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Create Video Contents That Convert Sales
Best Advice from Joy Danganan: Creating a video that covertly sells can be an effective way to improve your product sales.

How to Create Video Contents That Convert Sales

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Jun 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

It is no secret that videos are a powerful marketing tool. In fact, studies have shown that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.

In this article
  1. Start with a Strong Hook
  2. Keep It Short And Sweet
  3. Focus on the Viewer
  4. Use Persuasive Language
  5. Include a Strong Call to Action
Powerful Marketing Tool
Powerful Marketing Tool

Sales videos are all about encouraging potential customers to buy a product or service. They usually include persuasive tactics, such as an authoritative voice, logical arguments, and emotional appeals. By effectively communicating the benefits of a product or service, sales videos can be highly effective in influencing someone to make a purchase.

Sales videos
Sales videos

A sales video is a powerful tool that can help you to generate sales leads and close more deals. By providing potential customers with an overview of your products or services, you can give them the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. In addition, a sales video can help to build trust and credibility with your audience. By featuring testimonials from satisfied customers, you can show potential buyers that your products or services deliver on their promises.

Moreover, a sales video can be an excellent way to showcase your company's unique strengths and capabilities. By highlighting your company's unique selling points, you can give potential customers a good reason to choose your business over the competition. When used effectively, a sales video can be a powerful tool for generating new sales and increasing your bottom line.

But maybe you are wondering what's the key to creating videos that actually generate sales?

Key to Creating Videos
1. Understand Audience

The first thing that you need to do when creating a sales video is to understand your audience. Who are they? What do they want? What are their problems?

Once you know who your target audience is, it'll be a lot easier to create a video that will appeal to them and sell your product or service.

2. Explain What It is and How It Works

Now, let's say that you're selling a new type of product or service. In this case, it's best to create a video that introduces your product or service and explains what it is and how it works.

3. Case Studies

You can also use case studies or testimonials from happy customers to help boost the credibility of your product or service and convince potential buyers that it's worth investing in.

4. Create Video Content

Once you know who your target audience are, then it’s time for you to create a video content

Target Audience
Target Audience

1. Start with a Strong Hook

A strong hook is the key to creating a video that converts into sales. You have to make sure that your video is engaging and informative, while also offering something that viewers can't find elsewhere. A good hook will grab attention and keep viewers engaged throughout the entire video. There are a few different things you can do to create a strong hook for your video such as:

Strong Hook
Strong Hook
  • Attention-grabbing headline. This should be something that makes viewers want to learn more.
  • Give a brief overview of what they can expect from the video.
  • Targeting the most common pain of your audience.
Attention-Grabbing Headline
Attention-Grabbing Headline

You only have a few seconds to make a strong impression. Use a strong wisely and you'll soon see your sales start to climb.

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

In a fast-paced world, it can be tempting to try and pack as much information into a video as possible. However, when it comes to creating a video that converts into sales, less is definitely more. Keep your video short and sweet, focusing on one key message that you want your viewers to remember. Highlight the features and benefits of your product or service, and include a call to action that is clear and concise. By keeping your video focused and to the point, you will be more likely to engage your viewers and persuade them to take the next step.

Keep Short and Sweet
Keep Short and Sweet

3. Focus on the Viewer

When creating a video that is designed to convert viewers into paying customers, it is important to focus on the needs and wants of the viewer. What problem are they trying to solve? What are they looking for in a solution? How can your product or service help them achieve their goals? Answering these questions will help you create a video that resonates with viewers and helps guide them through the purchase process. In addition, make sure to include a call to action at the end of the video so that viewers know how to take the next step. By focusing on the viewer and providing them with the information they need, you can create a video that leads to sales.

Focus on the Viewer
Focus on the Viewer

4. Use Persuasive Language

There's no denying it – persuasive language is a powerful tool for sales. By speaking in a way that encourages your audience to take action, you can convince them to buy your product or service. And when it comes to sales, every little bit counts.

But what exactly is persuasive language? In essence, it's a way of speaking that inspires your listeners to take action. It can be used to encourage people to buy something, sign up for a service, or even vote for a particular candidate. But whatever the goal may be, persuasive language is an incredibly effective tool.

So how can you use it effectively in your own sales pitches? Here are 35 words customers love to hear when making a decision:

Use Persuasive Language
Use Persuasive Language
  • Free
  • You
  • 100%
  • Value
  • Opportunity
  • Limited (Implies scarcity)
  • Only
  • Life Time
  • Best Selling
  • New
  • Revealed
  • Immediately
  • Special
  • Now
  • Easy-to-use
  • How to
  • Extraordinary
  • Best
  • Proven Tested
  • Risk-free
  • Money back
  • Guarantee
  • Help
  • One-time payment
  • Without
  • Results
  • Discover
  • Bonus
  • Exclusive
  • Today
  • Secret
  • Receive/Get
  • Discount
  • Cancel anytime

5. Include a Strong Call to Action

Tell audience exactly what you want them to do after watching your video - such as subscribing to your channel, visiting your website or sending a message to your social media page. Make it easy for them to take action by including clickable links.

Call to Action
Call to Action

The right call to action can mean the difference between a successful sale and a missed opportunity. Choose your words carefully to ensure that your message is clear and powerful. manipulate or coerce your customers into buying from you.

Below are some of the most common call to action verbs broken down by intention. Simply pair them with the offering of your business.

Ecommerce Buy, Shop, Order, Reserve, Save, Add to Cart, Pick, View
Non-Profit Conversion Donate, Commit, Volunteer, Adopt, Give, Support
Newsletter or Community Subscribe, Join, Sign Up, Refer
Freebie Giveaway Download, Get, Grab, Claim, Take Advantage of
General Message us now, Learn More, See More, See How, Start, Find out, Check it Out, Click here, Continue, Swipe
Wrap Up
  • Creating a video that covertly sells can be an effective way to improve your product sales.
  • By starting with a strong hook, keeping the video short, and focusing on the viewer, you can create a persuasive video that encourages people to buy your product.
  • Make sure to include a strong call to action so viewers know what they need to do next. Have you tried creating videos like this? What results did you see?
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Dec 05, 23
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