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The Only Guide Facebook Video Aspect Ratios You'll Ever Need To Know

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated May 20, 24
The Only Guide Facebook Video Aspect Ratios you'll Ever Need to Know

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Nowadays, Facebook ads are playing an important role in booming the market value of a particular brand. However, the correct video aspect ratio is also equally important. Let’s have a look at them:

Part 1 What You'd like to know about Facebook Ad Sizes that Get Shared Like Crazy

In today's world where social media platforms are booming like no other marketplaces, you can generate a good lead at online markets and reach to a larger audience. According to an estimate, amongst all the social media platforms, Facebook can help you to do this better. Facebook pays a special attention to the types of ads and their sizes. Ad formats and sizes get a constant change yet here are some most preferred ad types and sizes which get shared like crazy.

01Facebook video ads sizes

When you talk about video ads on Facebook, they are mostly designed for mobile first. This is because most people use Facebook via their mobile phones. However, the video ads are also designed for desktops. Facebook recommends users and advertisers to upload videos of square or vertical aspect ratios. Square aspect ratio is 1:1 and dimension for vertical videos vary from 4:5, 9:16 or 16:9. However the most preferred one is 16:9. Also it is recommended that the videos must be no more than of 15 seconds.

Facebook videos ads sizes

02Facebook image ads size

As a customer, people like to see the product that they are going to purchase. For this, you can add images in your ads. This can be an easy way to draw the attention of the audience. But, sometimes it can be little daunting to design the images in the correct dimensions and sizes so that it can get uploaded on Facebook easily. Moreover, these sizes can vary according to the display sizes. It must be in between 1.91:1 to 1:1.

Facebook images size

03Facebook carousel ads size

By using Carousels, you can showcase approx 10 videos and images in a single advertisement. Also there is no need of switching to another page. These carousels may appear on different places when you are uploading on Facebook.  These places may include the main feed, instant articles, right column, messenger, etc. However, all the formats support similar specs of videos and images. The file size remains 30 MB and the ratio must be 1:1.

04Facebook collection ads size

Facebook promotes the collection ads as through this the user can easily browse and purchase the particular product within the Facebook feed only. These collections mostly include a cover image and some videos related to the product. You can choose to auto play the videos while the user is scrolling your collection. These ads have a file size of maximum 4 GB to minimum 30 MB. The aspect ratio of these ads must be 1:1.

collection video ads

05More Facebook advertising resources

Apart from the sizes and dimensions of the formats, there are several things that also need to be focused on. These things include audience insights, creation of video in less span of time; boost the posts on Facebook and enhancing the rate of ad conversions, etc.

Part 2 All Facebook Video Aspect Ratios Info in One Place

There are several types of videos that are uploaded on Facebook on a daily basis. All these videos have to withstand some technical requirements. Here mentioned are some Facebook videos and their aspect ratios and other technical requirements:

01360 videos

In these impressive videos, viewer can turn his device to explore the videos. Also he can drag his finger to view its surrounding content. These videos make a significant impact on the audience as the scenes in it seem to be alive. For making a 360 video, it is essential to have a 360 camera.

The dimensions of these videos must be maximum 120 PX in height and width respectively.

The length of video must not be more than 241 minutes.

The file size of these videos should range in between 1 MB to 26 GB.

The maximum video aspect ratio for these videos is 4:1 and minimum is 1:4.

360 video ads specifications

02Facebook stories ads

As per the popularity of Facebook stories, there is also an immense increase in the results of Facebook stories ads. These ads appear between the stories and last up to approx 15 seconds. Viewer can even dismiss these ads.

In these videos, sound is mostly optional as well as there is no need of captions.

The resolution must be the highest possible so that it can meet the requirement of size and aspect ratio.

The dimension must be minimum 500 PX in width and the file size should not exceed 4 GB.

The aspect ratio can vary from 1:91 to 9:16 and the maximum length of the video is 2 minutes.

Facebook story ads sizes

03Facebook News feed video ads

 These are the most popular types of video ads that are uploaded on Facebook. These videos show up not only on the feed that a user will scroll but also alongside the posts that they are tagged in or shared with them. Newsfeed video ads can be of any type like carousels, 360 videos, etc. However, each video type has different requirements. Generally, the technical requirements are:

The length of these videos must not exceed 240 minutes, however, shorter videos are best so minimum length of the ad video should be 15 seconds.

You can choose any file type but MP4 or MOV can be better option. Also the file size should be under 4 GB.

In these videos, sound and captions are optional but also recommended to make it more effective.

Video aspect ratio is about 9:16 to 16:9 which means that video resolution must not be less than 1280*720 PX.

News feed video aspect ratio and size

04Instant experience videos

These videos can be viewed on full screen automatically. This is the reasons these videos are meant for mobile devices only. As the videos take up the whole screen, these are more attention grabbing and engaging. If you are interested in driving mobile sales then these videos can be a great idea.

You can choose amongst the landscape and square video format.

The recommended video resolution for these videos is 1200*628 PX.

The file size must not increase 4GB and the maximum length should also remain under 241 minutes.

Video aspect ratio for landscape format is 9:1 and for square video format it becomes 1:1.

Instant experience videos ads dimensions and sizes

05Slideshow video ads

These ads are best for promoting and advertising restaurants' menu. You can showcase many different things in just a video. You can target the desired audience by simply creating a decent and neat slideshow video advertisement.

To create the slideshow ad, you can choose amongst the different supported formats like FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, etc.

The video dimension and resolution should be 1200*720 PX and 1280*720 PX respectively.

The aspect ratio of the video formats can vary from 16:9 to 9:16.

The maximum length is 120 minutes with a file size of 4 GB.

Slideshow of video ads

06Instant article ads

 To allow the publishers to share the fast and instant loading articles that are also mobile-optimized, Facebook supports such ads. The publishers can choose to place your video ad in their articles and your audience can view your ad whenever they will read that instant article.

You can use any aspect ratio between 9:16 and 16:9 but for Facebook vertical video dimensions, aspect ratio of 4:5 is also accepted.

Although shorter videos perform better but you can post video ads of approx 240 minutes.

In this video format, there are no captions available so you will need to add subtitles while creating the video.

Headlines in these videos must be of 25 characters and description should be of 30 characters.

Instant article ad specifications

07Live streaming

Live streaming broadcasts can be little tricky as you have to pay attention on each aspect as the viewer is consuming the video as it is being created. You need to follow all the protocols that are essential for creating live streams.

These videos must include universal playback and have a small size of file.

Here is a wide range of resolution that you can choose to meet the size needs and fits best for your purpose.

The most recommended and preferred aspect ratio is 16:9.

In such videos, keep in mind that the video aspect ratio must be compatible with the platform from where you are streaming.

Live streaming video ads specifications

08Search Result ads

Just like the Google search result page, Facebook also has the search result page and it is an excellent idea to boost your conversion rates. You can easily satisfy the demands of people who are there with a mindset of some exploration and discovery.

The minimum length of the video is better to enhance the ad conversion but the maximum length should not exceed 240 minutes.

In these videos, captions are not supported but the sound is recommended.

The most suitable video aspect ratio for these videos is 1:1.

The video resolution that you are choosing must be the highest so that it can meet the limits of ratio and size.

Search result ads video dimensions

09Facebook marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a good place to discover and explore various items and products so if you want to enhance your conversions then ads can help you a lot here. The biggest advantage of such marketplace is that people already want to purchase the particular thing.

At Facebook marketplace, all the aspect ratios between 9:16 to 16:9 are easily accepted.

The file types of these videos are recommended to be MP4 or MOV and its size must be under 4 GB.

In these videos sound is completely optional and if you want to add captions then you will need to do is while creating the video.

If you are adding primary text then it must not exclude 125 characters and headline as well as description must have 25 and 30 characters respectively.

10Collection video ads

These ads are specially optimized for the mobiles which showcase various products in a single ad or various aspects in it. You can also boost customer engagement by making your video create in Instant Experience format.

The video frame of these videos must be 30 fps maximum.

You can create videos in the aspect ratio of 1:1 to 16:9.

The recommended resolution size of the video is approx 1200*675.

The file size of the video must not extend 4 GB and the length should be maximum 120 minutes.

collection of video ads

Part 3 Does Filmora Have an Aspect Ratio That Can Be Adapted to Facebook?

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is a high technology and latest media player that supports to change the video resolution, dimensions and aspect ratio of the desired video. Aspect ratio is nothing more than the ratio of width and height of the video. Filmora do supports to change the aspect ratio and the changed one can easily be adapted by Facebook. In this tool you can get the most popular video aspect ratio that is 1:1 and 9:16. You can also get a list of proper methods to change them.

Try It Free

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are excellent sources to advertise your products. Also you can make a good reach to your customers as well as audience.

It is important to consider about the Facebook Video Aspect Ratios before you are planning to promote or advertise your brand or product.

Various tools like Filmora help to easily adjust the dimensions and specs of videos and images. By using these, you can make the images and videos more impressive and engaging.

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