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Should I upgrade to iOS 10 or Not

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you getting confused whether to upgrade iOS 10 or not? Then don’t need to worry as all your confusions will be sort out now. Apple’s recently upgraded operating system iOS 10 for iPhone and iPads has brought a major change in the technical field. Everybody is curious to know about all details of iOS 10 especially its advantages over iOS 9. You can well understand all the benefits of upgrading iOS 10 by the following points:-

    • Introduction of new “Home App”:

The iOS 10 has brought new “Home” app so that you can control or adjust HomeKit devices like lights, doors, blinds etc virtually according to your need with the help of iPhone and iPads. You do not need to connect with third party apps to remain connected with your home. You can easily access home devices by using Siri and Control Center menu.

    • Powerful Siri:

Siri is one of the great features of iOS 10 as Siri will not only work with Apple apps but also with third party apps like WhatsApp, Didi in China, Uber, We chat etc. You can also write messages by using Siri. You can search images with the help of different apps like Pinterest, Shutterfly etc. You can also adjust the timing of fitness workouts by using Runkeeper and other apps.

    • Maps app:

Apple has also rebuilt Maps app in a better way. You can reach your destination quickly by using this app. You can also reserve a table for your family members in advance. Uber car can also be booked directly with the help of this app. In addition to this, you can easily find out nearby coffee or food restaurant and it will also tell you that how much time will be required to reach that place.

    • Memories feature:

The iOS 10 has brought new feature "Memories" which will automatically identify and sort out photos on the basis of time and place. It will also organize a small slideshow of photos and videos with the background music. This feature is one of the best features developed by the Apple Company.

    • Deleting built-in apps:

If you hate built-in-apps like compass, calendar and other apps in iPhone devices then you can easily delete those apps by unique feature of iOS 10 thus getting a cleaner interface. Users can also download removed apps again whenever they need from the iOS App store. The iPhone can work efficiently when you will hide default apps.

    • 3d Touch:

Another interesting feature of iOS 10 is usage of 3D touch. Videos and photos can be viewed clearly in the notification. You can also view many apps like stocks, weather, calendar etc in a quick manner by using 3D touch. With 3d touch, you can also clear all the notifications at one time.

Who should update iOS 10?

    • People who like to express themselves:

You can now express yourself more vividly with the help of Emojis which are three times larger as compared to iOS 9. You can also include animations in the messages by using feature of “bubble effects”. Fireballs, sketches, heartbeats and many more things can also be sent in text messages.

    • Music lovers:

Apple has redesigned Music app allowing the paid subscribers to view lyrics and navigate songs. This is one of the best benefits of iOS 10 over iOS 9. You can also enjoy your favorite music in loud voice by using this app. The new tab is also replaced by the browse option so that users can browse the songs conveniently.

    • Privacy loving users:

Apple always takes care of privacy of users. So it is expected that iOS 10 may have a rootless security system so as to prevent jailbreak. It would be difficult for a jailbreaker to jailbreak iOS 10. Thus users can easily maintain their privacy.

Who need to wait before updating iOS 10?

    • iPhone 5 and 5c owners:

iOS 10 will run on iPhones as far back as the 5 and 5c, but those have an A6 chip, several generations behind the A10 that Apple just put into the iPhone 7.

    • Home button haters:

The users who do not like to press home button can face a problem in upgraded iOS 10 as Apple has removed the slide to unlock feature. Now you have to press the home button yourself. The pressing of home button many times can also lead to deterioration of home button.

Thus these are the some points which can guide you in upgrading iOS 10. You can also get more details about iOS 10 on the website of Apple company. You can also search updates in the updates tab of App store.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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