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12 Methods to Posted Facebook Videos Not Showing Up!

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jun 12, 24
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Running into any error makes the aura negative and enhances stress. Most entrepreneurs have built their businesses using Facebook Shop. If they cannot upload product videos on Facebook, it creates havoc on the workplace. People also upload Facebook videos for their entertainment and fun.

The article takes full responsibility for presenting the probable reasons for the video not uploading to Facebook. Moreover, the methods to fix the problem would also be discussed on iPhone, Android, and Chrome. Let us embark on a journey of knowledge together, shall we?

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Part 1: Why Can't I See My Uploaded Videos on Facebook?

There is an awful load of reasons due to which one cannot see the uploaded videos on Facebook. The problem continues to surface until it is catered. For this very reason, the subsection reflects on the primary reasons of posted video Facebook not showing up.

Poor Internet Connection

FB videos not showing up is one of the most stressful events in an entrepreneur's and content creator's life. The reason behind this is the unstable internet connection. Sometimes, more than one device is connected to the router that interferes with the Facebook uploaded video display.

Corrupted or Broken Video

In some unforeseen circumstances, the uploaded video is corrupted and broken. The video can be corrupted in the process of recording, playback, transferring, and even uploading. It is one of the leading causes of Facebook video upload stuck 2021.

Errors in Facebook Servers

The Facebook servers get overloaded and down, resulting in this concern. Sometimes, the servers and website is undergoing maintenance. You are more likely to run into Facebook video upload stuck on finishing up.

VPN Stayed On

If you switched VPN on to hide your online activity and failed to turn it off, get ready to face the "can't find my videos on Facebook" issue. VPN encrypts your internet traffic and interferes with the normal functionality of uploaded Facebook videos.

Facebook App Not Updated

Facebook offers upgrade weekly or monthly. You won't access your uploaded Facebook videos if you have forgotten to update your Facebook app to the newest version.

Facebook Requirements Not Met

Facebook works on an extensive range of Facebook requirements that need to be fulfilled before uploading the video. It is recommended that you preview and follow them from head-to-toe to steer clear of "cannot upload the video to Facebook from the phone."

Part 2: Fix Facebook Not Uploading Videos on iPhone

Facebook video not uploading in HD creates anxiety for all types of users. It is important to cater to this problem. Luckily, the sub-section introduces four feasible methods to fix the issue at hand. Keep following this section if you are an iPhone user.

Fix 1: Switching off the VPN

You should switch off the VPN if you are serious about getting rid of this problem. You can turn off the VPN in iPhone by following an easy set of procedures. For starters, go to your iPhone Settings and navigate to the "General tab." Click on VPN afterward and toggle it off to "Not Connected."

turn off iphone vpn

Fix 2: Login/Logout

If you cannot process uploading video to Facebook phenomena, we suggest following the second method. You should log out of your Facebook and then log back in. To log out of your Facebook in iPhone, launch the Facebook app.

Click on three horizontal lines located in the bottom right corner. Scroll down to click on "Log Out." Log back in again by typing your credentials again. Check if the problem has been resolved.

log out facebook account

Fix 3: Making Internet Connection Stable

Sometimes, the instability of the internet connection is the major cause of FB HD videos not uploading. Make sure that only your iPhone device is connected to the internet and reconnect the router. It will enhance the speed hopefully and then upload Facebook videos.

Fix 4: Check If Video Meets Facebook Requirements

Another viable fix is to check if your Facebook video meets the requirements and standards set by the company. The video format should be MP4 or MOV. The length should be 240 minutes, and the maximum file size is 4GB. Essentially, you should have a strong network connection to complete the process successfully.

Part 3: Solve Can't Upload Videos to Facebook from Android

If you are an Android user looking to solve the problem of why is my video not showing up on Facebook, follow this section. The part in this write-up provided four easy and viable solutions to eliminate the error once and for all.

Method 1: Checking the Internet Connection

Not being able to upload Facebook videos is highly connected to the type and speed of the internet. The unstable internet connection plays a significant role in tampering with the workability of videos. Henceforth, it is highly recommended that you check your internet connection speed before getting depressed.

Method 2: Uninstall and Reinstall the Facebook app

Another easy method spins around uninstalling the Facebook app and then reinstalling it. If you can't upload video to Facebook from phone, follow the process below from your Android phone.

Step 1: To begin, hold the Facebook icon from your Android device, and click on "Uninstall." Confirm the process to uninstall the application.

Step 2: Now, head to the Play Store and tap "Facebook" in the search bar. Click on "Install" and wait for a couple of minutes. Relaunch the app and try to upload the video again.

reinstall facebook video

Method 3: Check If Video Meets Facebook Requirement

Facebook comes up with few standards, making the video uploading process frictionless. The failure to follow the requirements strictly raises Facebook video upload stuck 2021 error. You must make sure that the video is in the supported format for starters. Moreover, the updated Facebook app is needed to fast process the video.

Method 4: Turning off the VPN

Turn off the VPN on your Android device to prevent the video upload process from finding more complications. Follow the procedure designed below.

Step 1: Go to your phone "Settings" and navigate to "Network and Internet Advanced."

Step 2: Head to the "VPN" settings and disable the VPN on your Android device.

disable vpn on android

Part 4: How to Make My Posted Videos Show up on Chrome?

It is important to pay attention to why can't I see my uploaded videos on Facebook via Chrome? The article presents four effortless methods to help with FB videos not showing up.

Solution 1: Altering the Video Format

Facebook supports MP4 and MOV formats for your videos. Therefore, it is recommended to convert your video format to MP4 or MOV. Wondershare UniConverter offers great help for this process. Follow the guidelines below to start the video conversion process.

Step 1: Launch Wondershare UniConverter from your system and click on "Converter" from the left panel. Add the targeted video file by clicking on "Add Files."

import facebook video

Step 2: Import the Facebook video. When the video is displayed on the interface, use the "Output Format" located in the bottom left corner to set it to MP4 or MOV.

choose the required format

Step 3: Click on "Convert" button. Wait a couple of seconds until the process is completed.

initiate the conversion process

Solution 2: Clear Browsing Data

Clearing the browsing data and cache always acts like the workable solution to your posted video Facebook not showing up problem. Such data is prone to corruption and hinders the normal functionality of your browser. The process is as given below:

Step 1: Open the browser and click on three dots from the top left corner of the interface. Click on "Settings" from there. Navigate to "Privacy and Security" afterward.

Step 2: Tap on "Clear Browsing Data" and set the time range. You can choose to clear the data from all times, since a week or an hour before. Tick mark on all options to get rid of cache.

tap on clear browsing data

Step 3: Tap on "Clear Data" once you have made the settings.

click on clear data

Solution 3: Disable Browser Extensions

The browser extensions also interfere with how Facebook operates. Therefore, it is always a good idea to disable the extensions. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: From your browser, tap on the "Options" and click on "Settings." Navigate to the "Extensions" tab from the side menu.

access chrome settings

Step 2: Disable the Extensions by toggling the option off. The process is done.

disable the faulty chrome extension

Solution 4: Changing the Browser

The different browsers offer unique traits to the users. If Chrome continues to act up and maintains the FB videos not showing up concern, consider changing the browser. You can use Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

use different internet browser

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There are multiple problems one has to face when uploading Facebook videos. You often run into FB HD videos, not uploading problem. The article discussed the causes of this problem and offered an extensive set of methods to deal with it using iPhone, Android, and Chrome. Wondershare Filmora can be used if you wish to give your video a smooth and distinctive taste.