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How to make TikTok dance on Mac

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

TikTok is one of the most famous social media apps currently on social media. It has started to take the world by storm since the day it came out. With more than 1 billion downloads, around 700 million people use this app daily. 

There are many things to do on Tiktok, such as imitating dialogues, viral videos, songs or you can even make your original video content. The famous forms of entertainment on this application are TikTok dances. 

It started with Lil Nas X's song Old Town Road, which introduced a dance challenge. The song didn’t gain much attention till it produced a dance routine on Tiktok. Since then, every now and then there is a new dance routine challenge on Tiktok which goes viral on almost all social media platforms.

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Special Effects That Can Make Your Tiktok Dance Routine Special

Tik Tok comes with various options of different effects on its own. Whenever you make a video on Tik Tok, you can easily add effects from the app after you are done recording. Nevertheless, there is always a limit to the number of effects offered by the app.  

You can however add effects to your content via different applications. One of the best and most amazing video effects you can add to your videos is motion tracking. Motion tracking function allows any sticker or animation to follow your actions. 

For that execution, you will need an external video editing app to edit your videos. Wondershare’s FilmoraX is recommended to be the best video editing software used for these purposes.

Motion Tracking Function With Wondershare FilmoraX

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Using the motion tracking function is extremely easy. Here is how you do it:

1.First, you select and open the Tik Tok dance video you want to use on FilmoraX and drag it into the timeline.

import media files on filmorax

2.Now you will want to check that the main body of the subject is in the entire frame. If it is not, then you will need to cut and trim the video accordingly.

3.The next step is to start the motion tracking. For this, you will need to make sure that your play head is at the point from where you want to start your motion tracking. The tracking will only start wherever your play head is.

32motion track

4.Once that is done, you can open the tool used for motion tracking from the timeline toolbar. You can also do it by double-clicking your clip to find the motion tracking function in the editing menu.

5.When you have done that, the motion tracking box will appear in the preview. Move and resize it according to the subject that you wish to track. Then, select the “render-effect” option so that Filmora can analyze the video.


6.Now you can add the object you want to have to follow the track. You can choose that from the title menu or add a new image from your Mac.

32import media

7.Once you choose your object, you simply need to drag that object to the track above your footage.

8.Next, you will need to place the object where you want it to be concerning the subject in the preview box. Make sure that you drag the edge of it on the timeline to match it with the timeline of your subject.

9.When it has been set up, you will need to double-click the footage you have added the tracking function to and go to the motion tracking menu.

10.The drop-down menu will show all the texts and images or animations available. Select the one you want to see.

11.Adjust the size of your object and voila!! You are done.

With these easy steps, you have managed to make a normal Tik Tok Dance challenge into a unique and zestful piece of art.

Other Visual Effects For Your Tik Tok Dance

Other than motion tracking several other effects can make your Tik Tok dance alluring and special.  Here are some of them.

Green Screen for TikTok Dance

This is also one of the most famous effects that are used for the Tik Tok dance challenge. Green Screen in a built-in app effect that allows you to add any background to your current video. Tik Tok provides some default backgrounds to its users but you can also choose from your camera roll.

green screen tik tok effect

Disco effects for TikTok Dance

This is another one of the extremely fun built-in effects that allow you to add disco lights to your amazing Tik Tok dance.

 add disco effect to your tik tok

Double Screen Effect for TikTok Dance

 This effect allows you to have two screens at once. The brilliant thing about this effect is that you can perform different actions on both screens and also create an illusion of moving from one screen to another. This effect can help make some creative Tik Tok dance videos depending on your imagination.

double screen effect in tik tok


Trio Effect for TikTok Dance

This effect allows you to make two other clones of yourself. Now imagine three of you dancing together on some good choreography. Sounds sensational; doesn’t it? When using trio, both of your clones will be doing the same moves, you cannot assign different moves to your clones.

add trio effect to your tik tok


Tik Tok dance challenges have been going viral for a long time now because they are creative and amusing. They can be made much more entertaining by using different video effects. 

The most mesmerizing effects can be added through the motion tracking function. It allows you to add objects and animations to your videos and make them extremely befuddling and stimulates one’s imagination.  

Motion tracking not only adds objects but also helps stabilize the video. It also lets you add 3d objects in 2d footage and apply other effects and color grading techniques. 

Apart from all that it will let you replace screens on different devices such as tablets, computers, and TV devices. 

All of this can be achieved with just one top of the line video editing software that is Wondershare’s FilmoraX. So, start your challenges today with the tips and tricks provided and go viral, be famous.

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