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10 Awesome Ideas for IGTV Videos Brands Can't Miss Out On in 2024

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Your creativity and imagination sometimes need a slight push in order to reach their full potential. Being a video content creator means that you should always have a fresh source of ideas for your next video, but at times we all simply run out of ideas. This is only natural, and if you find yourself facing a creative block you shouldn’t panic. Make yourself a cup of tea instead, make yourself comfortable and read on because in this article we are going to take you through ten awesome ideas you can use to create brilliant IGTV videos in 2024.

10 Amazing IGTV Video Ideas You Can Try in 2024

Before we proceed any further, it is worth noting that IGTV only supports vertically oriented videos, and the content you create for your channel on this platform must meet its requirements. However, IGTV lets you share your videos on other social media, so your followers can always be up to date with your latest posts. Okay, let’s have a look at some ideas for IGTV videos you can try this year.

1. Q & A Videos: Answer the Questions Your Followers Have Asked

Establishing a strong connection with the people who follow your IGTV channel should be one of your top priorities. Q&A videos offer a perfect opportunity to strengthen that bond since you can let your followers ask you questions in the comments of the post you share on your Instagram profile or via Instagram stories and then create an IGTV video that answers the most interesting questions. This is a great way to show your knowledge in a certain area or to provide your followers with useful information about a given topic. The best part is that Q&A videos are remarkably easy to create, so you won’t even need a pricey camera to record this type of video.

2. Workout Routine: Fitness Videos Never Go Out of Fashion

Millions of people exercise at home, but quite a few of them still don’t have their routine. If you are a fitness or sports professional with tons of experience who knows a number of different workout routines you should consider creating IGTV videos that explain each exercise. Speeding up the video can be practical as it shortens its duration, but it can also help you create a more visually dynamic and entertaining video. In case some exercises in the video should be repeated more than once you can add text, so the viewers can know exactly how many times they should repeat each exercise during the workout.

3. Reveal a Part of The Atmosphere on the Set of Your New IGTV Video

Recording a new video is always exciting, and the atmosphere on the set can at times be electrifying. If you manage to tap into that energy and share it with your followers, you’ll spark curiosity and build up the anticipation of your next post on IGTV. Furthermore, sharing a sneak peek from the set will make your followers feel involved in the process of making the video and it will provide them with the opportunity to share their opinions with you in the comments. Even a funny moment at the office can serve as a behind the scenes video that you can use if you temporarily run out of ideas.

4. Tell Your Followers What Your Customers are Saying About Your Products

A satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement you can possibly get, and you shouldn’t hesitate to share the positive feedback with your followers on IGTV. These videos are remarkably easy to make since you can just combine a few shots of the person who left the feedback with the text. However, making the customer testimonial videos seem authentic is somewhat difficult, because you may have a tough time persuading your audience that the person in the video is not an actor or that the words you used in the video are actually theirs.

5. Share the Ingredients of Your Favorite Recipes

Everyone loves food, but from time to time we all find ourselves completely out of ideas when it comes to our next meal. So, if you are already a successful food blogger, you can extend your presence on social media by creating IGTV videos that show the viewer how to prepare a certain dish. You can share your own recipes with the audience or you can show your followers how to prepare meals from different world cuisines. You can use the text to give detailed instructions about each step of the process to the viewers of the video or to share the entire list of ingredients with them.

6. Start a New Web Series on IGTV

Some ideas are simply too complex to be covered in a single video, as their stories demand time to be properly told. In case you have such an idea you should consider producing a web series that can have as few as three or as many as ten episodes, depending on how much material you have. Keep in mind that producing a web series requires a significant amount of preparation because you are going to need a script for each episode, which is why you are going to have to develop the idea before you can actually start filming it.

7. Create Tutorials and How to Videos

Sharing knowledge can be rewarding in so many different ways, and it can help you come up with authentic ideas for videos your followers on IGTV are going to enjoy watching. Producing makeup and hairdo tutorials or explaining how a product works is an excellent idea if you know enough about these topics and if you feel confident enough to show your followers how they can look ravishing or how they can use a camera, a software or any other product. Which type of tutorials and how to videos you can create depends largely on your area of expertise, so choose only the topics you know a lot about.

8. Review Videos: Review a Book, a Restaurant or a Movie

Culture can serve as an endless source of ideas. Reviewing movies, books or restaurants can be a great way to introduce a certain culture to the people who follow you on IGTV. Japanese cuisine, cinema, and literature, for example, are so rich that you can dedicate your entire channel to them. The same is true for all great cultures of the world, but keep in mind that reviewing a book or movie may be a lot harder than it seems because it requires an impressive level of knowledge about art and culture in general.

9. Unboxing videos: Unbox Gifts

There is something strangely satisfying about watching others open gifts or things they got in the mail. This type of video is already quite popular among bloggers who also have an IGTV channel since they allow them to provide a link to their blog where they can review a particular product in more detail or provide pictures. In addition, posting this type of content on your IGTV channel can open up opportunities for sponsorships from brands in need of influential bloggers and Instagrammers who are willing to promote their products. 

10. What’s on my Phone videos and Capture Screen Recordings

New apps emerge at an astounding rate, while a lot of iPhone and Android users are still having trouble figuring out how to use simple social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or IGTV. That’s why recording the screen of your phone while using an app can be a great idea for an IGTV video. You can introduce your followers to new apps, or show them the advanced options of a popular app in your phones. You can record any activity on your phone you want, but you should only upload screen recordings to your IGTV channel that fit its general theme.


Despite the fact that all IGTV users can upload videos that last up to ten minutes to their channels, it is still better to keep the videos you share on your IGTV channel short and on point because the attention span of social media users can be quite short. Hopefully some of the ideas we shared with you in this article are going to help you find inspiration for your next IGTV video. Which idea did you like the most? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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