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How to convert YouTube Shorts to mp4

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 07, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
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Video production entails a lot more than just composing and sharing your videos. You need the correct format to accomplish some tasks, especially when sharing them online. People use different devices and versions that are not automatically compatible with all video file formats. YouTube Shorts is one such video production platform that lets creators compose compelling short videos for sharing with their audience. More so, Shorts lets you record music, edit your video and get it ready for sharing. But not all roses are smooth, some are thorny and you may find it necessary to convert YouTube Shorts to MP4 to enable access by your audience.

Why do we need to download and convert YouTube Shorts video?

Most YouTube Shorts are not easily accessible on mobile devices. Occasionally, users experience YouTube Shorts not showing issue, which prompts them to look for solutions for resolving the problem. You might be wondering whether converting your files is one such solution. Ideally yes! Find below, possible reasons for downloading and converting YouTube Shorts to MP4.

1) Content optimization for other devices

Mobile technology keeps changing and various devices’ versions are continually on the rise. Some devices aren’t compatible with various video formats and codecs. Converting the videos to MP4 opens avenues for access on any device and platform like emails. This is because MP4 files are supported by almost all modern devices and you can optimize videos for operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

2) Compression

YouTube Shorts are designed to run for about 15 seconds. This is an indication that they are not fully compressed in terms of codec. Converting the files to MP4 format ensures that the file size is reduced, enabling playing on any platform without buffering. Luckily, there is no quality loss but it’s just the size is made smaller to fit any device.

3) To support animated GIFs

Animated GIFs add value to your videos. However, social media does not support GIFs among other formats. To keep the fun going, you will need to convert your video to accommodate formats like GIFs, among others.

4) Portability

Another reason to get YouTube shorts to MP4 is for portability issues. Since MP4 are highly accessible on numerous devices and platforms, you can easily import your files via USB flash drive and other external hard disks to other devices. With this, there is also no hindrance in sharing your files online and on other platforms.

5) Lossless quality

MP4 file format supports a high degree of lossless output quality as compared to other file formats. MP4 is highly preferred so that the recipient achieves the original output quality of the converted file. With MP4, you can also retain other parameters like title, sample rate, and channel among others.

How can we convert YouTube shorts to mp4?

The importance of converting videos to MP4 format is weighty. But how do you convert YouTube Shorts to MP4? Plenty of apps are available for easy conversion. Both free, paid, and online converter apps can serve the purpose. Let’s check how to convert your files for free with the Freemake app, via an online app, and using the reliable tool, Filmora.

1. Convert YouTube Shorts video to MP4 with Freemake

This is an easy-to-use converter that you use freely to trim your videos as well as convert them to various formats. The drawbacks are that it leaves a watermark on your videos and will bundle you with extra software for installation with its free version. You, however, can evade this if you upgrade to the Premium version.

convert shorts to mp4 with freemake
Step 1. Download Freemake

First, use any browser to download the Freemake app on your computer. Then choose custom installation. You also have the chance to deselect popping optional applications that present themselves for installation.

Step 2. Launch the app

Then open the app and click on the “+” video button. Next, navigate to the video that you wish to convert from YouTube Shorts.

Step 3. Choose the MP4 file

From the list of files, choose to convert your files to MP4 file format. Also, choose a name and location to save your converted video.

Step 4. Convert your video

Finally, click on the “Convert” tab to start the conversion process of your video. You can also make other changes like customizing the output parameters such as codec and resolution to your preferences. Once done, hit the “OK” button to complete the process.

2. 2) Convert YouTube Shorts to MP4 online

Easily engage an online tool to convert YouTube shorts to MP4 popular format with CloudConvert MP4 converter. Besides MP4, this app supports over 200 file formats like WEBM, AVI, MOV, among other formats. More so, you can use the options to control your video resolution and quality. When you convert your video to MP4, you can now easily share your videos over the internet, and converting it online gives you an upper hand. CloudConvert is trusted for data security as it won’t keep any files on its database. It will also give you high-quality file conversions.

Step 1. Select file

First, choose the YouTube Short video that you wish to convert to MP4. You can add your file from your computer or online sources like YouTube into the converter.

convert shorts to mp4 online
Step 2. Customize settings

CloudConvert lets you customize the output settings like video codec, bitrate, resolution, and file format. Just click on the drop-down arrow on every section and choose your preferences. Then hit the “Okay” button at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 3. Convert file to MP4

Wait for the YouTube Shorts to be converted to MP4 format. You can then save your files to your computer and share them with friends via other social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. You can also directly post to Shorts as MP4 files.

convert shorts to mp4 online using cloudconvert

3) Convert YouTube video to MP4 using Filmora

Using a free video converter like Freemake will leave a watermark on your videos and hinder the quality. You will not also get lossless quality as the original content on YouTube Shorts. In this case, you can engage the best video converter, Filmora, to losslessly convert your videos to quality output.

Key Features of Filmora:
  • Create high-quality as it gives you lossless content.
  • Transform your video into spectacular output with overlays and filters.
  • Add background music for optimum entertainment.
  • Change your video background with the special effects from the Chroma key tool.
  • Advanced editing of text by color, size, font, and animation among other features.
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How to convert YouTube Shorts to MP4 with Filmora

Filmora is easy to use and will accommodate both professional and beginner video editors. Follow these steps to convert YouTube Shorts to MP4.

Step 1. Import video clip to Filmora

You can use any device for the conversion process. Filmora supports an array of OS devices like iOS, Android, etc. First, launch the app on your device then click on the “Import Media Files” option.

convert youtube shorts to mp4
Step 2. Organize footage

The next step is to drag and drop your video footage to the timeline. Filmora accommodates the merging of several video footages. You can make your videos into one big file. Just organize them according to how you want.

Step 3. Edit your video

Even though this is optional, you can edit your video to add more juice. These include splitting your video via the Splitter button. You can also delete unwanted areas and even add filters and other effects to your preferences.

convert youtube shorts to mp4 using Filmora
Step 4. Convert and Export

When you are certain you have the perfect video, click on the “Export” tab to convert your files to MP4 format. Remember to set the final output to MP4 format among the available output options. Then freely play your video on any device and share it with friends on other platforms. There’ll be no hindrance anymore concerning compatibility issues.

convert youtube shorts to mp4 with Filmora


You are not limited to using any video file format. Several reasons may also compel you to convert YouTube Shorts to MP4. And this is the best move if you want to reach as many audiences as possible. Remember that users employ different devices and platforms to access such videos. These range from mobile phones, media players, emails, among others. Converting your videos to MP4 enables easy sharing on any platform effortlessly. The best converter tool, Filmora, serves the purpose quite well. You won’t experience any data loss and be assured that your audience gets the same quality as the original file.

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