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Best video editor for beginners to make Facebook video with effects
  • Intuitive user interface with powerful editing features
  • Polishing video ads by using built-in 300+ filters and transitions
  • Support Facebook video format

Facebook Video Maker: 20 Free Video Editors for FB Video Ads

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Studies reveal that videos are one of the best methods to convey information because they have more potential to catch the viewer’s attention. Business houses are always advised to update their product and service details using videos as they can easily reach up to the targeted audience. This situation is even more common on Facebook. People tend to click video posts than text posts, so it is important to make Facebook videos.

To master Facebook marketing tips for launching an ad or campaign, you will use some Facebook video maker. The article below contains information about some of the best Facebook video editors that can be used by marketers for developing their video ads.

What you Should Know before Making Facebook Video Ads

1. Try video slideshow: If you are first to make a Facebook video, why not try the Facebook slideshow. Just browse your image collection to pick up the pictures that you think are suitable to make a slideshow.

2. Keep the video short: Short Facebook videos tend to attract more views than long videos. People want to learn something in a short time, so this kind of video can meet their needs.

3. Remember to add captions: 85% of people like to mute audio while watching the Facebook video, so it is suggested to add captions. Choose one of the Facebook video-makers to add a caption.

Part 1: Best Video Editors for Facebook Video Ads

1. Filmora Business

Choose Wondershare Filmora for your ad creation needs and step ahead into the world of adventure. It contains a wide range of editing tools, special effects, animations, overlays, and music tracks, etc. This modern yet easy-to-use interface makes video ads creation tasks much easier. You can choose various royalty-free music for Facebook videos. You can also create GIF images using the Filmora editing tool and its noise removal feature makes videos more impressive. More importantly, don't forget to analyze your post after making a video. Now, download it to have a try!


  • Easily change Facebook video aspect ratio: 4:3, 1:1, and more.
  • Remove Facebook video black bar to make it look great.
  • You can export videos directly to Facebook video format.
  • Free to use than 300 filters/transitions/effects.
  • Various text/title templates to fit your brand style.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

How to make Facebook video ads with Filmora

Step 1: import video to Filmora

Open up Filmora and click a new project to go to its interface. Click import media file here to import video clips. You can also directly drag and drop videos to this media library. After it is imported, drag it onto the timeline.

facebook video make to import video

Step 2: cut/split/trim video

If you want to remove some parts of your video, move the frame that you want to cut and then click the split icon. Move it to another frame and click this icon in the toolbar again. Click delete after this part is cut to remove it.

facebook video maker to cut video

Step 3: change the aspect ratio

If you want to change the aspect ratio to fit Facebook video requirements, right-click on the clips and choose crop and zoom. You can choose 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:3, and custom to get what you want as a Facebook video maker.

facebook video editor to change aspect ratio

Step 4: add transition/music/filters

Filmora includes more than 300 visual effects to use. You can go to filters to add them. Apply a transition to make video clips smooth. Plus, music is a great source to make your video amazing. Filmora also offers various royalty-free music to use.

facebook video maker add transition

Step 5: Go to export

Click export to get Facebook video format mp4, so you can upload it to Facebook. You can also change bit-rate and video quality to customize your Facebook video. It may take a while to export videos.

facebook video maker export

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

2. Facebook Slideshow

It is possible to develop story-rich and high-quality videos on Facebook Slideshow maker within a few minutes. It allows users to update 3 to 7 images and by organizing their sequence a new video can be created to convey a great story about your business. Here you can make easy adjustments to the overall length of the video. Video slideshow creation is also becoming popular these days where video-like motion tells a complete story without any sound effect. You can also create a Facebook photo slideshow with music.


  • It is a great Facebook video maker if you just want to make simple videos
  • You can only Upload 10 images in this Facebook video creator each time. The whole video length can't be very long.
  • No video timeline to use, so you can't add transitions and effects.

Learn more about Facebook algorithm change to know how to rank higher

facebook video maker slideshow

Part 2: Free Online Video Editors for Facebook Video Ads

3. WeVideo

This online editor allows users to capture beautiful moments from the life and convert them into interesting stories. The resulting videos can be stored with 4K resolution and they can be easily shared on Facebook to entertain the targeted audiences. You can also use it to create a square video for Facebook. As WeVideo is an online editor tool so it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. Whether you are working on Android, iOS, Chromebook, PC, or Mac devices, WeVideo is always connected to you.


  • Includes stocks to add video clips, images, and sound, so you need to buy resources anymore, but you need to subscribe WeVideo first
  • This Facebook video maker also offers business plans ranging from $4.99-$29.99 per month
  • Fast to upload Facebook videos. You can start your video with the advantage of speed

facebook video maker WeVideo

4. Magisto

Magisto is gaining more and more popularity these days due to its simple and intuitive work platform. It has a wide range of professional editing tools with a collection of custom branding tools. You will definitely love to pick tracks from its commercially licensed music store for designing high-quality videos. One can add logos to videos with ease and scenes can be easily reordered.


  • As a new Facebook video maker, you can edit videos with AI, which means you can use templates to edit videos
  • You can also use a watermark to make it better as sometimes protect your Facebook video is also important
  • Support adding a business card in the end if you want to let people know more details about your video

Magisto facebook video editor

5. Renderforest

Renderforest is a free Facebook video maker. You can make Facebook videos online without downloading. If you need to make the various Facebook videos, this is a great tool for you as you can create a Facebook video quickly with 100s animation scenes. You can use this free Facebook video maker to increase your brand awareness and promote your product. You can edit Facebook videos anytime you want if you save your video on your dashboard first.


  • For this Facebook video maker, you can create videos with various video/music/image resources as Renderforest is also powerful in the resources industry
  • You can use it to easily make a Facebook video. This Facebook video creator is supported by millions of users
  • If you are tired of adding statics text, you can also add animated text to your Facebook video

facebook video editor Renderforest

6. MakerMoon

This Facebook video maker MakerMoon is a great tool to make engaging videos for your ads and post. There are various video templates to use including vertical slideshow, triangles, blur frame, and more. Many of them are free to use. When making a Facebook video, you just need to use one template to easily start making video ads. You can use it to make 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16 aspect ratio videos. Real estate video is also what MakerMoon focuses on.


  • In this Facebook video maker, you can use a video template to start making ads videos. Some of them are free and some of them are pro only
  • From MLS number, MakerMoon can create listing videos. This function is for real estate
  • The price is a yearly offer. You can buy this Facebook video creator from 2 options $69 and $119.

facebook video editor MakerMoon

Part 3: Free Video Editors for Facebook Video Ads on Windows and Mac

7. Windows Movie Maker

Create and polish your video ads using Windows Movie Maker. This feature-rich platform can provide stunning results for your professional ads. Here you can access a classic collection of captions, sound effects, transitions, and special effects. Using all these advanced features when you become ready with your video then they can be easily shared over Facebook, YouTube, and Other sites. The editing tools available on this software tool include so many useful operations like slow down, speed up, split, trim, etc.


  • It is supported by Microsoft and includes the basic Facebook video editing features
  • It is totally free to use if you are a Windows user. It doesn't support mac user
  • Sadly, it won't be updated by Microsoft anymore. But you can still download it on the Internet

Learn more about Windows Movie Maker

video editor for facebook Windows Movie Maker

8. Lightworks

If you care about professional-quality video content then LightWorks can provide you best services for designing. This powerful tool is available for free but it contains all-new features for the development of high-quality videos. Its modest hardware ensures perfect controls over every editing tool so that users can develop customized videos within very little time. Output can be saved in various popular file formats whereas the direct sharing facilities assist business professionals in easy content marketing.


  • As a professional Facebook video maker, you can edit videos with powerful features like a green screen
  • There is no limit on video format importing, so you can edit various Facebook video format
  • Lightworks is free to use Facebook video creator, so don't worry about money

facebook video editor for video ads Lightworks

9. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free Facebook video editor that wants to give you a simple video editing experience. It supports Facebook video format. The most popular one is MP4, so you can directly use this format if you don't know which format you can use. It lacks a timeline, which means you can't add effects and transitions to video clips. However, if you want to cut/trim video, Avidemux can help you quickly make Facebook video ads.


  • You can add text/title to your Facebook video to highlight the key features
  • If you want to have more controls on Facebook video editing, this one is not the best for you
  • Avidemux can support you to add audio

facebook video maker Avidemux

10. OpenShot

OpenShot is an open-source free Facebook video editor. It is cross-platform, which means you can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The tracks are unlimited, so you can add various effects, transitions, and filters to video ads. You can also add titles and text to highlight your key message. You can also use the text template to add text, which is easy to use. Basically, you just need to drag and drop.

facebook video maker OpenShot

11. iMovie

iMovie is well known as a professional video editing tool and it is currently being used by millions of editors throughout the world. It is much easier to browse the collection of Hollywood-style trailers from iMovie with classic 4K quality. This editor works perfectly on Mac, iPad, and iPhone-like devices, and users can access so many special effects, music collections, and filters. In order to make your video ads more informative, you can also try to add studio-quality titles over them using iMovie. Its high content quality is the biggest advantage for marketers as they can develop videos with crystal clear results using Filmora Go.


  • If you are a Mac user, iMovie is a great choice to edit Facebook videos with easy to use features
  • Its interface is intuitive and modern to use. As a beginner, you can easily use this Facebook video maker
  • You can make high-quality videos by adding music, transitions, and effects

Learn more about iMovie

iMovie facebook video editor for ads

12. Wondershare Filmii

You will be glad to know that this popular video editor tool also offers a free plan for beginners. There are many beautiful video processing tools and this power editor makes every task easier than you think.


  • Filmii has various kinds of templates to help you get started quickly.
  • As a professional Facebook video maker, it is not easy to use for beginners
  • You can trim your videos before start editing
  • The auto-create functionality is so amazing.

facebook video maker

13. HyperEngine-AV

HyperEngine-AV is a Facebook video maker that you can use on Mac. You can use it to create a Facebook slideshow video by adding images and music. You can also use it to add credits, lyrics to make the video informative and interesting. It supports recording desktop video, so it will be a great source to make a Facebook video about training.


  • It is good at adding music and images, so you can use it to make a slideshow
  • Its interface and UI may look outdated. If you don't mind, you can still use it

facebook video maker HyperEngine-AV

Part 4: Best Facebook Video Editor on Android and iPhone

14. Filmora (iOS/Android)

Social media is the best option for advertising your services and products but for this marketing you have to create appealing ads. Filmora is rated as one of the best editing apps for Facebook videos. With this editing tool, you can easily add music to the background of your new video files. The best part is that this application offers compatibility over iOS as well as Android devices. The wide collection of overlays, filters and text editing options make things much easier and customization tasks can be completed soon. Filmora allows users to make selections for output file format settings so that generate content can be easily shared ahead without using any converter tool.

Download filmora  Download filmora 

15. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is a big name in the world of video editors; it is commonly used by professionals and filmmakers for creating appealing videos. All the features on Premiere Clip are arranged in a very creative manner without cluttering the timeline. The clip software tool provides two useful editing options to users with its automatic editing feature and the second is the freedom editing option. With the first setting, you can customize any video clip, music, or multiple clips within few seconds using automated operations whereas the freedom editing option allows manual editing on a sequence of clips or single image/video file. Premiere Clip is available for free but if you want to access its classy features then it is good to move towards paid plans.

facebook video editor for editing video ades Premiere

16. Video Editor

It is a free Facebook video editor that you can make Facebook videos easily. You can import your music, video, or image to Video Editor. Then choose a theme to rearrange with your own resources. The steps are easy with dragging. You also can add transitions to your video. This Facebook video editor will give you more control over recording voiceover. After the recording is done, you can also edit it to make the whole video better. This Facebook video editor is renowned for many media.

Video Editor

17. Videoshop

It is a great Facebook video editor that is made for beginners. You can trim/cut videos before editing any videos. If you feel like the Facebook video is too dark, you can adjust brightness. Besides, you can add texts to your video to highlight any information. You can also reverse video if you want your video to have some fun. It is a good point to have a try. After making this video, Videoshop also supports importing videos to social media platforms.

facebook video editor Videoshop

18. KineMaster

KineMaster is a feature-rich Facebook video editor for you. It has various media layers, so you can add video, image, and music to different layers. You can import your own voiceover. It also has various visual effects to make your video like a pro. If you want to make a great product or brand video, you can use this one to edit videos and share it with Facebook.

facebook video editor KineMaster

19. movieStudio

You can use movie studio to make MV and upload it to Facebook. This Facebook video editor can make your video amazing with video templates. You just need to choose one template and then use your own video clip or image to make a Facebook video. It has more than 1000 pictures to show effects. You can also add 3D video effects to make your video stand out. People love 3D, so it is a good idea to add some 3D effects to your video in this Facebook video editor.


20. Splice

Splice is a Facebook video editor that you can make sports video. If your products and brand focus on sports, this video maker is worth trying. You can edit videos at the best moment to show what you can bring to your customers. You can choose different transition styles to make videos really smooth. You also can trim/cut the video in a precise way. You also can share your video to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo.



Now, which Facebook video maker do you like? If you still don't know yet, we recommend using Facebook video maker Filmora. It is designed for Facebook video creators who want to make engaging videos easily. Various Facebook video effects/transitions are for you. You can also use the text/title template to highlight your key message. Download it now to have a try (free)!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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