professionals love to use this microphone due to its ability to deliver cleanest sound. This mic is suitable for trainings and lecture recording.

Key Features:

  • This mic works perfectly with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.
  • You can easily connect it with most of the iOS applications that extends support to external microphone like Vine, Voice Memos, iMovies, Instagram, GarageBand etc.
  • Offers mid-side recording ability to improve stereo width and also enhances mono compatibility.
  • Comes with a free recorder application that makes editing task much easier with lots of effects.


Shure MV88:

Price: $149.00 only

Shure is designed with an innovative technology that ensures clean and clear sound for every recording application. You will enjoy better control over recordings with its five preset adjustments that includes loud, acoustic, flat, singing and speed settings.

Key Features: Shure MV88 is also accompanied with a MOTIV recording application that you can download from Apple store without making any payment. It is also possible to do real time adjustments for stereo width, gain etc while maintaining high quality performance even in adverse weather conditions.

  • Impressive audio quality.
  • It works perfectly with almost all iOS devices.
  • Users can switch between 5 DSP preset modes like Loud, Instrument, Acoustic, Flat, Singing and Speech.
  • It helps to adjust EQ levels with ease.
  • Offers perfect wind reduction, improved stereo width, and enhanced gain and better control over recording process.


Rode SmartLav+:

Price: $79.00 only

SmartLav+ is designed to serve for wide range of applications like broadcast scenarios, television and film recordings. You need not to invest on additional wireless device as it offers incredible broadcast quality. This mic can be used with smartphones, iPhones and tablet headsets with the help of RODE rec application – it is dedicated for iOS devices; you can also enjoy recording with any other compatible application.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 12 month warranty.
  • Package includes a pouch, durable mounting clip and wind shield.
  • It offers perfect compatibility with Android and iOS devices.
  • Impressive broadcast quality.


Movo PM10:

Price: $14.95 only.

This omni-directional microphone works perfectly for vocal and video applications. You can enjoy amazing voice generation with its enhanced pick up pattern. Most of the professionals love to use this mic for video recording needs due to its great portability and comfortable handling. It is observed to provide clean and clear audio response on all frequency ranges and performance is rated to be much better as compared to built in type microphones.

Key Features:

  • It is best choice for dictation, podcast and interview like applications.
  • Compact and easy to handle.
  • Comes with one year warranty.


How to get great audio without external microphone for iPhone:

If you are not in a condition to spend on microphone then also it is possible to avail good audio details for your video shoots. Here are two common tricks that you can apply:

1: Prefer a quite location or stay close to subject:

When you start shooting in a room then one of the biggest troubles in audio recording is caused by room echo. Most of the videographers make this mistake in the beginning stage of their career and they are not able to pick clear audio instructions. Most of the time videos get affected due to outdoor sounds, background noise and room echoes that are very common in closed area. In case if you are not having a microphone then prefer to stay close to your subject. Note that, it will lead to zoomed recording but at least you will not have to compromise for audio quality. Other option is to go for a quite location.

2: Switch to another device:

In case if you do not want to capture zoomed videos by staying much closer to your subject then it is good to get another device for your recording needs. Go for an android or iPhone device to record audio separately and after finishing your shoot you can mix them together with additional post processing software tool. In case if you are recording videos with interview style then you also have a choice to use portable microphones that can be easily hidden.

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