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Top 10 History YouTube Channels for Students & History Lovers

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 30, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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Do you enjoy watching the YouTube history channel? Well, for the fact that you are looking for articles like this, your answer should be yes. The thing is that because you enjoy watching history channels on YouTube, this doesn’t mean that you know a lot about them. You might just watch them for fun, but one thing is knowing the right place to go for history videos. What this means is that You have to know about the best YouTube history channels to really enjoy history topics. Well, we have ten of the best history YouTube channels on this list that are known to provide adequate information and provide information as frequently as possible.

Part 1: Top 10 History YouTube Channels to Follow

Down to business, we have ten of the best history channels on YouTube provided for you on this list.

1. History

This has to be the most obvious one on the list because whenever you click to watch a video on the History YouTube channel, you always get what you came for. The History Youtube Channel as it was formerly known as is known for posting about topics like. World Wars, ancient recipes, and listicles of female species. There is a lot to learn about history from this channel. The user who is based in New York makes a post at least four times a day and has been working like this since 2009.

2. Weird History

This channel follows the name that they gave to themselves, they dedicated their channel to posting topics on weird history like the chronicles of history, crystal Pepsi, gout, life in a medieval castle, and the Victorian pastimes. All the videos are weird, most times they seem funny and spooky but they are just videos that make you think deeply because they seem too weird. Video is here makes you feel like a police officer chasing a man with the power to turn into a leopard. That is how confused you get from watching this channel. They usually make their posts every day. The channel provides videos for their subscribers 3 to 4 times a week

3. Tasting History With Max Miller

This channel is just a brilliant channel, why do we say this? Well, see what they do here. You might have an interest in learning about the dishes that are served in amazing series like Game of Thrones and other historical movies. You just want to know how they make those historical cuisines on these epic series, this is the channel for you. They recreate the dishes made in movies and series like Vikings and the rest. This channel was created to pass time by a Disney employee but he got the most out of it and has made it a full-time job, posting two to three videos daily.

4. History Civils

A YouTube channel created by someone who loves Rome like he were from there. A Rome freak who created a channel based on the Roman Empire. There are several histories to talk about when it comes to Rome, for instance, talking about NATO and Cleopatra. The videos on the channel are very short but they hit the nail directly on the head so you get to gain knowledge about old Rome and what it was before. Most of the videos are on the wars that were fought but they were also other Roman histories involved. This channel posts videos every week, at least once

5. Kings And Generals

This is another good history channel on Youtube, they provide the information through animated historical documentaries. From the channel from the title, you would know that the channel talks mainly in battles and politics, hence the name kings and generals. Aside from the war niche, the videos talk about some of the important happenings in history. The user makes a post on this channel for you to learn about the different kings and generals in history who lost and won their battles and crowns. Videos are posted twice a week

6. The Great War

This is a channel that has dedicated its time to learning about the great war known as World War 1. The channel shares videos telling the public about the era of World War 1. This is a major part of history and so it is something we ought to learn about. This isn’t just about the soldiers on the battlefield or how the bombs went off to destroy the enemies but it covers everything that happened within that period, from the kind of food they are to the way they dress and the technologies used. Even the different tribes, arts, and cultures. They post videos twice a week

7. Oversimplified

Normally, no one likes the idea of listening or learning from someone who makes things too complicated. Also, when learning, it is more interesting if you could understand it in the best way that you can. Not everything can be learned that way and not everyone can make something that easy to grasp. Channels like oversimplified make things easier for everyone to understand. They oversimplify their contents. They give you histories like the French revolution and the battle of Hastings and make it funnier and twist the storytelling to a way that people would find it interesting and funny sometimes. Videos are posted three times a week

8. The History Guy

The history guy is known well for the short time he takes in his video. Other history videos online are short but they are much shorter because they take 5 to 15 minutes. Even with this short time, he tends to cover different histories. They are a little bit odd histories but they seem interesting. Things like the wild wide west and the New York blackout that happened in 1977. Other things like how Europeans discovered Alaska and the great olive poisoning that happened in 1919. He makes the videos short because he aims at getting the audience in their spare time. Videos are posted 3 to 4 times a week

9. Timeline

This is a timeline popularly on YouTube as the home of world history. What they do here is drop a video once a week that talk about documentaries and other things. They explore around all of ancient Egypt, shedding their whole light on the former dark ages.

10. Epic History TV

Epic history TV tells you a lot about history and its most important occurrences talking about things like world war one and the epic history of nations like Russia and the story of legends like black beard the pirate. The TV only posts one video every month where you stand a chance to learn about different events that happened in the past.

Part 2: How to Avoid Being Misled by Fake History

For sure everyone knows the concept of fake news, this is like a rumor that people spread around to implicate those around them. Everyone is well aware that not every news is as authentic as it seems. Relating to the history part, you shouldn’t just go ahead and believe what everyone says on YouTube. Make sure you don’t fall for a fake history story. Sometimes, while trying to avoid fake history, you have to get a mindset that is critical, ensure that the source you get it from is checked, check the story out, take a look at the evidence given, and try to make sure it sounds believable.

Final Words

Sometimes it might help your mental health if you can take out time to watch some videos on YouTube, it has so many niches so you can choose the ones you like. History should be a good one for everyone.

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