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How to Become a Twitch Streamer with 9 Useful Tips

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

1. Great Internet Connection:

You already know that your streaming world is just incomplete without a good internet connection. A powerful internet connection works like a base for your video game streaming needs. It is good to understand that a slow internet connection will not take much time to ruin your streaming career. So prefer to make efforts to get a stable and fast/moderate internet connection.

Although, it is not necessary to pay for a connection that has speed as fast as light! Just pick a plan that ensures great broadcasting at 720p resolution level. Remember that viewers never like to spend time to watch streams that are too slow or messed up with pixels so you must get a 720p support soon. Resolve all the connectivity issues with your service provider in advance and prefer to utilize a wired connection to avoid frequent disconnections.

2. Decent Headset or Mic:

Here is an interesting fact, most of viewers spend time on live streams to watch commentary and they are least interested about gameplay. So while uploading your streams, ensure that you are not going to sound like a worker sitting at a loaded construction site. It is not advised to spend on a costly mic but it should be capable enough to remove that static voice from surroundings and much capture the required data with clarity. At the same time, prefer to use headsets or ear buds so that your audio will not get disturbed with speaker voice.

If you are just starting with your streaming career then do not rush for expensive headphones or mics. Your hardware must be just able to bring best from your commentary.

3. High Performance PC and Software:

You need a high performance PC for your stream needs and at the same time a compatible software tool is essential. Prefer to pick anyone from xSplit and OBS as they are recommended by most of professionals. Your stream must be capable enough to stand out with unique appearance on crowdie platform of Twitch. It is recommended to put a border for your webcam and activate the pop up notifications for your followers’ actions.

4. Quality Webcam:

If you are able to interact with your viewers in much impressive manner then they will definitely love to stay tuned to your channel. A good webcam is essential to establish healthy connections with viewers during streaming sessions. Although, it is not necessary to spend on 1080p resolution level but a 720p is essential for great content.

5. Selection of Right Game:

If you find time to explore Twitch platform then you will notice that most of the streamers are connected to popular games like League of Legends, Starcraft, Heartstone and Minecraft etc. So it will be difficult to make your channel noticeable in this crowd. We advise you to pick a game that can bring more viewers to your end. When all are working on popular games, you need to choose something unique. There is no need to start competition with other streamers; your priority is to engage viewers. If you stream a game that you really love to play then it will help you to develop your initial audience at much faster pace.

6. Interactions with Viewers:

Always spare time to interact with your viewers. Keep refreshing that list and whenever new people join send them a hello message via chat, following welcome to the stream content. Stay connected to them if they are responding with messages and always follow the rule that you have to be kind, genuine and polite enough. Do not indulge in arguments with viewers, in case if someone is annoying you then mute them or try to end the conversation fast in genuine way. Also, you can let them know that you are new to streaming world and ask them for feedbacks, advises and tips. It will help them feel connected with your channel.

7. Be Consistent:

The key to success in streaming world is to follow a specific schedule for streaming so that viewers can catch you at right times. Those who are interested to watch something interesting from your channel on regular basis will love to explore content with high consistency. Also, you need to help them know about your next schedules so that they can stay tuned.

8. Networking with other Broadcasters:

Twitch is not a platform for competition rather you need to focus on building audience with great streaming. It is good to make people friends on this network, including the other popular streamers. If you have a big network of streamers then it will help you to get right support for your channel.

9. Well Framed Titles and Descriptions:

Always ensure that your channel contains right information about your game that you are streaming. Check spelling properly and update eye catching titles to impress your audience.

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Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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