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How to Make Facebook Videos Full Screen?

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Jan 04, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
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A large ratio of Facebook users loves to watch the videos on full screen as it gives them the complete vibe of entertainment. Moreover, Facebook videos are displayed on Smart TV to spend quality time with family. However, in unforeseen circumstances, the videos fail to go full screen.

That is some annoying situation. Therefore, the article presents the background causes of the Facebook full-screen problem and how to make the video go full screen. Wondershare Filmora is a phenomenal video editor that would also be a part of this write-up. So, are you ready?

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Part 1: Why Can't My Facebook Video Go on Full Screen?

Regular users face many Facebook video problems. Most times, it's a blurry Facebook video, and other times it ceases to go on full screen. The Facebook video doesn't go full screen due to multiple reasons. The primary reason is that it hasn't been completely loaded.

facebook no full screen issues

The section shall represent the probable causes of the video not being loaded. Let us find out the known causes of Facebook full-screen video problems. Time to begin!

Unstable Internet Connection

The speed of the internet is everything when it comes to Facebook full-screen problems. If your internet is slow or shared with other devices, the Facebook video doesn't load. The user must have access to a stable and fast connection to steer clear of this full screen and loading issue.

Issues with Facebook Servers

The Facebook video problem often occurs when the Facebook servers are busy. Additionally, the Facebook app continues to crash or hang for the same reason. In some conditions, the app is undergoing maintenance and updates.

Damaged and Corrupted Videos

Sometimes, the video doesn't load or go full screen because it is corrupted, damaged, or removed by the owner. Essentially, there is a problem with creating the Facebook full-screen video problem with the video format.

Outdated Facebook App

If you have not updated the Facebook app, there are high chances you will run into a full-screen problem with your video. It is essential to keep your app updated at all times.

VPN Turned On

VPN interferes with how Facebook video operates in a normal situation. If you forgot to turn your VPN off, you would likely face Facebook full-screen video problem Android.

Part 2: How Do I Make Facebook Videos Full Screen?

After running into the Facebook video problem, the first concern that arises is how do I make Facebook videos full screen. There is no need to panic as we have got you covered. The section reflects on methods to eliminate the problem from its roots.

For PC Users

If you are a Chrome user on Windows, follow the three methods designed for you.

Method 1: Clearing the Browsing Data and Cache

The first fix to make Facebook video run in full screen revolves around clearing the browsing data and cache. There are no strings attached to this method. The process is as simple as it can get. The steps include:

Step 1: For starters, open your Chrome browser and click on three vertical dots located in the top right corner. Click on "Settings" from the context menu that appears.

access chrome settings

Step 2: The "Settings" will open. Hit "Privacy and Security" and then "Clear Browsing Data." Select the desired time range and tick mark all options.

tap on clear browsing data

Step 3: Press "Clear Data," and you are done.

clear your browser data

Method 2: Disabling Browser Extensions

The browser extensions are often added to work effectively. But they do not work all the time and create problems for the normal workability of the Facebook app. Disabling the browser extensions is the right way to clear the FB full-screen problem. The steps are:

Step 1: Launch your Chrome browser and head to the three dots. Click on "Settings" and then head-to-head to the "Extensions" from "Main Tools."

open chrome extensions

Step 2: Disable the extensions by toggling them off.

disable your chrome extension

Method 3: Disabling Hardware Acceleration

The enabled Hardware Acceleration enhances the operation of different programs used on the browser. However, it does interfere with Facebook usage and video previews. It is smart to disable the Hardware Acceleration and then find out if the problem was resolved.

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser and click on "Settings" from the three vertical dots. Click on "Advanced" from the left panel.

tap on chrome settings

Step 2: Toggle off "Use Hardware Acceleration when available," and you are done.

disable hardware acceleration

For Mobile Users

If you are a smartphone user facing Facebook full-screen video problem, we understand your concern. To handle the concern of Facebook full-screen video problem iPhone and Facebook full-screen video problem Android, follow the three solutions sketched out for you.

Fix 1: Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Facebook App

To fix Facebook full-screen Android, you might want to uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app. It helps download any impending updates and refreshes the app. Use the following process to uninstall and reinstall the app from Android.

Step 1: Hold down the Facebook app and click "Uninstall." After that app is uninstalled, navigate to the Play Store and search for "Facebook" in the search bar.

Step 2: Click on the "Install" button located right next. The reinstalling will begin.

install facebook app android

If you are an iPhone user, follow the step-by-step guide to uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app.

Step 1: Hold the Facebook app on your iPhone and click on the (X) that appears. The application will be uninstalled. To install it again, head to the App Store.

Step 2: Type away Facebook and click on "Install." Wait until the downloading process is concluded.

reinstall facebook ios

Fix 2: Clearing Junk Apps for Memory

In most unexpected scenarios, your device system doesn't have the desired memory to load the video and go full screen. Therefore, to get rid of the Facebook video problem, clear the junk apps from your phone. The steps below are for Android to delete unwanted applications.

Step 1: Pick your Android phone and go to the "Settings." Head to "Apps" settings of your Android device.

Step 2: Click on the unnecessary apps and delete them off.

uninstall android apps

The procedure to clean junk apps to save memory for iPhone is as given below:

Step 1: To begin the procedure, head to the "Settings" and hit the "General" menu option.

Step 2: Click on "iPhone Storage afterward and look for the app taking the most space in your iPhone. Eliminate the apps and feel free of Facebook full-screen problem.

free iphone storage

Fix 3: Reboot the Phone

The Facebook full-screen video problem can also be eliminated by rebooting the phone. It gives the device a second to process the operations going on in the system. You can reboot your iPhone by pressing the Power and the Volume Down button. Restart and check if the problem persists. The same goes for Android. You can hold down the Power button until the phone shuts down.

Part 3: How to Go to Full-Screen While Playing Facebook Video?

You can go full screen while playing Facebook videos easily. The sub-section shall enable the user to do so no matter they are using Facebook on Chrome or phone. Let us have a look!

While Using Chrome

If you scroll through your Facebook timeline via Chrome, you can go full screen while playing the video. To do so, play the video, and you will find two options. The first one is "Open in Watch." Click on it, and you will find two arrows icon further beside the controls. Hit it, and you will enter the full screen.

tap on full screen icon

While Using Mobile

Mobile users can also enter the full screen without any complications. They can click on the video first. As the video is opened and played, click on two arrows opposite each other to play the specific video on your Facebook. After that, click on four arrows representing the full-screen display, and it will help the smartphone owner go to full screen while playing Facebook videos.

expand your phone screen

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Final Thoughts

No matter how much we progress, some problems will need our attention. The FB full-screen problem limits the user enjoy their alone time. However, the article did a good job introducing the root causes of the Facebook full-screen video problem and offered solutions to fix it.

Wondershare Filmora was also given a brief introduction to give the users an insight into some of its features. You can access it to create engaging videos for your brand or channel.