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How to Upload Video to Facebook from PC and Android

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Video accounts a detailed view of the object/person/event. The most enticing media-video can gain an unimaginably whopping number of views. Have you captured a meaningful video and wanting to flourish its expansion? Then, Facebook is the right place to showcase.

With a million of user base, any video can chart down the viral tags in a blink of an eye. But, you do not know how to overcome the hurdle of posting the video over Facebook! No worries, as this article commits to fulfill the purpose of uploading video file right from your PC or Android device. Stay tuned to understand how.

  • Part 1: How to upload video to Facebook from PC
  • Part 2: How to upload video to Facebook from Android
  • Part 2: Why uploading video to Facebook is failed
  • Part 1: How to upload video to Facebook from PC

    Got that stellar video over your PC? Then, link into your Facebook account and share it. Do not know how? No problem, simply follow the thread of steps below to acquaint yourself with the process of uploading the video to Facebook right from your PC.

    Step 1: Open Facebook over your Web Browser

    To begin with, sign in with your Facebook credentials. Once you are successfully signed in, the home page of your account, showcasing the activities of your friends and pages will appear over the screen.

    Step 2: Uploading video

    Now you need to click on ‘Photo/Video Album’ from the center of the page, depicting the ‘What’s on your mind’ dialogue box. You will be redirected to a window showcasing photo and video files available on your PC. Simply, select the video file from the window and double click on it.

    Uploading video

    Step 3: Make changes on your album

    Before uploading the video to Facebook, add in the ‘Name’, ‘Description’ and ’Location’ for your video on the left side. Also, you can let friends add photos.

    Make changes on your album

    Step 4: All set to upload

    After sufficing enough detailing with your video, you are now all set to upload the video in a more meaningful way. You just have to tap on the blue ‘Post’ button from the bottom- right screen.

    Part 2: How to upload video to Facebook from Android

    If you want to export that video you captured from your Android phone, then this section is solely dedicated for you. We are going to teach you how to upload videos to Facebook directly from your Android phone.

    Note: You need to have Facebook application in order to upload the video over Facebook. In case, you do not have it, then install it from the Google Play Store.

    Step 1: Open Facebook Application

    To initiate the uploading process of video over Facebook, just tap on the ‘What’s on your mind’ space. This will direct you with the options from where you can upload video.

    Step 2: Opt the Video you want to upload

    Now is the time to select the video file you want your Facebook friends to view. Simply, tap on the video from the ‘Gallery’ section.

    Opt the Video you want to upload

    Step 3: Brush up the Video from Create Post section

    After selecting, the ‘Create post’ screen will occur again. Herein, you can choose to add, ‘Feeling/Activity/Location. You can also input texts to say something.

    Brush up the Video

    Step 4: Share Share Share!

    If you are content, you can now proceed further with uploading the video over Facebook. Simply tap on “Post” at the bottom and tada! The video will successfully get posted.

    Part 3: Why uploading video to Facebook is failed

    The disheartening time is when you miserably fail to share video you dearly captured and you end up with a Why loop? From now onwards, you won’t be as we have summed up possible reasons which hampers the process of uploading the video over your Facebook account. Read the following situations to get the better understanding of the uploading process.

    1. Format

    Uploading videos over Facebook may not be an easy-peasy task, as the first thing one has to keep in mind is the video file types it supports such as WMV, FLV or 3GP etc. Also, if the file is not suppressed up to Facebook’s expectations then also the user would face problems in uploading the videos to your Facebook handle.

    2. Web Browsers

    Facebook smoothly works in most of the popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. But, there are times when you try to upload the video on Facebook via these browsers but fails miserably. It may be because, that your web browser may not be upgraded to the latest version which may be the root cause of not uploading your video easily.

    3. Video Specifications

    The other possible reasons of failure can be due to the fact that dimensions of your video are not falling under the multiples of 16 px. And if your video exceeds the sides by 120 px, then too it would fail to upload. So, one must ensure to make the adjustments accordingly. Bonus tip, keep the Facebook frame be at 30 fps.


    Now, we are sure you know how to upload video to Facebook. Why don't try it now. We also like to recommend Filmora that you can use to edit Facebook video quickly, including creating square video easily. Click the video below to know more!

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