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Top 10 PS5 External Hard Drives in 2024

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Have you been on the search for the ideal PS5 external hard drive? Understand that having any of the top ten PS5 external hard drives will assist in solving any struggle you have ever had with storage. Bear in mind that PS5 has an internal SSD of 825GB. While you may think this is big enough, note that some games exceed over 100GB. If you cannot find the time to save all your games in the cloud, it is best to invest in an impressive PS5 external hard drive of 2024. 

Latest PS5 Update

According to Sony, the owners of play station, the PS5 will expand the M.2 SSD storage in its console. The company made it known that users will be capable of storing PS5 games on any external hard drive of their choice. Although you cannot play any games off the hard drive, you can quickly move them to the external hard drive once you are done downloading. In simpler terms, this latest feature will allow users to transfer their PS5 games to a USB extended storage from their console’s internal storage. This is one of the most remarkable ways to extend your PS5 console’s storage abilities. 

If you never knew, it will give users a quicker time to reinstall their games from the extended storage than when they copy them from a disc or even re-download them. 

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Top 10 PS5 External Hard Drive Of 2024

Now that you are well aware of the latest update provided by Sony, the best PS5 external hard drive that you will find in 2024 are:

1. WD My Passport

Price: Amazon


The WD My Passport comes with a storage space of 4TB and a smart design. As one of the ps5 external hard drives to purchase in 2024, you will love that it is pretty affordable. Its shape is rectangular though it is pretty slow compared to others on this list. It is designed with the pedigree of all other WD accessories. And it is available in diverse colors. 


2. Toshiba USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Price: Amazon


Since it is relatively cheap, you will love this ps5 external hard drive. Toshiba USB 3.0 comes with extraordinary ps4 games transfer times, and it is lightweight. The design is sleek, and its storage space is 1TB. Nevertheless, while it has a fantastic ps4 games transfer time, the ps5 transfer time is relatively slow. You can always download games faster with this ps5 external hard drive. 


3. Crucial X6

Price: Amazon


The ideal ps5 external hard drive for ps5 users on a strict budget is the Crucial X6 comes with a compact design. And, it is incredible for playing and storing your ps4 games. While you may not like its short cables and download time, you may look at a faster version, the Crucial X8. 


4. Samsung portable SSD T5

Price: Amazon


The first thing to know about this fantastic ps5 external hard drive is that it uses a compact yet sleek design. Interestingly, its transfer time is swift, and it is very affordable. The Samsung portable SSD T5 size is 1TB, and it takes just seven minutes to carry out a copy returnable to the drive. 


5. G-Technology ArmorAtd

Price: Amazon


Have you been on the search for a tough and durable ps5 external hard drive? Look no further as the G-Technology ArmorAtd is all you need. You will love the fact that it can be connected through USB-C. The transfer speed is pretty decent. Users will love that it can withstand dust, water, and even shock—little wonder why we stated that it is a tough hard drive. 


6. Seagate Last of Us II

Price: Amazon


An intriguing reason to purchase this ps5 external hard drive centers around its fantastic design and fast ps4 transfer speeds. Its creators have designed the Seagate Last of Us II with PlayStation systems on their minds. Since Sony did not design any formal PS external drive, this one is the closest users can get. It provides a storage space of 2TB and a stylish design with a logo. Do not be surprised, as the logo makes up about ten or fifteen dollars in its pricing. The transfer speeds are pretty decent, and overall, it is an excellent ps5 external hard drive. 


7. Seagate Expansion

Price: Amazon


If there is no reason to buy this ps5 external hard drive, you will be drawn to it because of its plenty of storage space. It comes with long cables and a swift transfer speed. Though it is bulky and large, its storage space is 6TB. It will interest you to note that the Seagate Expansion requires its electrical outlet. This is simply because it is a great power hog for the regular USB connection. Seagate expansion can be used majorly for long-term storage.


8. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

Price: Amazon


If you are working on a budget, this is the ideal ps5 external hard drive. The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD comes with a small profile and swift transfer speeds. Surprisingly, it can be bought for less than one hundred dollars. It comes with a storage of 500GB, and though this is not much, you can get roughly ten bug games in it. More so, it takes approximately seven minutes and twelve seconds to move a game from the PS5. 


9. WD Black P50

Price: Amazon


One of the major reasons to purchase this ps5 external hard drive is its swift transfer speed though you will move its stylish design. Furthermore, it is known for loading ps4 games in no time. Western Digital designs WD Black P50. This means that you are sure of getting one of the best PS5 external hard drives in 2024. It comes with a storage space of 1TB, though it is quite expensive to purchase. Note that this hard drive was constructed with PCs in the minds of the WD designers. It means that you will receive outstanding performance when you hook it to a computer.


10. WD Black P10

Price: Amazon


The WD Black P10 comes with plenty of space and a sturdy design. It is fixed at a reasonable price, unlike its expensive counterpart, the WD Black P50. It has been rated as one of the best traditional HDDs for PS5 external storage. It has been able to strike the ideal balance between performance and pricing. The fact is that, even though it is not so cheap, it does not cost so much for its 5TB storage space. If you are not so big on speed, it takes some time with speed and not as fast as you may anticipate. Also, users may not be enthusiastic about playing PS4 games straight from the drive. This is an amazing ps5 external hard drive to purchase. 


On a general note, you should note that SSDs can transfer data more swiftly than HDD. Although, when thinking of the ideal ps5 external hard drive to purchase, you will need to consider if you want the SSD or HDD. In all, we have provided you with some of the best hard drives for your ps5. It is up to you to make the choice that fits all your needs.

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