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How to Loop YouTube Videos on TV

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Nov 17, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Loop is a YouTube video format that allows viewers to watch a continuous sequence of videos. Loop is similar to traditional YouTube videos, but it can be played on a TV screen like a traditional TV show. Loop is a great way to keep viewers engaged with your content. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your content needs. You can use it to promote your latest video series.

Why looping YouTube videos on a TV is a great idea? First, it can be a fun way to watch your favorite videos without having to worry about the time. Second, it can be a way to save money on your cable. By watching your favorite videos on loop, you can cut down on the number of times you need to watch them.

If you are watching a series of videos, for example, looping them can help you to remember what happened in each one. Secondly, it can help you to learn new information more easily. If you are watching a tutorial or a video about a new topic, looping can help you to remember the details better.

Content Table
  1. How to Create a Loop Video for YouTube
  2. Loop a YouTube Video on TV from a Mobile
Free Download
Free Download

Part 1: How to Create a Loop Video for YouTube

There is a lot of debate around whether or not creating a loop video is necessary for success on YouTube. Some people believe that it’s not necessary, while others believe that it is a must. The main benefit of creating a loop video is that it helps to keep your audience engaged. It also helps to create a sense of continuity between your videos.

Creating a loop video for your YouTube channel increases engagement because viewers can watch the video over and over again. This can lead to more clicks on your ads, which can lead to more revenue. It can also increase your subscribers and views. Maybe some people want to watch the same video multiple times in a row without having to keep pressing the play button on the remote.

Filmora is the best video loop editor:

If you need a powerful video editing tool that will let you create high-quality clips with multiple loops, look no further than Filmora. This software allows you to make various loops of your videos for use in social media, on your website or wherever desired. Plus, with Filmora, there is no limit on the number of loops you can create.

Loop video works well for corporate presentations, tutorials, explainer videos, and much more. You can create looping videos by choosing from one of Filmora's many templates or creating your own. It's easy to get started with looping video editing in Filmora! Some people want to watch a video while they do other things, like work on the computer.

Filmora is incredibly easy to use. You can quickly create videos by importing footage, editing and adding effects, and exporting your videos. Plus, the software has several built-in tools that let you customize your videos further. It has many features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to create high-quality videos quickly and easily.

How can we loop a video on Filmora? Follow these steps to create a looping video on Filmora:

Step 1 Download the Filmora and create a project.
Free Download
Free Download

You can download the Filmora for free. After installation of this software open it and click on Create New Project. Filmora is not only the video maker or editor, you can also add text and music to your videos, and share them on social media or with friends.

download the filmora and create a project
Step 2 Open the video and make copies.

Open the video in your timeline. All you need to do is right-click on the video and click on copy. Then simply click or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard and do that for times. You can make as many copies as you want. Then you will have the same clip over and over again which creates the loop effect.

copy youtube video in filmora
Step 3 Add Transition or any title in the video.

After making copies of your video. Add some transitions in your video. Adding transitions to videos can help to keep your videos looking polished and professional. Not only do transitions add an extra layer of visual interest, but they can also help to underscore specific points in your video.

loop youtube video in filmora editor

Benefits to create loop video on Filmora:

There are many benefits to creating looping videos, especially when using a tool like Filmora. Loop videos are great for social media since they can be set to play on a loop and are viewable without sound. They’re also perfect for short attention spans since you can watch them over and over again without getting bored.

This can be useful for marketing purposes, as it can keep people interested in your video content. Additionally, looping can create a more engaging video experience for viewers, as it keeps them engaged by playing the same clip over and over again. You can easily add captions, and titles to your loop video.

When viewers can pause, rewind, and playback a video over and over again, they are more engaged with it. This increases the chances that they will watch the entire video, and may even share it with friends. You can create a sense of community and connection with your customers. And best of all? You can keep the magic going by adding sound effects and music!

Part 2: Loop a YouTube Video on TV from a Mobile

One of the great features of YouTube is that you can loop YouTube videos on your TV. This means that you can watch a video over and over again without having to fast forward through it. This is great for kids who are constantly asking to watch the same video over and over again. You can also use this feature to watch videos that you have missed.

There is something about relaxing music on the loop that can help to take the edge off. Whether it's to help you wind down before bed, or to help you relax after a long day, there's no doubt that looping YouTube on TV can be helpful. Whether you're looking for something light and calming, or something to help you wind down after a long day, there's sure to be something on YouTube that can fit the bill.

Let’s have a look at some steps that how to repeat YouTube videos on smart TV.

Step 1 Create a Playlist of one or multiple videos.

The YouTube app is available on the google play store. You can easily download it from your mobile phones, android, etc. When you open a video on YouTube, several options will appear (like, share, subscribe). You can save the video in your existing playlist or you can create a new playlist.

create a playlist in youtube
Step 2 Go to the library and select the loop symbol.

Click on library this will take you to a list of libraries that have YouTube collections. This can be a great way to find new material to watch, or to find old material that you may have missed. Play back the playlist that you want to loop on the smart TV.

select loop symbol in youtube
Step 3 Loop the playlist and send the list to the TV.

Play the list and click on the loop symbol. At last, launch the YouTube video on your TV. The video will start playing in a loop. It can only be stopped from your mobile phone on which you start playing the list.

loop video playlist on youtube

Why you might want to loop a YouTube video on a smart TV?

Some people want to watch a video over and over again without having to wait for it to load each time. Looping in a YouTube video can help you do this. Another reason to loop a YouTube video on your TV is if you want to watch it while you are doing something else. YouTube only loops the playlist.

Looping a YouTube video on your TV can also be useful if you have a lot of videos that you want to watch but don't have enough time for. Looping YouTube videos on your television is a great way to keep your young ones entertained and engaged. Not only are they getting their daily dose of educational content, but they are also being kept enertained.

Wondershare Filmora
Loop YouTube videos on PC and Mac with simple clicks.


Looping YouTube videos on smart TV is an excellent way to watch the content you love, no matter where you are. While it may be true that loop YouTube videos on a smart TV are not imminent, there are some major benefits to be gained from implementing the new technology.

It's easy to do, and it can be a great way to spend time with family members and friends. Looping YouTube videos on a smart TV is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your experience. The best part is, there are no limitations or restrictions you can loop as many videos as you want, and watch them in any order!

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Jan 17, 24
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