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How to Schedule a Post on Your Facebook [+Free Tools]

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

To keep your customers engaged and attract new prospective buyers or subscribers, you’ve to earn how to schedule a post on Facebook. Moreover, to increase your Facebook posts readability score, your customer’s time zone and the best time to post on Facebook should be at your fingertips.

But why are Facebook posts getting zero views and comments despite all the resources invested in social media marketing? Avoid these disappointments by reading the Facebook scheduling quick tips in this articles on the last page.

To create a content calendar for your posts on Facebook, you can use third-party apps or the Facebook app. Again, for you to schedule Facebook posts, you must have a Facebook Business page.

Taking into account the challenges social media marketers go through trying to maximize their ROI, I’ve subdivided this article into four parts, namely:

You will learn :

Let’s now dive in.

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The screenshot above illustrates how important videos are. Using Facebook videos in your social media marketing compaigns has been proven to have higher ROI than test-only posts.

In fact, according to Buzzsumo, video posts performed better than photo posts by 73%. This explains why Facebook video ads are used by more than 87% of Facebook marketers to promote their products.

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Before you are stuck in the middle, it's important to learn two basics; first, why you should schedule posts for Facebook page. Secondly, how to create or edit images that double your Facebook posts engagement.

Why Scheduling Facebook Posts in Advance Is Necessary?

If you can publish your posts manually whenever you feel like, why schedule posts for your Facebook page?

  • To capitalize on opportunities

As a social media marketer or a social influencer, there are always great opportunities that require you to prepare in advance. As we wait for the release of MAC Pro this December, you should have already created and scheduled a post for Facebook to attract more sales on the eve day.

  • Timing to reach a wider audience

Many are the times when mega-events like a product launch and new product feature unveiling happen at night. During such moments, all parties (buyers, affiliates and competitors) interested in these products are busy on the internet. Publish your created Facebook post immediately after the event helps reach a wider audience.

Also, instead of staying up until late night hours to manually publish posts; just schedule your posts for Facebook.

  • Better planning and consistency

We all plan ahead to avoid mistakes, maintain quality and ensure consistency. By scheduling Facebook post, you get enough time to create, proofread and edit posts thereby maintaining the quality of your posts.

  • Allow time for other activities

Nothing can be as destructing as keeping your mind focused on a sensitive matter yet you have to keep your eyes on the clock. Once you get used on how to schedule a post on Facebook timeline, you shall have plenty of time to handle other activities. Concentrating on one activity boosts productivity and helps produce quality work.

Now that you clearly understand the above basics, let’s get back to our main subject:

Anyone can schedule Facebook posts using their desktops or mobile phones. The procedures involved in both hardware devices are simple if you have a Facebook page.

How to schedule a Facebook Post on Desktop

Step 1: Log into your Facebook page

On your desktop, log into your Facebook page

Remember, you can only schedule posts on a business page, Facebook group, fan page or event page.

Step 2: Open the posts publishing page

On the page menu, click “Publishing Tools”. If you don’t see it, click the down arrow besides just “More” and a drop-down menu will pop up. Then select Publishing Tools. This action will open another page will all published posts.

how to schedule Facebook post step

Step 3: Create your post

Hit “create” which is on the top right of your published posts and then create a post. A Facebook post can be an image, article or an ad.

Step 4: Schedule your Facebook post

After creating your post, don’t hit the “Share Now” button immersed in the blue paint. Just above is another “Share Now” button sandwiched between a down arrow and a clock icon. Select the “Schedule” option.

how to schedule Facebook post step

Step 5: Set date and time

After clicking “Schedule”, a calendar will pop up for you to select time and date on which your post will be published. Select date, set time and then click "Schedule".

how to schedule Facebook post step

If scheduled successfully, the “Share Now” button will change to “Later”. Now click “Schedule Post” and that’s how to schedule a post on Facebook group or business page.

Hit that “Scheduled Posts” option on your page to see all the scheduled posts.

How to Schedule a Post on Facebook Mobile?

Whether you are using iPhone or Android phone, you can very easily schedule a post on Facebook in as long as you’ve downloaded the Facebook manager’s app.

Step 1: Download the Facebook app to your mobile

From your app store, download the Facebook Pages Managers. This is an app created and owned by Facebook. Click here to download Facebook Pages Manager for your Android phone or here if you are an iPhone/iPad user.

Step 2: Log into your Facebook

For you to access the schedule menu, you need to log into your Facebook from the app. After you've logged in, head directly to your Facebook pages. To know how to schedule a post on Facebook group, select a group from the suggested list.

Step 3: Create a post

Tap that “Publish” button and create your Facebook post. Once you are done, a question on your timeline will ask, “When will this be published?”

Step 4: Schedule your post

After creating your post, tap “Publishing Options” and from the downward menu then select “Schedule”. Set your perfect time, date and click “Done”. This action will change the “When will this be published?” to “Scheduled for Later”. Lastly, click “Schedule” and you are done.

how to schedule Facebook post step

How to Turn Off (Reschedule, Edit, or Delete) Scheduled Posts on Facebook

There will always be a reason for you to schedule a post in the morning and not the evening. As the extended support for Windows 7 by Microsoft draws closer (January 14, 2020), hundreds of tech-savvy writers will create and schedule posts related to Windows 7 on Facebook days before the set date.

Suppose the unexpected happens; postpone again or announce otherwise!

This is how to reschedule, edit or delete a scheduled post on Facebook

Step 1: Open publishing tools on your Facebook page

On your desktop browser, open your Facebook page and then click “Publishing Tools” to open your Facebook posts page.

Step 2: Open your scheduled posts

While on that page, click “Scheduled Posts” and select the post to reschedule, edit or delete.

Step 3: Edit your post

Hit the down arrow beside the "Edit" button then choose the action you want to take.

how to edit scheduled Facebook post step

Option 1: Select “Reschedule” to set a new date and time.

Option 2: Tap “Remove Schedule” to move the post to draft and then edit it.

Option 3: Click “Delete” and you will be asked whether you are sure you want to delete.

That’s how to deal with the unforeseen circumstances when they happen.

Should You Use Third Party Tools to Schedule?

As to whether it’s safe to use third-party tools to schedule Facebook posts has been a debate amongst many marketers.

Its true Facebook used to punish people for using third-party tools back in the years on 2011. However, it’s now certain no penalty is charged today to schedule posts using third party tools.

Another debate has been the impact of using third party tools. Agorapulse in this re-test ended this debate by proving that 3rd party apps outperformed Facebook direct posts by 22.61 %.

Top 5 Free Social Media Scheduling Tools to Use

The numbers of media scheduling tools that can help you triple your posts engagement on Facebook is immerse. Here are the top free tools to use:

1. Buffer - For publishing, analyzing and replying

shedule Facebook post tool

Buffer has been voted by majority of social media marketers as the best tool to manage, plan and publish content that engages. If you are looking for a tool to schedule and publish a post on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, this is your tool.

It’s a free social media scheduling tool but with advanced features only accessible after subscribing for the paid plans. The products offered include content Analysis tool for tracking content performance and Reply tool for responding to social media communications.

2. HootSuite - For scheduling, monitoring, analytics and content curation

shedule Facebook post tool

This tool is regarded as the only one in all social media scheduling tool whose main mission is to maximize your contents engagement yet spending minimal time. I find that many social media enthusiasts struggle with scheduling Facebook posts due to unknown fear.

I highly recommend Hootsuite as the free plan allows you to schedule 30 posts on three different social accounts.

3. Zoho - For monitoring, collaborations, analytics and scheduling posts

shedule Facebook post tool

Zoho has been in the market from 1996 and enjoys trust from over 50 million users. To get started, subscribe for the free plan that requires no credit card. This tool is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and personal websites and LinkedIn.

 Among the key features here include a calendar, bulk scheduling, listening dashboard, direct messaging, stats and analytics.

4. Woop - For advanced content analysis and unlimited scheduling

shedule Facebook post tool

It’s free to create an account. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to schedule a shared post on Facebook, I recommend you start with the free plan. Then advance to the paid plans that come in handy with plenty of features and social channel integrations.

The free plan comes with the following features; RSS feed, unlimited scheduling, URL shortening, Content planning and inbox Streams.

5. Postfity – Best for content management, scheduling and analysis

shedule Facebook post tool

Postfity allows its users to schedule unlimited posts for multiple social media accounts from one place. With this app, you can schedule Facebook posts, VKontakte publications, Instagram texts and photos, LinkedIn posts and schedule twitter tweets.

Facebook Scheduling Quick Tips

Before you begin scheduling posts for your Facebook page, this is what you should have in mind:

  • Maintain a reasonable gap between posts

Whereas it may be fun to post on Facebook every 30 minutes, it becomes too boring for your audience. Avoid bombarding your followers with too many posts.

  • Know the best times to publish your posts

If you run a Facebook business page, understand when your audiences are likely to be free. Scheduling posts for early morning publication and evening after work can attract more views and reads.

  • Maintain relevance in your posts

Your Facebook friends and followers are there because they expect certain content from you. As you schedule a post, ensure its in-line with what you advocate for or is related to your business. As in the case of KFC above, all posts are either introducing a new product or promoting an existing product.

  • Take advantage of events related to your Facebook post to as you schedule

Do you want to triple your audience with every Facebook post? There will always be big event related to your page. Create and optimize a post related to the event and schedule it to be published immediately after or during the event.


Even though scheduling Facebook posts helps save time, many people are missing the point and just setting any date and time. They don’t factor their intended results or mind using analytics to know the impact of their posts.

Now that how to schedule a post on Facebook is right at your fingertips, It’s critically important to ask yourself the following questions before you set the date and time:

  1. Why schedule this post on this date and time?
  2. What do I expect to achieve?
  3. Will my post find the right audience during their free time?

As you answer these questions, kindly share with us how this article helped you or leave a comment on our social media platforms.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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