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Samsung BD-J5900 Review

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

BD-J5900 is a budget friendly Blu-Ray player with all good features. It lacks somewhere in few abilities when compared with BD-J7500 but it doesn’t mean that it cannot provide you desired services. Users will be able to access built in Wi-Fi, DLNA Streaming and internet apps via this device. In simple words, you will get so much by paying only £90 and it will easily stand in competition with most of the brands like Panasonic, LG and Sony. The article below provides detailed comparison between these top range devices as per most important specifications.


  • You will definitely love its 3D Blu-Ray Playback ability.
  • Offers DLNA file streaming services.
  • It extends support to opera TV internet applications.
  • Dual Band type built in Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Lovely curved design with durable body.
  • Quite impressive operation with faster speed and improved disc loading abilities.
  • Budget friendly unit.


  • Catch up TV apps are not launched yet.
  • It does not offer high resistance audio streaming facility.


With a price tag of $99.99 and combination of all mind-blowing features Samsung has set a great competition against $249, J7500 that was earlier rated as an all dancing player. In combination with those spinning discs, Samsung BD900 offers stunning streaming services over YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Dailymotion, AccuWether, CinemaNow, YuppTV and Hotlist etc. If you are a serious streaming customer then you would definitely love to connect Roku over it.

The well designed player also offers easy selection services for Opera TV applications and the best news for you all is that it is 3D compatible. Further, you will enjoy Miracast screen sharing option on this compatible android handset. However, those who are searching for analog outputs may move ahead to J7500 design. Considered device possesses HDMI port with coaxial digital output facility; hence it becomes standard selection for low budget buyers. If your first most requirement is internet then J900 can be easily connected via onboard dual band type Wi-Fi as well as via Ethernet. How can be forget its DLNA file streaming services, they are quite useful and equally impressive. Users can easily play various popular file formats on this DLNA file streamer like JPEG, MP3, WMV, AVI, XviD and DivX etc. In case if you want to access high resolution files like MKV then it is good to make connections via USB port as DLNA will not be able to process that with desired quality.

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Professionals say that this player can make the hallmark record in the budget friendly yet feature rich category of devices. Users love its plastic type finish with lightweight body work that makes it look more appealing. The curved shape is almost same as those curved soundbars and TVs offered by Samsung. Although, it is not best in all terms but still its eye-catching appearance makes it stand out among high end competitors.

You will find a slim disc tray on this device that is controlled via well designed Open and Close buttons. Front end also consists of one USB port that allows easy connectivity to external HDDs and Flash Drivers so that music, photos and videos can be accessed with ease. Same as many competing units in the market, Samsung BD900 possesses compact and slim design that can be placed easily in your less spacey apartments. The simple line up further consists of HDMI output, coaxial output and Ethernet. Most of the users love to use this HDMI port for making connectivity with TV or AV Receiver.


Samsung has designed J900 with user friendly offerings where quick start mode provides fast access to services and players runs in less than half second. The basic Wizard will help users to navigate through key settings like Wi-Fi connectivity etc. You will definitely appreciate its ability to work with ultimate graphics offering perfect colour blending. And the helpful descriptions on screen assist new users for better controls.

You will find least information on home screen and Samsung has tried to keep it least cluttered. Large files are displayed here via Logos and thumbnail images. The interface is divided into several sections like Music, Video and Photos. The last three controls on screen help users to make selection for changing externally connected devices; it can be DLNA server, Disc or a USB drive. There is wide range of options available on bottom row that provide quick access to various applications, setup menu and Screen Mirroring.


Performance of Blu-Ray players is often tested in terms of speed offered by them. When this comparison was earlier carried out on last year models then J5900 was proven to offer best speed response but this device is not modified now. However, J900 performed equally well. The Netflix loading was also good but it takes much time to work with Roku. When we talk about buttons of this device then they are also quite slower in generating response as can take up to 3 seconds.

Image quality tests were also conducted on J900 unit and impressively it provides great results as it provided clean delineation for all patterns under observation. DVD upscaling is another important test parameter and it was compared against Oppo BDP-105 for this feature, results were pretty good with little rippling jaggies. Blue ray tests also provided error free performance.


With least high end features, BD-J900 is capable enough to cover 3D range with outstanding content quality. This blu-ray player is great choice inside-out and supports wide range of user friendly settings with deep color details and 24p playback options. All popular audio standards are well supported by J900 like DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD but it lacks somewhere in 4K abilities. If you are searching for a player that can offer just basic features and falls in your tight budget range then Samsung J900 is best solution for you. It can offer smoother details your favourite video content even if it is 3D type mainstream.

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