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What are Facebook Reels and How to Make

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 05, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In today's world, online users prefer watching short videos more than long videos. That is why short-duration video-sharing apps are in extreme demand such as TikTok. Following the same trend, Social media platforms have come up with a separate section for short videos. The short videos on Facebook are called Reels. It is inspired by Instagram Reels, which are short videos as well.

If you are on Facebook and you want to gain more followers, you have to create Reels. Both video content and video editing matter when you create Facebook reels. We will illustrate how to make reels on Facebook. Besides, we will give you the steps to edit Facebook reel videos.

Part 1. What is Facebook Reel?

Facebook Reels are videos of short duration up to 60 seconds. You can add effects and music to enhance the video content. You can share Reels with your friends as well as publicly. Facebook Reels are specifically designed for mobile users. Therefore, they appear vertically on the device screen.

When you share Reels on Facebook publicly, your video can appear on anyone's feed. Thanks to the popularity of short videos, Facebook makes Reels appear all over the platform. Starting from Facebook feed to Facebook groups, Reels can be watched everywhere. Besides, there is a dedicated section for Reels that you can access from Menu.

Part 2. How to Make Facebook Reels

If you are new to creating Facebook Reels, you should not get worried. Reels are introduced so that everyone can get comfortable creating videos in a few minutes. Creating a reel video involves recording, editing, adding descriptions, and publishing. Here are the steps to make reels Facebook easily.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device. Tap on the Reels tab located above the Stories.

tap reels on facebook app

Step 2: Tap on Create Reel option located at the beginning of the section.

Step 3: On the next screen, you will see options to record a short video or select a pre-recorded video. If you are already recorded a video, tap on it under the Gallery section. If you want to shoot it instantly, tap on the Camera icon.

create a reel on facebook

Step 4: You will get different options while recording on the Facebook reels app. You can choose green screen to have an amazing background. You can choose from effects for different filters. Besides, you can set a timer and adjust the speed of the video.

Step 5: Once you are ready, tap on the Record button to shoot your Reel video. You will see a timer counting down 60 seconds. If you want to stop recording, tap on the Stop button.

record reel video on facebook

Step 6: Once you finish the recording, you get to post the reel directly or you can edit it. We will discuss how to edit reels on Facebook in the next section. If you do not want to edit, tap on the Next button.

edit reel videos on facebook

Step 7: Thereafter, you have to enter the reel description and choose visibility such as Public. Finally, tap on the Share Now button to post it.

share new reel video facebook

Part 3. How to Edit Facebook Reel Video

You need to edit your reels on Facebook so that they look eye-catching. When it comes to editing, you can crop, mirror, reverse, and adjust speed. When you reverse a video, it gets into a loop. You can create slow-motion videos by adjusting the speed. Cropping can be done on the duration as well as the dimension of the video frame. Here are the steps to edit Facebook Reel video.

Step 1: Once you finish recording your Facebook Reel video, tap on the Stop icon. Thereafter, you have to tap on the Edit button.

Step 2: On the Edit page, you will see all the options we have discussed. Use those options such as speed, crop, mirror, reverse to edit your video as per your requirements. Once you are done, tap on the Done button.

edit reel video facebook

Step 3: Tap on the Next button and fill up the description and select the visibility option. Finally, tap on Share Now to publish the video on your Facebook account.

publish reel video on facebook

Part 4. Related FAQs about Facebook Reels

How do Reels work on Facebook?

Once you post your Facebook Reel video, your video gets shared on Facebook Feed. Depending on the visibility of your reel, it gets shared with your followers or publicly with everyone. Depending on your reel category, it gets visible to the interested audience. The more engagement on your Reel video, the more the video will be recommended to Facebook users.

How much do Facebook Reels make?

Once you monetize your Facebook Reels, you can make money from your Reels. There is no fixed rate of earning for Reels. But it depends on the number of views, the niche of the video, as well as the country of the audience viewing the video. A video creator can earn up to $35,000 per month through Facebook Reels.

How do you get paid from reels?

Under Reels Play program, Facebook pays a bonus to Reels creators. The reels should cross at least 1000 views over one's month period to be eligible for monetization. Currently, Facebook Reels Play Bonus program is an invite-only program. The bonus amount depends on the number of views as well as the country of the viewers.


If you are a video creator, you should upload Facebook Reels regularly. There is a huge scope for growing enormously with Facebook Reels. We have illustrated how you can create and edit reels on Facebook to get huge tractions from online users.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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