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12 Facebook Marketing Tips for Business (Beginners and Pros)

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

While Facebook has gone through some tough times in the past couple years, it is still seen as the most impressive, populated and important social media site in the world. While some would say that Facebook has lost its edge from a marketing perspective, we do not see it that way. We just believe the nature of Facebook marketing tips has changed. Here are 12 Facebook tips for marketers in 2018 and beyond.

Part 1: Why Focus on Facebook Marketing

Many marketers wonder whether focusing on Facebook marketing tips is even relevant in 2018. But we argue that when a site has around 2.23 billion monthly users, boasts 1.15 billion daily mobile users, and is responsible for around one in five page views in the United States, it still matters.

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Part 2: Facebook Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Create a Business Page Today

Do not make the mistake of creating a personal profile page when you are attempting to market your business. It is a well-meaning idea, but it is not the best way forward.

Having a Facebook business page will provide you with the content creation tools, paid opportunities and analytics that are only geared for business pages. It is why our Facebook tips always start with telling companies to create a dedicated business page today.

facebook business page

2. Claim a Unique URL

When you have a business page, you will be assigned a random URL that delivers you straight to that page. But it is important to choose a different URL. By creating a vanity URL, you can ensure that your page is much easier for people to reach.

3. Learn the Importance of a Great Cover Photo

Our Facebook business tips always focus on the cover photo on a business page. Many companies ignore the cover photo and put up some generic, unfocused image. It is a mistake.

The cover photo takes up a lot of room on your Facebook page, even more room than your profile picture. It should be an image that is attractive, engaging and in keeping with the brand image that you are trying to create around your company.

facebook cover photo

4. Optimize Your “About” Page

One of the most useful Facebook tips for business is to optimize the About section of your business page. When someone first arrives on your page and they are curious about your business, they will go to the About section to get more information.

There is also a small preview of the page that appears on your home page. It will show nuggets of information, which you can customize to include the most useful details. Your full page should describe the business and mention vital details like your location, hours, website, phone number and more.

facebook about page

5. Add a Call to Action Button

A few years ago, Facebook added a feature that let you include a call to action on your page. For instance, you can ask someone to sign up to a mailing list, watch a video, visit your website or play a game. These calls to action are handy at moving someone from your page to another site where they can continue to learn about your company.

facebook call to action

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Part 3: Facebook Marketing Tips For Professionals

6. Pin a Unique or Important Post to the Top

Much like you can do on Twitter, it is possible to pin a useful or relevant post to the top of your page. Say it is a post that went viral and you want others who come on your page to learn about it. You could place that post on the top by pinning it there, even if you have newer posts.

7. Share Unique Content

Companies fall into the trap of just posting self-promoting links to their site or other social media channels. While these links are useful when posted on occasion, they should not make up your entire feed.

You need authentic and interesting posts that your followers would find interesting. That will lead to more reactions and comments, which will help get your posts higher up on Facebook pages for related keywords or hashtags.

8. Pay Attention to Post Timing

It may sound odd, but the time when you post on Facebook matters a great deal. Early afternoons during the weekday is often the best time to post. It may be that more people are scrolling through their feed and willing to click on links during those times!

facebook posting time

9. Response Time Matters

When someone posts a comment on your post that is asking a question, it is imperative that you respond quickly. If a customer has a query about your business or a product they bought, they expect an answer within four hours.

And the average brand takes around 10 hours to respond. It is a serious disconnect. By the time most brands respond, the person has already moved on. You may want to ensure that your social media team is tuned into responding quicker to such posts.

10. Post Great Blog Content

Do not treat your blog content as a second class citizen. Give it the promotion it deserves. The most helpful and engaging blog posts will help get you better performance on your Facebook page as well. These posts are helpful and interesting to your target audience - the people following your page!

11. Promote Your Account to Add Followers

Among our Facebook business page tips, it is surprising how many companies do not know they can promote a page to get more followers. You can create an ad within Facebook and target people using precise metrics. It is a great way to create an ad campaign that is targeted, financially prudent and yields good results.

12. Leverage Facebook Insights

Facebook has an internal analytics tool called Facebook Insights. The final bit of advice among our Facebook tips for business is that you must take advantage of this tool. It has analytics data about how many people are visiting your page and how often they are engaging with your posts.

Facebook Insights


Facebook tips for business are more important now than ever before. The social media site has an enormous user base, while it has made changes to its algorithm in the past few months. The Facebook tips we have highlighted above should help your business navigate through the social media marketing process in a better way.

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