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The 5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under 100$

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Oct 12, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard under 100$? Top keyboard makers are constantly pushing the boundaries of speed, design, material, and functionality. High pricing is inevitable as a result of this competitiveness. But don't be concerned! So you don't have to break the bank, we've compiled a list of the best gaming keyboard under 100$. This article is ideal for individuals on a budget who are searching for high-quality mechanical boards.

We evaluated many choices, starting at $36, and tested the many types of keyboard that delivered excellent value for money — somewhat unexpectedly, the cheapest option was the one we wouldn't suggest. A new gaming keyboard may make a significant impact if you are starting to work from home or just playing more PC games than you did a few months ago.

Getting the proper gaming keyboard, like getting the proper gaming mouse, comes down to personal preference — from comfortability (wrist rest) about whether you would like RGB Lights, mechanical buttons, tactile feedback, configurable keys, separate media keys, or a slew of other features we can't begin to list. Also, check out our dictionary of keyboard terminology to help you narrow down your design choices.

1.Corsair RGB K55 XT PRO


The Corsair K55 RGB PRO XT is the best gaming keyboard for under 100$ with non-mechanical buttons. It features rubber dome buttons, unlike most of the other keyboards on this list. They're a little heavier to push than traditional mechanical keyboards, and they don't provide the same haptic feedback, and they're still light enough to satisfy gamers.

It's jam-packed with gaming features, including the ability to assign macros to any key and six additional macro keys just on the left side. It features complete RGB illumination and individually illuminated keys, which you can configure using the iCUE software, available for Windows and macOS. The latency is also quite minimal, which is fantastic. The keyboard includes one inclination setting and wrist rest. Thus it shouldn't be too tiring to use for extended gaming sessions.


Its keys are very quiet

finest gaming keyboard with non-mechanical keys


Its typing quality is low

The ABS keycaps are slick and unstable, which leads to inadvertent key presses

2.EVGA Z12


Look at the EVGA Z12 if you want something even cheaper. The unique EVGA Waterproof rubber dome buttons are lighter to push than Corsair RBG K55 PRO XT. Therefore gaming isn't as responsive. They have a smaller pre-travel distance, which means they type more accurately. This is a good option if you are searching for the best gaming keyboard under 100$.


Five macro keys and each one is reprogrammed.

Separate media buttons.

Full-size keyboard.


It is zone-lit rather than RGB.

The keyboard also lacks onboard memory.

Gaming isn't as responsive.

3.G413 Logitech


A good keyboard with excellent gaming performance should appeal to the majority of entry-level gamers. We can say Logitech's G413 is the best gaming keyboard under 100$. Despite its low price, it is well-made, with a plastic body and a strong metal top half so that you will have no problems with it.

Only patented Romer-G Tactile switches are included, which feature a short pre-travel distance and provide excellent tactile feedback without being too heavy to write on. ABS keycaps feel pleasant to touch and seem to be solid. Thus the keyboard provides excellent typing quality. It offers minimal latency for gamers. Therefore you won't even notice any lag when playing. It features individually illuminated keys and illumination. However, it's only offered in red.


Macros can be assigned to any of the function keys.

You can store your settings using the G HUB Logitech online sync feature if you wish to use them on a different computer.

The best inexpensive keyboard you can buy.


The keyboard also lacks onboard memory

4.Z15 EVGA


The EVGA Z15 is the best gaming keyboard under 100$ with mechanical keys that we've tested. It's an excellent gaming keyboard featuring a few extra functions to enhance your gaming experience. It's full-size, with a sturdy frame and superior quality finishing, but still, ABS keycaps aren't as comfortable as PBT.

It comes with vertical Kailh Speed Silver and Kailh clicky Speed Bronze keys, both of which we tried, and it's hot-swappable so that you can use anything you like. Our unit's clicky ones feature a short pre-travel range and low operational force, making them easy to push for gaming. The delay is also quite common, thus there should be no noticeable lag when gaming. The EVGA Release RGB software allows you to remap all keys, but it isn't as user-friendly as other rival manufacturers' software.


Keyboard is best suited to gaming.

It's a straightforward keyboard with excellent ergonomics and comfy wrist rest.


The keys are too touchy for typing.

Keys can be noisy in a noisy setting.

5.Corsair K63


Corsair K63 is the best gaming keyboard under 100$ with the wireless link we've tested. This mechanical TenKeyLess variant may connect to up to 2 different devices at the same time, either through the USB receiver or over Bluetooth. The ergonomics are excellent since it's a horizontal keyboard with just one inclination option. However, the wrist rest looks cheap.

Only linear MX Red Cherry keys are available, which take little effort to activate and provide no tactile feedback. Although the pre-travel length is somewhat greater than that of comparable gaming keyboards, the switches are still extremely sensitive and should not cause fatigue. You can reprogram or assign macros to any key, and it has some additional features like dedicated media buttons and a Windows lockout that stops you from inadvertently minimizing your game.


The quality and reliability are just adequate since the frame is composed of cheap-feeling plastic.


The illumination is limited to single blue color.

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