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Heart Lake in Fortnite: How to Locate It

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Oct 27, 21, updated May 20, 24

Fortnite players are getting the set of new weekly challenges and earning a good XP. The Challenge of grabbing seven fishes at Heart Lake starts from season 4, week 10. The exact location is unnoted and exploring it on the map is the first test. Luckily, I have all the information you will need to find Heart Lake on the map, and every detail you want to know about the lake is mentioned in this article.

Where to find the Heart Lake in Fortnite


You can mark it as the trickiest part of the Challenge is looking for Heart Lake and starting the fishing.

You can find Heart Lake on the North of Start Industries, and the lake is just like the shape of the heart around it; you will find a big circular area. 


To getting started fishing, all you have to do is squirting and backing off 10 feet. Arguably, I will prefer to match in squad mode to watch your back. Now when you are at the perfect spot on the map, you can run aground on the small dock north of the lake, where you will find a fishing barrel that will help you fish. Now you are all set to start fishing.

How to catch seven fish at Heart Lake Fortnite


Now, when you are at the perfect spot on the map, you need to grab fishing rods if you want to start fishing. You can easily find it on the barrel on the dock at the north of the Heart Lake. There are some other barrels across the area near Heart Lake so take a run along to explore. After you have the fishing rod in your hand, through your fishing rod by pressing the right trigger on the perfect spot in the Heart Lake where you can see some school of fish, when the fish gets stuck on the rope, your controller will vibrate and then press the right trigger once again to reel back.

You have to repeat the step until all the fish from a school gets disappeared, then you will have to find another school of fish, but if you are not able to find any fish there, then just through the fishing rod in the lake randomly and wait for the fish to get stuck (if there any).

Do not worry. You are most likely to get some fish by placing a rod randomly too, but just like fishing, there is no 100% guarantee that you will get fish if you through a fishing rod randomly. But if you can see the school of fish in the Heart Lake, then the chance increases. So keep trying, again and again, is the key to success. Unfortunately, there is also a chance where you can also get useless items like cans and guns got stuck on your fishing too, but you have to keep it all. You will easily seven fish in several minutes. But if you got eliminated without getting all seven fishes, you can try it again on other matches. Like other weekly challenges in Fortnite, this one is also additive, which means that it is not compulsory to catch all seven fishes in one match. You can try it in different competitions, and still, you can get credits for getting through this Challenge, and you will get your tip of 25,000 XP.


1.Where is the Heart Lake on the Fortnite?

Heart Lake is located in Upstate New York. This location is not so hard to find on the map. You can find the Stark Industries in the center of the map. The heart lake location is near the Tony Stark Lakehouse.

2.Can you fish at Heart Lake?

Yes, you can grab some fish at Heart Lake. For this, you will need a fishing rod to snag fish. Then you have to look for a school of fishes in the lake and through the fishing rope with the right trigger, then wait for some fish to stick, and the vibration will notify you of the controller. Press the trigger again, and here you got some fish. Repeat the process to get more fish.

3.How can I fish at Heart Lake?

To start fishing, you will have to need a fishing rod. That you will find

on the dock at the north of the Heart Lake. There are some barrels around the Heart Lake, so get a walk around and watch for them. 

4.Is Heart-shaped lake actual?

Ontario is the place in the world where you can find the heart-shaped lake. You can consider it as the symbol of love. It is located 3 hours east of Toronto, around Ompah, ON, where you will find the fantastic heart-shaped lake, which is a must-see place in the world.

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