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Find the Videos for Your Dogs to Watch Here

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 24, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
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What do Cruella, John Wick, and Clifford have in common? First is, they are all box office hits, and the story involves some dogs. For centuries, dogs have been part of human life to the point you now consider them man's best friend. As such, it is common to find your dog sitting in for movie night. You may think they are there for the company, but dogs also follow movie storylines. As strange as it seems, the information below further explains this behavior and where you can find the videos for dogs to watch.

Do dogs like to watch videos?

The jury is still out on this one. However, there is mounting evidence that dogs like to watch videos. Several dog experts and owners report that their canine friends like binging on some TV. Some of the evidence you can use for your answer includes:

• They have their own channel.

Your dog can now enjoy exclusive content on DOGTV. The channel results from Dr. Nicholas Dodman's research project to understand how dogs perceive moving images. The veterinarian behaviorist from Tufts University concludes that providing videos for dogs to watch is essential to proper pet care.

Additionally, the channel features custom content for your dog, designed to grab their attention. Among the benefits of your dog watching videos include a generally happier dog and fewer occurrences of separation anxiety.

• Not all dogs are into it.

Not all your friends own a TV, right? Similarly, not all dogs like to watch videos. However, research shows that herding breeds like the German Shepherd and Border Collie enjoy watching videos. Furthermore, their reactions vary depending on what they watch. For example, your dog can start barking excitedly or do this when their favorite team scores.

• They have a preference.

What would you prefer to watch, a romantic comedy or animation movie? Like you, your dog also has a favorite genre of videos. According to animal behavior experts, dogs prefer to watch other animals on screen. Furthermore, videos involving animals in different activities are top on their list. So, that explains why your dog always insists on Animal Planet.

• You are not watching the same movie.

It would be great if your dog could explain the plot of the Avengers movies. However, they cannot since they are not watching the same movie. Your dog has dichromatic vision, meaning they can only perceive two color ranges compared to your three.

Furthermore, they require images moving at 75Hz to achieve fluid motion. Therefore, you may consider getting a newer TV model to enjoy movie nights with your pup since these have a 120Hz refresh rate.

• They like it close up.

You will notice that most dogs prefer to sit close to the screen. Since dogs only have blue and yellow color receptors, they need to view images closely to interpret them. Another reason that researchers attribute to this is their excellent hearing. Sitting close to the television allows your dog to pick up hidden sounds, further aiding their understanding of their environment. Watch what happens to your dog's ears next time you switch on the television.

From the above observations, do dogs like to watch videos? It seems so given the information that is coming next. So, what videos should you allow your dog to watch? Keep reading to find out.

What Videos Should I Allow My Dog To Watch?

Although dogs have different preferences on what videos to watch, the following have universal appeal across most breeds. The creators and animal experts report positive outcomes after engaging their pups with this content. Here are the videos for dogs to watch, as voted by their owners.

1. Virtual dog walks.

Does your neighborhood have a dog park? Not to worry, your dog can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your living room. Youtuber Paul Dinning offers stunning dog walk videos around his Cornwall neighborhood. Currently, he has 515K subscribers and nearly 359 million views.

Here are some of his virtual dog walks to entertain your pup.

  1. • Virtual dog walking around Coombe. Virtual dog walk around Portloe.
  2. Virtual dog walk TV

Paul's videos are high-quality with impressive natural audio, guaranteeing total relaxation for your dog. Additionally, the videos go for hours across different terrain, leaving your dog glued to the screen.

videos for dog to watch

2. Wellness for pets.

If getting another dog is out of the question, you can help your dog beat the loneliness by playing videos from Wellness for pets. The channel has many videos for dogs to watch, including playdates at the park and other dogs herding sheep. Furthermore, you can select videos specific to your dog breed for more familiarity.

According to Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a vet from Manhattan's Animal Medical center, allowing your dog to watch videos of other dogs helps them with separation anxiety. Additionally, your dog tends to sleep better since connecting with other dogs provides them comfort.

3. Abstract images.

Is your dog all over the place? The folks on the YouTube channel Relax My Dog – Relaxing Music For Dogs are here to help. They provide lengthy videos for dogs to watch featuring abstract images and soothing music. Relax my dog currently has 758 thousand subscribers and over 238.7 million views.

4. Netflix original series.

A 2018 study by Netflix reports that 84% of their poll respondents watch shows with their canine buddies. Additionally, they are actively looking to improve their dog's viewing experience, including offering treats and better sitting positions. Further validation of this claim comes from Candace Bure, who stars in the Netflix show Fuller House.

Experts say that these sessions are necessary to improve your bond and also help in reducing hyperactivity. Some of the shows that may interest your dog include:

  • Stranger things.
  • Daredevil
  • The Ranch

5. Nature and other animals

Although your dog now enjoys bubble baths and fine dining, its wild nature still lingers. When selecting which videos for dogs to watch, experts recommend including nature videos. Here are some of the videos you can sample:

Most of the videos in this category average over 1.5 million views. Some of the benefits to your dog include better social interactions and rest. Why not check them out and see for yourself?

Extra Tips: Still Can't Find the Video for Your Dogs?

If the above videos are too cliché for your dog, you can always make one for them. Creating effective videos for dogs to watch requires you to follow these rules, and Filmora helps you every step of the way.

• Get your color balance right.

Your dog can only perceive colors in the blue and yellow range. Therefore, you need to emphasize their appearance if your dog is to approve your content. Filmora's color grading tools include thousands of presets you can use to get the best color balance for your videos. You can also use the auto-correction tools when making the fine tweaks becomes challenging.

• Perfect audio is equally important.

It is clear that dogs only see in dichromatic vision. So, how come they are so good at locating stuff? Your dog also relies heavily on its sense of smell and hearing to understand its environment. As such, you need to ensure that your video's sound quality is an exact match of the surroundings you film.

Filmora is packed with audio editing tools to get the best sound clarity for your videos. For example, the audio noise reduction tool allows you to eliminate unwanted sounds from your playback.

• Add some flair with effects.

Abstract videos with soothing audio are good remedies for separation anxiety and hyperactivity. You can browse the Filmora effects library to make your videos more interactive. For example, you can use the warp and distort tool to manipulate scene transitions. Try it and watch your dog make the weirdest faces you have ever seen.

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● Although research is still ongoing on whether dogs like to watch videos, there is increasing evidence that exposing them to onscreen content is beneficial to their overall well-being. However, a death metal concert may not be the best choice. Why not try the ones above? Alternatively, you can always make one on Filmora.