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How to Make a Best Tiktok Intro Video on Mac?

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Oct 26, 2023• Proven solutions

Are you keen on starting your own TikTok journey? There is no two way about the fact that this app is the new kid in town. It is highly popular among the younger generation. 

If you are a new TikToker, you need an introduction video. This has to be engaging enough to attract more and more followers. The primary aim of an introduction video is to say high to your followers and tell them about yourself. With this video, they will get to know you better. 

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Section 1. Make an Intro Video on TikTok (iPhone)

In case you are all set to create a Tiktok intro video, here are a few tips you need to follow. 

    Including Audio

At the top of the screen, you will find the option ‘Sound’. This is where you can look through the music. When you are done choosing the song, decide where you would like it to start and play it when you record to sync the shots better. You can also add sound effects and voice-over. 

At present, you can add one song per video inside the app. However, you always have the option to edit the videos using other apps to upload on TikTok. 

In TikTok, you can work with multiple audio layers. For example, you have recorded the clip with in-camera audio, sound effect, music, and anything else you have added. The app will let you lower the camera’s audio volume while raising the music volume.

    Working with the Text

For adding title or text to the video, you have to use the Text button. This lets you choose the color, font, and size of the words. If you have used Instagram fonts, this will appear similar. Once you enter the words, choose where you would like to apply them on the screen. You can also set the time and length of the text appearing on the screen. 

    Adding Effects

Effects are one of the special aspects of TikTok. There are two ways to use them, before or after recording. When you’re done recording the video, you can reverse it, speed it up, or add filters. The app also lets you apply an effect when you are recording.

Since TikTok videos are mostly viewed on smartphones, vertical orientation is the best option. However, horizontal orientation is also allowed on TikTok. The best aspect ratio will be 9:16 for TikTok videos so that they can be viewed properly on any smartphone. Last, but not least, the dimension has to be 1080 x 1920.

Section 2. Make a TikTok Intro Video on Mac

In case you are going off the platform, there are many video editor apps that you can use. With the help of the apps, you will be able to make better videos. 

Let’s take a look at the top two video editors that will help you to get the best video for Tiktok. 

1. Filmora X for Mac

To take your video to the next level, you can use Filmora. You can download the app on your phone. It is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store. The app will provide you with all the tools you need to edit the videos for Tiktok. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Apart from featuring several stickers, effects, and filters, Filmora also has a music library that includes popular songs and sound effects. Its timeline will let you add audio tracks that make it easier for you to sync the video and audio assets that you want to use. Filmora is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to edit the video on this app. 


    Offers voice recording options

    Supports multi-track video and audio editing

    Features a wide range of audio and visual effects


    Doesn’t offer a video recording option

2. iMovie

In the last twenty years, iMovie has turned out to be one of the most popular and reliable apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad users who are prolific enough when it comes to video editing. With iMovie, you can choose from 8 different themes and 14 trailer templates. Hence, you will easily be able to mix multiple video clips and add a soundtrack.


Additionally, the video editor for macOS and iOS will also give you access to the tools that you will require to cut your footage, green-screen effects, create PIP, or record voice overs for every video that you edit using the app. All these excellent features make the video editor the ideal choice if you would like to create short TikTok videos. 


    Easy and free to use

    Incredible audio effect and music library

    Completely customizable trailer themes and templates


    Doesn’t let you add your own music to the projects

    Lacks advanced editing options


Tiktok is an app that already attracts millions of creators of the app and the popularity of the app has only grown over time. Also, it will continue to grow in time to come. Hence, if you would like to be a part of this fastest-growing social network, you have to ensure that the video that you are sharing stands out in the crowd. 

The video editing apps that have been listed above will help in improving the clarity and quality of the videos that you are recording and plan to share on TikTok. To take your TikTok videos to the next level, experiment with different features that the video editors provide. However, your ultimate aim should be to make it more interesting. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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