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Things About ASMR Video You Should Know

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Despite their recent popularity, ASMR videos are still surrounded by a cloud of mystery, as there is so much we don’t know about the ASMR phenomenon. The scientific explanations of ASMR and the list of its potential causes of this reaction are not as extensive as they can be.

Moreover, the visual and audio content that is designed to trigger the ASMR is perceived as unusual which further contributes to the controversy associated with this genre of videos. You are at the right place if you would like to learn more about ASMR because in this article we are going to take you through all the things you need to know about ASMR. 

How Do ASMR Videos Work?

As strange as it may sound, millions of people around the globe are watching videos of someone whispering into a microphone, and apparently, it is helping them deal with stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

However, watching a video in any setting isn’t enough to trigger ASMR. You have to be in a quiet room and away from the everyday hustle in order to put yourself into the state of mind in which experiencing ASMR is possible. So, once you’ve found a comfortable position in a quiet room you can play an ASMR video.

The type of trigger the video’s host is going to use varies from one video to another because in one video they might just speak softly into a microphone or gently blow air into it, while in another they might produce sounds using plastic or metal objects.

Moreover, the ASMR triggers the video’s host is going to use also depend on the host because some hosts are predominantly focused on audio triggers, while others focus on visual ASMR triggers. Role-plays are also quite common for ASMR videos and you can easily end up seeing the hosts dressed up as librarians, doctors, or even tailors pretending to measure your dimensions.  

As a form of synesthesia, ASMR is triggered by a role-play or a low speaking voice as the visual or audio stimuli is associated with a pleasant experience that originates from the top of the head and then spreads through the neck and back.

Ideally, such a video should get you in the state of calmness and slight euphoria which in turn should help you relax and relieve the stress you’re experiencing. Whether or not ASMR videos can achieve this goal is debatable.

Can ASMR Be Experienced by Anyone?

The short and simple answer is no. In fact, most people are not ASMR sensitive and they don’t experience a tingling sensation when they hear someone whispering or see some of the common visual triggers of ASMR.

In addition, those who are capable of experiencing AMSR cannot initiate the sensation with just any of the known triggers. In most cases, ASMR is triggered by a particular sound or a visual stimulus that helps the person relax and feel the pleasurable sensation spread through their body.

Most ASMR videos are long so that the viewer can take their time to unwind before falling asleep. Whether or not the ASMR video will achieve the desired effect largely depends on the person watching it, because the AMSR trigger the video features may not affect the viewer who is sensitive to different types of stimuli.

The Most Common ASMR Triggers

It is still unclear what can trigger an ASMR since scientific research in this field has been scarce. Hence, it is difficult to know exactly what and under which circumstances can initiate such a reaction.

However, this phenomenon can be triggered by the following stimuli:

1.      Whispering or a Low Soft Voice

This is by far the most common ASMR trigger. Speaking in a low soft voice will likely create a tingling and pleasant sensation that will ultimately relax the listener. Consequently, the vast majority of ASMR video hosts are whispering or speaking softly into the microphone.

2.      Hearing repetitive sounds created by the performance of mundane tasks

The sounds created while turning the pages of a book, crumpling a piece of paper, or typing on a mechanical keyboard can all be potential ASMR triggers. It seems that the pleasant sensation is associated with the repetitiveness of these sounds, as they create a calming atmosphere. 

3.      Watching someone perform an everyday task

Seeing someone draw, paint, chop up food, or even write on a piece of paper can trigger the ASMR. Some people find the visual aspect of these actions relaxing, which in turn helps them get rid of the stress and sleep better.

4.      Sounds generated while a person is eating or drinking

Chewing food loudly or slurping can generate a tingling sensation at the top of your head that later spreads through the entire body.

5.      Getting attention

Although almost everyone likes receiving attention, some people have a strong ASMR reaction to being the center of someone’s attention.

6.      Triggering the ASMR without the use of external factors

Some people have the ability to trigger ASMR consciously without having to resort to audio or visual stimuli. However, this is quite rare as most members of the ASMR community rely on video and audio content to trigger the ASMR.

7.      Tapping on a surface

Tapping on the surface of a microphone or the surface of plastic or metal objects is yet another common ASMR trigger. The reparative tapping sound initiates a pleasant sensation that relaxes a person.

8.      A hand touching a face

Tactile stimuli like a hand touching a face are known to be ASMR triggers. Besides touching a face, touching someone’s hand or hair can also trigger ASMR.

9.      Hearing a particular genre of music

People who love music often have a physical reaction to it. Hearing your favorite genre of music can produce the ASMR sensation.

10.  Listening to someone exhale into a mic

This ASMR trigger is frequently used in ASMR videos. Like all other audio ASMR triggers, blowing air into a microphone can help a person relax and fall asleep.

What Makes ASMR Videos So Popular?

A little over a year ago there were more than 13 million ASMR videos on YouTube, which shows vividly how popular this genre of video has become. Moreover, the videos containing hosts and animals eating different types of food have amassed billions of views.

The stressful lives we all lead, boredom, or simply the need to experience something different are the most common reasons why people watch ASMR videos. In addition, the viewers of these videos suggest that they help them deal with depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems. Over the course of the last decade, the ASMR videos have risen from obscurity to become one of the most popular genres of YouTube videos largely due to their uniqueness and their relaxing nature.  

Where to Find ASMR videos?

A simple google search will reveal a variety of ASMR videos, since all major video hosting platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, or Vimeo offer a broad selection of ASMR videos. Their contents vary from simple videos of hosts whispering into a microphone to carefully planned and staged role plays. Also, you try installing the app called Tingles on your Smartphone if you want to have access to a huge collection of ASMR triggers.

Moreover, ASMR videos can be found on websites that host pornographic content, which is the consequence of the sexualization of this phenomenon. Therefore where to look for ASMR videos depends on the type of ASMR content you’re looking for. One thing is certain, you won’t have much trouble finding ASMR videos online.


At the beginning of the decade, ASMR was a little known phenomenon very few people knew about. Today, ASMR videos attract huge audiences from all around the world, as they’ve become one of the most popular types of videos on YouTube and other video hosting platforms.

Despite the enormous popularity of ASMR content, we still have much to learn about the phenomenon itself and what triggers it. The little information that is available indicates that not everyone is capable of having an autonomous sensory meridian response to audio or visual stimuli. Furthermore, the potential triggers vary from whispering to watching someone prepare food, which contributes to the mystery surrounding the phenomenon.

Hopefully, this article has helped you develop a better understanding of ASMR. If so, share your thought with us in the comments.

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