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HP Envy 27 4K USB-C Monitor Review

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

HP Envy 27” monitor looks stunning and it offers stunning viewing experience. This monitor handles 3840 by 2160 resolution level with denser pixel ratio. There are wide ranges of features that make this monitor standout against all competitors in the market. It can handle needs of professional editors as well as gamers with ease. There are lots of incredible details to discuss about HP Envy 4K monitor and the article below will provide you easy access to complete information. Before you decide to invest on any monitor, prefer to have a look on the details below.


  • Possesses USB-C connectivity option.
  • Designed with AMD FreeSync technology.
  • Incredible picture detailing.
  • Impressive gray scale performance.
  • IPS panel design.


  • Comes with limited one year warranty.
  • You will need to make some efforts for its color calibration.

Accessories in the Box:

HP Envy comes with a USB-C cable that is 6 foot long whereas DisplayPort and HDMI cable also have same length. You will also find VESA mount hardware with this package and HP software CD that probably you will not need to use. The unique thing about this monitor is that power supply isn’t added to it rather you will be able to use the external one but yes it makes this monitor slim and elegant.

Hardware Design

1.Design Style

There is no doubt to say that HP Envy has eye catching physical appearance. The bezels hold 6mm dimension and the display itself has 15mm slim design. You will definitely love its classy matte black finish with fine texture and the screen is covered with protective advanced anti glare coating. It can manage its job perfectly against higher brightness. You will not find anything on its rear side; only the fine finish that makes it perfect for your office as well as home. HP has given more focus to its stand design with impressive chrome finish.

2. Ports and Connectivity:


As already discussed, you will not see mess of ports on backside of this monitor. HP has managed everything very well to enhance appearance as well as abilities of this device. The offered port connection includes HDMI, DisplayPort and USB Type C port. It can easily handle transmission of data as well as power so that you can maintain easy connectivity with Google Chromebook 2016 and MacBook Air 2016. It is possible to use USB-C port for charging, data transfer and signal exchanging needs. HP has designed this monitor to serve needs of all professional users, gamers and beginners by following universal standard for device connectivity.

Features and Performance

1. Settings and Modes:

This 27 inch well designed IPS panel serves with maximum 3860 by 2160 resolution level where brightness value can be adjusted up to 350 cd/m2 and contrast ratio goes up to 300:1. The pixel response is 14 ms. Users can adjust settings for all important functionalities like sharpness, contrast and brightness. Also, this monitor provides easy adjustment options for color temperature settings with variations between Custom RGB, Cool. Natural and Warm.

You will find 8 unique viewing modes on HP Envy 4K monitor as like Custom, Photo, Movie, FreeSync, HP Enhance, Reading, Night and Low Blue Light. Also, here you will be able to access five different response time levels that can help to adjust the motion artefacts and further you can access Black Stretch Levels to improve the shadow details in your images.

2.Image Quality:


When you get this 4K monitor out of box then you will be little disappointed with its color accuracy settings. This IPS panel shows very impressive performance for grayscale test where every shade ranging between light and dark was presented smoothly so that viewers can enjoy impressive display. You will definitely love its viewing angle performance as it does not cause any decay in information on extreme bottom, side or top ranges. Other than this, HP Envy works with AMD’s FreeSync technology that improves performance over tearing issue. Motion blur is perfectly adjusted with its slow 14 ms pixel response whereas input lag for display is 41.1 ms.

3. FreeSync Compatibility:

With lots of incredible technology additions, this monitor also has AMD’s FreeSync ability. This feature is really useful for gamers who need consistent performance at 60Hz. However, this feature finds limited application here because most of the latest mobile units cannot handle 4K games with ease. As mobile units are designed to be energy efficient, thin and portable so they are not able to carry AMD’s Radeon Graphic Processor. However, IGPs designed with Intel processor can handle this feature well but they do not allow games with FreeSync accepted frame rates.

4. Responsiveness:

As we already know that HP Envy is designed with FreeSync technology but at the same time it offers 14ms response time, this rating shows little disturbance for motion blur adjustment. Also, the input lag was observed to be 41.1 ms. This monitor consumes about 37 watts power at natural color temperature mode but it does not possess ECO power saving ability.

Responsiveness matters a lot for gamers because they cannot take a chance to allow frames lag behind even by single second. Especially in the person shooting games and latest action games, you cannot compromise for delay in display of details on screen.


In case if you are searching for a large screen elegant UHD monitor then HP Envy is one of the best choices. This monitor delivers stunning image quality with wide viewing angle setup and acceptable color accuracy range. It also possesses AMD FreeSync technology but still this monitor is not recommended for professional gamers. You will definitely love to access its ports for making easy connectivity to external world. This budget friendly 4K monitor has plenty of exciting features so you can think to make investment for it. Its stunning appearance and impressive UHD performance makes it suitable for your professional editing needs asd IPS technology promises to deliver trouble free experience.

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Max Wales
Max Wales is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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