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10 open source video player for Linux, Windows and Mac

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Although, you can find lots of software tools for playing videos on your desktop or portable devices but the benefits of open source platforms are always rated very high. No matter whether you work upon Linux, Mac or are using Window platform, you can always have an open source software tool that can assist you to play all media file formats with ease. The article below contains details about top 10 professional recommended open source best free video players for PC that are compatible with Mac, Windows as well as Linux devices.

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1. VLC:

VLC has maintained its performance and credibility from past so many years due to its cross platform type structure. Its effective framework can play almost all popular media files and it performs better communication with all streaming protocols.

Key Features:

  • It can play everything ranging from stream, devices, webcams, discs to simple media files.
  • You need not to install special codec packs still it can play all codecs like MP3, WMV, WebM, , MPEG etc.
  • It works perfectly on all popular user platforms like Android, iOS, Unix, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows.
  • No annoying ads, no spyware and of course it is free from user tracking issues.


2. Miro:

If you want to enjoy freedom for playing your video content then Miro can be the most useful solution for you all. This software tool is highly recommended for tablets and android devices due to its super cool interface and well organised platform.

Key Features:

  • The best thing to know about Miro is that it comes with Amazon integration so you can easily buy, listen and download wide range of videos and music collections.
  • It can easily convert almost every medial file format into MP4 format and will play it with perfect clarity.


3. MPV:

MPV users can enjoy improved media management tools on their digital devices with this classic video player. It is intuitive and memorable platform that can be accessed by all age groups without any complication.

Key Features:

  • MPV does not possess a dedicated GUI rather it works with mouse based movements.
  • This video player allows high quality video content streaming with extended control over interpolation, frame timings, color management and quality algorithms.
  • It is being developed by professionals to offer easy integration on other necessary platforms.


4. Banshee:

It is now much easier to play videos and music and stay tuned to all new stuff with your internet radio and podcasts. Banshee allows users to enjoy easy navigation of new music as well as podcasts.

Key Features:

  • It is simple to operate and powerful enough for thrill.
  • Banshee supports all popular media file formats and allows users to enjoy long hour videos without any interruption.
  • It also allows acceptable battery power performance.


5. Audacious:

This open source, decent audio player that can perform all playback related tasks without overloading your CPU. Users will love to access their media files via simple drag and drop tools and it also allow search on the basis of artists names, albums etc. Once can develop a personalized library on Audacious with ease and further they can listen music directly from internet and CDs.

Key Features:

  • It is recommended as most advanced video player for Microsoft Windows, BSD derivatives and Audacious Runs.
  • Here you can enjoy modern GTK- themed interface with Winamp Classic Skins.


6. Kodi:

Here is a popular open source, 100% free video player that is developed by community to serve community. Kodi can fill your device platform with endless features and you can easily customize its platform to reflect your personality. There is weide range of ad-ons available for Kodi platform and they allow easy access to all media files.

Key Features:

  • One can easily create playlists, party mixes with all file formats.
  • You can watch all popular TV shows as well as movies here.
  • Kodi offers one of the best way to share Photos on other devices.


7. Apprentic:

¬¬This recently launched player works on giant and powerful shoulders of FFmpeg. Here users can accomplish audio rendering via portaudio V19 and video rendering is completed with the help if OpenGL.

Key Features:

  • It offers easy input-output looping facility.
  • You will love that alpha channel preview and bookmark creation facility.
  • Apprentic possesses a click and drag type manual crop region editor.
  • Closed captions are offered rich rendering on Apprentic platform.


8. FFmpeg:

Here is a well designed, complete solution for cross platform needs. It can easily process all audio and video file formats whereas conversion process can be completed within seconds. This tool never creates load on CPU and also co-operates with device battery so you can enjoy watching HD videos for hours.

Key Features:

  • It consists of large number if filters that assist in easy processed of streamed content and ensured delivery of breathtaking quality.
  • User interface is quite impressive with effective tool management.
  • It also possesses a Cineform HD decoder.
  • This tool is commonly used by student community.


9. SMPlayer:

SMPlayer is compatible with Linux and Windows platform and it can be accessed for free with lots o built in type codecs. You can easily play wide range of media file formats on this tool without messing up with new codec packs or additional plugins. The best thing to know about SMPlayer is that it is capable enough to remember your app settings.

Key Features:

  • SMPlayer is designed with an award winning GUI that can handle all audio and video file formats.
  • You can easily play YouTube videos on SMPlayer and it will automatically download all subtitles.
  • It offers multiple skins as well as icon themes so you can change your app look every day.
  • You will also find world’s best video equalizer embedded to this super cool platform.


10. Xine:

Here is one more free multimedia player tool that can be interactively used with VCDs, DVDs and CDs. Xine can easily decode all multimedia files such as MP3, WMV, MOV, AVI etc from local disk drives and can easily display streamed content on internet. There is wide range of plugins available over internet that offers impressive compatibility with Xine.

Key Features:

  • It is well rated as most advanced and highly portable video player as it supports wide range of hardware platforms.
  • Various plugins are available to improve your viewing experience.
  • Fast streaming with great content quality.


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