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How to Loop A Video on iPhone?

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

 Nowadays, we can see a trend of people posting looping videos on their social media. These looping videos are fascinating and fun to watch. People are finding very fun ways to utilize this feature in a fun way. Now some people don’t know how to make looping videos, so in this article, we are going to discuss how to loop a video on iPhone videos and also how to loop YouTube videos. Let's get started.

Part 1: Repeat Slideshow to Loop Video on iPhone for Free

Slideshow videos are a very fun way to see your content. People gather around a screen to enjoy these beautiful memories of their life. Here is a step by step guide on how to loop a slideshow video on iPhone.

  • First, go to your gallery and select a video that you want to make a slideshow of.
  • Add that video in an album in your gallery under any name.
  • Now go to "Settings," and under the "Photos" section, select the repeat slideshow option.
  • Now open that video from the album and start playing the video.
  • That video will start playing in a loop until you make it stop.

Part 2: How to Loop YouTube Videos On iPhone?

Now coming to the part that we discussed in the intro, how to loop YouTube videos on iPhone. So here, we will you a step-by-step guide on how to loop the videos on iPhone.

  • Launch YouTube on your iPhone and log in to your account if you are not already logged in.
  • Now go to the "Search" option and lookup for your desired video that you want to loop.
  • Now you have to add that video to a playlist. There are two ways you can do that.
  • Click and hold on the video; a small menu will appear, then click on “Add to” to make a playlist.
  • Start the video and then scroll down a bit and on the extreme right side, click on the "Add to" option, and then name the playlist.
  • After that, go back to the main menu and on the lower bottom right side of the screen, click on "Library," and then select the new playlist.
  • Start playing the video, and under the video, click on the drop-down button and on the left side of the drop-down screen, there is a loop button, click on that, and it will start to play the loop infinitely.

Part 3: Best Apps to Loop Videos on iPhone


Loopideo is the app on our list that is an answer to how to loop a video on iPhone. It lets you import any video from your play that you want to play in a loop. This is a great tool when it comes to individual and organizational presentations. This powerful app can be very useful for you in many cases.

Loop Video – GIF Maker

The second app on our list is Loop Video GIF Maker. It is very fun and easy to use the tool. It allows you to make the videos loop by turning them into GIFs. Loop Video GIF Maker allows you to import any video from your gallery into your app. You can then convert into a looping GIF. You can also choose the playback speed of the GIF after you can export it to the gallery or upload it to your social media directly from the app.

Loopideo Pro

Loopideo Pro is a more feature-filled app on the App Store. Loopideo allows you to make the videos loop an unlimited amount of times. You can also choose the formats that you want to convert the looping video into. This app also gives you the option to choose the playback speed and then can also convert it into GIF speed so that you can save it in your gallery.


iMovie is a more professional app that is available on the list. This app allows you to loop not only the video but also edit the video. This allows you to play the video in a loop for an unlimited amount of time in the built-in player, but when it comes to saving the looping video, it is not possible because you would need an unlimited amount of space to save that video.


The last app on our list is a looper, and it is very fun and easy to use app available on this list. Choose a video from your gallery, Local Videos, or iCloud Drive. Select the times you want the video to repeat and play. You can also export your video in reverse or in GIF format.

Bonus: Loop Live Photos on iPhone to Create GIFs

Now here is a bonus part where we will discuss how to turn Live Photos on iPhone into GIFs. Live Photos were first introduced in iOS 9 for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Turning it into GIFs allows you to share it on other platforms. Here is a step by step guide on how to turn Live Photos into GIFs.

  • Open the "Photos" app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Live Photo you want to turn into a GIF.
  • Tap and hold the bottom of the photo.
  • Slide your finger up to bring up the moving picture menu and then tap on the loop to convert it into GIF.

Frequently Asked Question About Looping Videos on iPhone.

  1. What is a looping video?

It means a video that repeats for a specific number of times or maybe an unlimited amount of times automatically. For example, a GIF.

  1. Can I loop videos an unlimited number of times?

Yes, it is possible to loop a video an unlimited amount of times. You can learn how to loop a video on iPhone by using the methods that we discussed above in the whole article. It is not possible to save the infinitely looping because it will take an infinite amount of memory.

  1. Does the view count if I play a YouTube video in a loop?

No, YouTube will not count repeated views if they all coming over and over again from the same sources. This is to maintain the overall quality of YouTube and make scam-free.

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