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How to Make an OOTD Tiktok Video on Mac

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Jun 17, 2022• Proven solutions

Do you ever wonder how to make a cool OOTD Tiktok video on Mac? Don't worry, This article has you covered!! OOTD Styling is at the core of tens of thousands of joyful TikTok video clips. Hugely common with apps like TikTok, such forms of transformation videos are content creator strength.

Once upon a time, anyone asking for fashion tips will have to brace for a weekly magazine to come in the mailbox. Now, due to the rise of social media, open clothing content is almost immediately available, and—then here's the very cool thing—you can be a part of making it too.

Living entirely in video form, TikTok gives you the ability to display your individuality and the ways clothing shifts toward a picture frozen in time. Plus, the app's uniqueness is how you don't need to personalize highly edited, great video. Each TikTok generated is genuine and endearing to viewers, a significant feature for anyone searching for interactive guidance to their style game.

How do TikTokers make an OOTD TikTok video on Mac and edit their videos? Let's find out in this article. 

What You Probably Need

The following aspects are key to making an excellent OOTD video for Tiktok on Mac:

    Great lighting (it is best to do so from a window!)

    A tripod

    5-10 outfits

    Modifications of Outfit 

    A ring light maybe 

    Your camera phone

    Free software for editing videos like Filmora X

Who You Can Follow for Reference

Tiktok is a host to some outstanding fashionistas, Here is a couple to track to keep up to date with the newest trends and OOTD TikTokers: 











Now that we've explored the influence of fashion and stuff you would need for a kickass ootd tiktok video, let's move on to find out how you can make an ootd Tiktok video on mac. Keep reading the following steps:

    Do some rehearsal: Select your outfit of the day, match it with some statement jewelry Now that you've done the essentials, and Pick a song that you'd like to use on TikTok. 

    Utilizing your tripod + phone camera, record the first dress you're wearing. Complete it by jumping straight when you choose to switch to the next costume.  

Tips It's essential to play the song when you record this video, So you'll know precisely when and how to lip-sync or move-sync the music for a great TikTok.   

    Switch to your next apparel and continue the video with a hop or a hair flip.

    If you've finished shooting with all the outfits, open the Filmora X  on your Mac.

    Click "New Project" on FilmoraX to build a new project. Tap the "Import" button to find and add your Tiktok video to the media.

1index introduction

    Afterward, drag-n-drop the imported files to the timeline, Now you can rotate or crop video, modify brightness, contrast, distortion, saturation slow or speed replay speed, set sound pitch, sound, fade in/out, and much more.

    You can drag and drop the imported music to the music track, which will allow the music to play along with your TikTok video. You may also add texts or subtitles to explain the action, or just find out something important.

    In addition to music and text, Filmora X Video Editor also provides a collection of different transformations, effects that connect two clips. You can also apply some interesting effects to your Tiktok video if desired, such as Picture Mask, Shape Mask, Mosaic, and Face-off. Or adjust the speed of playback to render a fast forward or slow-motion clip.

    Once you're done, tap "Export" to save your video in various formats in your gallery.

    Go to TikTok to post your video!

 share to tiktok

How to Up Your OOTD Game:

It's challenging to know precisely how to create perfect fashionable content when you first land at TikTok. Save any of the fashionable street fashion or fashion hashtags you'll find, you definitely will achieve consistency! Extremely fortunate for you, we've picked up a whole bunch of Ootd fashion tricks that will keep your followers amused.

Styling a Unique Outfit

Among the most famous TikTok ootd videos from fashionistas is to take a piece of clothing from your wardrobe and then demonstrate a variety of ways to wear it. Selecting something like a sweatshirt or harem pants that a majority of folks are highly probable to find in their closets will help you hit a broader engagement.

Impersonate a Celebrity Look

It's no surprise that celebrity outfits are always way beyond the price spectrum of most individuals. This sort of TikTok ootd videos are a perfect way to make these expensive outfits affordable to your fans. Choose celebrities with a look close to yours so that you can conveniently use the pieces in your wardrobe.

Style a Theme Inspired Look

Choose a theme, like the 90s fashion for your ootd look. Not only is it a nice way to glance at your clothing differently, and it's also a perfect way to interact with audiences looking to try fresh clothing trends.


We hope you've found this article helpful!! The social media world is already filled with all sorts of Outfit of the day videos. Now that you've learned how to make a creative Ootd Tiktok video on Mac by editing it from Filmora X, you can hop to try Filmora X. It's better to learn how to edit movies on Filmora X by testing it out on your own. The free trial is the perfect way to know how to use Filmora X, so look forward to trying it.

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