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Olloclip vs Moment lenses which to choose

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

iPhone users often keep on searching for some of the best collections of lenses that can improve their image quality with stunning and crisp details. Probably, you are also searching for the same details. Don’t worry! The article below can help you to know deep details about two most popular iPhone lenses available in market. Have a wider look on Olloclip and Moment Lens below:


Here we are going to make comparison for lenses of iPhone 6+ and 6. When we talk about OlloClip Active lens then you will be glad to know that it can be used without connecting any special mounting gear. These lenses are quite inexpensive, priced around $120 and the sad part is that it will not fit on recently released iPhone 7. On the other side, moment lenses are priced around $300 and you can easily connect them with iPhone 7.

The Pros:


Olloclip Lens

You might have observed that iPhone 6 offer wider ‘field of view’ with its front camera but Olloclip can help you to make it a well oriented selfie camera. Olloclip lenses are currently available in both wide and tele versions; you can pick any of these as per your requirement. Users need not to mess up with those tripods and timers to adjust the background focus, it is not necessary to carry a selfie stick on every tour; just your iPhone with Olloclip can do everything that you need to capture a stunning selfie.

One more interesting thing to discuss about Olloclip is its impressive design; you can easily carry this tiny unit with you everywhere by simply attaching it to your keyring. Further, two high quality macro lenses of Olloclip help users to enjoy 10x as well as 15x zoom ability; it can definitely bring the smallest details with highest information to your screen; like tiny insects can appear like giants.

Olloclip is designed with fisheye lenses that assist in better view; the quality is much enhanced as compared to simple wide angle lenses. However, fisheye view leads to much distortion around picture edges but it can be easily removed in post processing by using crop feature. The edited part will definitely look much impressive and you will love to share it on social media sites to entertain your friends.

Moment Lens:

Moment Lens

The outstanding build quality of moment lenses make it standout against all competitors. You will find it heavier, bigger and much stunning as compared to other competing iPhone lenses around. Moment Lenses are currently available in two versions. The first one is 2x telephoto lens and second is 18mm wide angle lens. Both of these lenses ensure crisp details with minimal distortions and the multi element type design make it possible to develop stunning images. The image quality was found much stable and crisp when compared with Olloclip and the lower distortion level makes it more suitable for classic stills.

In case of Moment Lense, you will find a nifty mounting plate that helps to make attachment between lenses and device. This plate is designed using stainless steel material and it is quite thinner as compared to size of a credit card. There is no need to go to the professionals to get it fixed, all that you need to do is simply peel off its back, make its alignment with lens of your iPhone camera and finally get it attached with its glue. The process is same as that of applying a simple screen cover. As soon as you are done with the fixing task of mounting plate then next task is to line up the mount gap with the specified gray dot. Simply rotate it to 90 degrees and then boom; it is all set now and you can start collecting memories for your events.

With this well designed mounting plate, you can easily use your iPhone with as well as without any case; results will always be fine. Note that, Moment lenses are not specifically designed for iPhone 6 rather various attractive plate designs of the same company can be used for several android devices and many other iPhone models. People call these lens big but they are actually designed with a fit to pocket size so you can take them anywhere with you.

You will not find any lose in image quality with Olloclip and Moment lenses; both of these offer stunning results for every shoot.

The Cons:


It is much easier to attach Olloclip lenses front camera of iPhone but when you move to back then it appears like a big challenge. You will not be able to find any help from iPhone design to fix Olloclip at right place, only your efforts can do that miracle. The fact is that this lens does not find a grip with iPhone body so an accidental wrong touch can immediately disturb its alignment.

One more downside is its inability to work with iPhone case as it is too narrow to find a space to fit with case; so you have to take the risk to carry your phone without case to get those wide angle selfies.

The added blurriness in each shot is one more trouble with Olloclip; you will find your image too noisy around edges; cropping the images is the only option to make it ready for the social media posts.

Moment Lens:

Most of you will definitely discard the idea of gluing anything like moment lens plate on backside of your expensive iPhone. These lenses are available with two mounting plates but they are made to be used at once because when you remove them from your device they become distorted and cannot be reattached.

The swapping lenses of Moment are not as good as like DSLR lens mounting system but the company professionals are still working hard to get rid of that mounting plate so that something as incredible as DSLR style controls can be provided to all iPhone users.


If you are a beginner in the world of photography and want to capture stills just to post them on Facebook, you will probably be happy with Olloclip. It makes everything easier and image quality is also acceptable as per your basic needs. But in case if you are a serious kind of photographer then Moment Lenses are the best choice for you. It can assist you to get higher quality, stunning images for all random clicks.

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