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DJI Inspire 2 Full Review

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

DJI Inspire 2 drone is designed with all advanced features that is why it is first choice of most of filmmakers and deep pocket buyers. Its extended support towards aerial photography with impressive stability as easy control functions make it suitable for high end drone users. Professionals advise this device for cinematographic results due to its classic recording functionality. It is designed with highly durable structure that can light huge weight with decent speed and its advanced obstacle avoidance system makes it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor flights.

dji inspire 2

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Pros and Cons of DJI Inspire 2


  • It is designed with magnesium allow construction that results highly durable designs.
  • There are two camera options and it supports 5.2 k videos with 16 bit raw images.
  • Offers PCle SSD storage with 67 mph speed range.
  • Works with effective obstacle avoidance and detection system.
  • It has retractable landing gear and supports 360 degree camera rotation.
  • Comes with dual operator control using FPV pilot camera.
  • Users will be able to access intelligent flight modes with this device.


  • As it develops videos with 5.2 K resolution level so users need a high performance CPU for their post processing.
  • This device is not designed to serve the purpose of hobbyist users.
  • Micro Four Thirds camera unit is highly expensive.


There is no doubt to say that DJI Inspire 2 is best update to Inspire 1 model with lots of advance features. It is now capable enough to record impressive videos and the enhanced dual operator control makes flight management much easier.

Complete Review:

1. Features and Specs:

Item name
DJI Inspire 2
Official: $2999.00 only
Basic Specification
Flight Time
25 to 27 minutes
Control Range
7 Km
94 Km/H
Video Resolution
5.2K and 4 K
Sensory Range
Live View
98Wh dual battery
Design Material
Magnesium Aluminum compsite shell with carbon fiber arms
Raw Video Recording
Remote Controller Frequency
2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.
USB Port, HDMI and Extension Ports
, 100 Mbps
Obstacle Avoidance System
Special Features
Spotlight Pro, Intelligent flight modes, Tap Fly, Active Track, Smart return to home, Optimized Tx and Controls, Powerful Flight Performance etc.

2. Design

Inspire 2 is a large drone unit that is powered with four rotors so that it can stay safe in air. Shell of this drone unit is designed using magnesium alloy that leads to highly durable and light weight design. With its quality design, inspire 2 is capable enough to catch the higher speed ranges that go up to 67 mph and the height limit is again beyond comparison with 16400 feet support above sea level. Its two self heating type batteries make this device safe to fly even in icy temperatures.

3. Battery Life:

It comes with a dual battery slot so that users can connect two powerful battery sources at a time and flight time can be enhanced up to 27 minutes. With this dual battery system, if first TB50 Battery, that is available with price tag of $200, drains completely during flight then second battery gets automatically activated and it can allow safe landing with return to home function. You can charge these batteries with a 180 watt charged and it demands maximum 90 minutes to get fully charged. In case if you wish to charge 4 batteries simultaneously with this intelligent multi charger system then it will take around 180 minutes.

4. Flight Performance:

If we talk about flight performance of Inspire 2 then it must be rated as premium performance with finest controls. You will be glad to know that this drone unit is equipped with advanced sense and avoid system that helps it to stay away from obstacles with a distance range of 30 meters. Further, it allows protected flight with 34mph range and highly controllable attitude angle of 25 degrees. The upward facing sensors made up of infrared technology are able to scan obstacles from 5m distance thus your copter always stays safe in air. This drone can spend maximum 27 minutes in air with powerful dual battery system and its spot light pro mode assists single pilots to track more dramatic and complex images.

There are two major shooting modes: Composition mode and quick mode. The Quick mode is basic flight mode that allows selection of object and tracking begins. When you take flight with composite mode then you can select the subject as well as its tracking position. Once object enters inside targeted tracking position then a shortcut function can be used to begin tracking. One can make easy adjustments for gimbal position to shoot videos and stills in composite mode.

5. Control Range:

The control unit of DJI Inspire 2 works on two frequency ranges: one is 2.4 GHz and another is 5.8 GHz. It supports Lightbridge technology for effective results and the controllable range goes up to 4.3mi or 7 Km. The controller works in master slave mode and the best part is that it can support multiple slaves so you can have amazing time with friends while flying your drone in air.

6. Camera:

dji inspire 2 camera

DJI Inspire 2 offers breathtaking results for aerial footage where encoding format is supported. Professionals love to use this drone for aerial shooting due to its ability to serve with 5.2 K resolution that provides breathtaking and crystal clear results for every minute detail. The live view images can be transferred with 1080 p resolution level and they follow extreme power for transfer speeds with 108Km/h. This drone camera unit is capable enough to serve recording needs of users who perform stunts on vehicles, boats and snowboards.

On the other side, the image quality of Inspire 2 is suitable for professionals due to its advanced integration with CineCore 2.0 image processing system. The added gimbal unit makes stills more stable during fast movements. The advanced visual tracking system is utilized to lock subjects during flights so that highly stable shots can be created.

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