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10 Best Hashtag Tracker for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The ‘#’ strings buzz in almost every post you see. But, do you know there is a hidden science behind it? So what exactly is a Hashtag? They are used as a trendy way of quoting an event/feeling/emotion which pages/people to grow their reach in the market. Thus, they are ideally one of the best ways of increasing the reach in the market. And to remain updated about the statistics, you will need to control the activities with a hashtag tracker. Want to know the best hashtag trackers available for your social handles? Then, we’ve introduced 10 considerable options for hashtag trackers you can opt for.

Best Hashtag Tracker

10 Best Hashtag Trackers to Use

1. Keyhole

The first in our list is Keyhole, a comprehensive analytical tool giving you a broad overview of the Facebook performance of Hashtags. You can easily perform the Facebook hashtag tracking right from your PC. Not only does Keyhole do hashtag tracking but also guides you with the needed improvement required for strategizing posts or making adjustments over the length of your post.

Key Features

  • Keyhole is useful in Facebook Hashtag tracking by measuring the level of performance made by hashtags.
  • From the dashboard, analyze the working of campaigns and build the reports accordingly.

2. Metricool

MetriCool is one of the useful hashtag tools to give you an optimized view of your social handle profiles. With this hashtag tracker, examine a range of working of campaigns and online ads stashed on your account with Metricool. Also, gain knowledge of the metrics, data range, and language used in your social handles.

Key Features

  • Metricool hashtag tracker maintains a complete view of the visitors, profile visits, comments, and reaches, etc. over a presentable graph.
  • It helps you to learn the insights of the Intuitive graphs of the social handles page and its reach amongst the audience.


3. Hashtracking

Hashtracking is an analytical tool that works like a Hashtag browser by updating the user with the trending hashtags, in use. It also allows users to view the real-time growth of the hashtags and their performance. Moreover, you can even download the data and infographics generated by Hashtracking software.

Key Features

  • Allows you to create, maintain, and download the infographics from the tracker database.
  • Shows accurate analysis of activity done over your social handle and provides the detailing of buzz words, hashtags, and geodata.


4. Tweetreach

Tweetreach is a user-friendly, social media monitoring analytical tool that shares with you the relevant content. With Tweetreach, analyze the activities that have been making rounds and monitor the activity of Facebook, Twitter hashtags. Moreover, you can even delve deeper into the performance of your social handle and the impact your posts make. And also, gain insights on the ones who contribute to amplifying your data via contributor analytics.

Key Features

  • You can locate the thread of influencers, amplifiers in your conversations.
  • It also allows you to understand the details of the content posted by you along with contributor analytics.


5. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse’s hashtag tool lets you exercise control over your social handle effortlessly. With this tracker, get an in-depth detailing of the account; monitor the social interactions made in the social handles. Also, manage AD comments with the marketing API and Graph API.

Key Features

  • Depending on your requirements, schedule the content in your way.
  • This Hashtag tracker delivers you the on-sight insights of the audience reaching out to you.


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6. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is another reliable Facebook hashtag tracking tool designed to give in-depth detailing of your Facebook and Twitter handle. With this hashtag tracker, users can explore correlations, trending hashtags, and study the whereabouts of the top influencers.

Key Features

  • Let’s you remotely analyze the movements of your competitors.
  • Updates you with the suitable timings of posting the posts with the popular hashtags.


7. Socialert

Socialert is a Facebook hashtag tracking software that monitors the overall view of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook impressions right from your software. Socialert lets you count the hashtag, its usage, and the link. You can even have a real-time conversation with your dedicated audience and reach out to potential customers, interested in your brand/venture.

Key Features

  • Provides a detailed list of the trending hashtags.
  • Helps in tracking down the keyword useful for the brand.


8. Talkwalker

Talkwalker Analytics is a simple yet powerful hashtag tool that examines measures and reports about the minutest movements made in your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handle. It also helps in discovering what other competitors are doing and equally compares it with yours. It is imbibed with advanced filters that get you the right kind of attention you need.

Key Features

  • Monitors social connections in more than 187 languages.
  • Helps in tracking down your brand awareness.


9. Brand24

Brand24 is one of the reliable Facebook hashtag tracking tools that not only keeps a check over the activity of your Facebook/Twitter pages but you can also access the better picture of mentions, interactions, and social media reach by simply click on the ‘Analysis’ tab.

Key Features

  • Brand24 allows users to customize widgets according to his/her needs.
  • Users can figure out people using the hashtags.


10. RiteTag

The last tool in our list is RiteTag – one of the efficient hashtag trackers that conveniently monitor Facebook/Twitter handles. RiteTag keeps you updated about the trending hashtags buzzing over the internet. It also ensures that you give you brief suggestions on how to use Hashtags efficiently.

Key Features

  • Maintains a detailed recording of every day’s average of posts.
  • RiteTag can be added as an extension to your web browser.



Those are the 10 best hashtag trackers you can use. Just pick on to have a try. If you want to edit a Facebook video, try Filmora to touch up your video easily!

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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