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10 Best hd android video player apps you should know.

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

There are unlimited video players around world and they offer compatibility over wide range of devices. If you are an android user then your requirements must be about a HD video player app that can play your favourite collection. The article below contains information about some of the best HD video players available in market for Android users:

1. MX Player (Free):

MX Player is simply the top notch classic HD video player for Android users that offers distinct set of features. These incredible options on single platform make it standout against all competitors. The best part is that even free version of MX Player can easily satisfy most of your needs.

Key Features:

  • It can play videos as well as audios.
  • Just pinch over the screen if you want to zoom your video.
  • Scroll over the screen to adjust volume.
  • MX Player is designed with subtitle support.
  • Audio can be easily boosted and if you install advanced codecs then DTS can be played.


2. VLC for Android (Free):

You might be aware of the fact that VLC is a non profit organization that provides world’s top rated video player application to android as well as window users. It is one of the most reliable video player for your portable devices and you need not to spend even a single penny to get it installed.

Key Features:

  • It is capable enough to play most of the tape formats like DVD IOS etc.
  • Users never need to worry about additional codecs on this platform as it allows AC3 as well as MKV Videos to play fine.
  • It supports multi track type audio/video support.
  • You will love to use its gesture controls.
  • Wide media library.


3. BS Player:

Here is one more highly recommended video player application that works efficiently on Android platform. It is capable enough to play all those videos with awesome clarity that many popular tools not even support. This is a premium application where you can unlock advanced features by just paying $5.

Key Features:

  • It supports multiple audio streams along with subtitles.
  • Offers pop up window type playback for audios and videos.
  • Comes with hardware accelerated type video playback facility.
  • It can play videos from unextracted files.
  • Volume can be boosted up to 500%.


4. KM Player:

Another superior choice for android users is KM player with its wide range of incredible features. The best extensions offered by this HD video player are library viewer and support for cloud storage. This application can cover all popular media file formats like MKV and MP4 etc. while users can also enjoy subtitles and playback speed controls.

Key Features:

  • Cloud support is the best service.
  • Library viewer can enhance your content collection experience.
  • Videos can be played from device as well as can be directly accessed from Google Drive.


5. AC3 Player:

AC3 codecs are most common trouble for Android users so it is essential to download a software tool that extends support to subtitles. This simple to use and interactive android application allows tricky codec based controls with many additional plugins and downloads.

Key Features:

  • It allows users to make fast adjustments for frame rate and overall performance.
  • AC3 player extends support to wide range of video codes, file formats and audio codecs.
  • You will be able to access advanced sleep timer, playback speed controls and subtitle support on this tool.


6. All Format Video Player (HD):

You need not to download and install any addon or font style fort this tool rather it provides an all in one solution that is well tailored to meet customer requirements. If you need a highly dedicated video player then All Format Video player can be standard option for you. There are so many realistic controls over internet with effective subtitle management.

Key Features:

  • All in one service tool with incredible features.
  • Supports wide range of media file formats.
  • It has a cool interface with gesture controls.


7. Player Xtreme (Free):

The well known iOS special video player has recently jumped to Android platform with an impressive feature set. It is capable enough to handle all media sources with loads of advanced features and options. You will be glad to know that it supports more than 40 media file formats including hardware acceleration, subtitles etc.

Key Features:

  • It provides streaming support in as well as out so that users can access their media file anytime at any platform.
  • Users can easily view their files on websites, NAS, PC whereas the extended support of AirPlay and chromecast allows and fast sharing on big TV screen.
  • You can make easy adjustments for audio, resizable subs while adjusting the playback speed.


8. Video Player for Android:

Here is a solid choice for android users that supports HD videos as well as offeres 4K content compatibility. Users love to use gesture control facility over this player that can make instant adjustments for time seeking, volume, tweak brightness as well as many other contrasts for screen.

Key Features:

  • Users can easily add various subtitles as well as audios to their clips.
  • Sleep timer is also available.
  • In app purchase can also help you to stay free from unwanted ads.


9. Video Player Perfect (HD):

The most beautiful and powerful solution for android users, it can support all your favourite files with ease. You will never find anything as smooth as Video Player Perfect interface for your Android HD video needs.

Key Features:

  • Can detect all file formats automatically.
  • Supports auto ratio adjustments and auto rotation facilities.
  • Subtitles and streams are allowed.


10. 321 Media Player:

This recently launched media player can launch almost all popular video file formats with ease. You will be able to stream your 4K content, Full HD videos and Supports HD clips. Some of the most commonly used file formats are MP2V, MPEG2/4, MTV, MKV, Webm and many more.

Key Features:

  • It offers incredible user experience.
  • Supports all audio as well as video file formats.
  • Offers quality speed improvements.


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