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How to add subtitles to windows media player

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Windows Media Player is still maintaining its wide popularity among users from every corner of world. There is no doubt to say that it hold impressive feature set with user friendly platform so people stay always curious to do adventurous things over it. The article below will help you to understand the trick to add subtitles into video clips using Window Media Player. By following few simple steps as discussed below, soon you will be able to gain access to your desired subtitles and then they can be merged with videos so easily. Keep reading:

Step by Step Guide:

The process of adding subtitles to video clips is quite simple; you need to follow these steps: First of all, you need to install Windows media player on your Personal Computer. Prefer to get the latest version, it is easily available over internet and can be downloaded and installed by beginners too. Once your software tool is ready on your system then proceed ahead.

Step 1: First of all you need to save your video and subtitle file with same name. It is not possible to manually add subtitles using Window Media Player but it can easily detect all subtitles when both files are saved with same name.

Step 2: Once you are done with the first step then simply open your Window Media Player and move to the Library Mode. Now switch to play, then Lyrics, captions and finally you will reach at subtitles. Hit this option and choose “On if Available”. The same option is also available in the Now Playing Mode where you simply need to right click and this option will appear in drop down menu.

Step 3: Now, it is time to download DirectVobSub codec and get it installed on your PC. This software is easily available in 32, 64 bit versions so you can easily access any of these. Simply install codec from this source; no need to work on configuration settings. Note that these codecs must be installed from a trusted source so that malware or virus attacks can be avoided.

Step 4: Once you are done with step 3 then download Sharkoo7’s Advanced Codec from internet. Get it installed for Window Media Player and then open with 64 bit settings or 32 bit as per your device specifications. To open it, simply right click on icon and from drop down menu choose “Run as administrator”.

Step 5: Within very less time application will get opened with a fresh window on your system. Now move to tabs of different video file types then search for the option that says: “Disable Media Foundation for MP4/MKV and AVI etc”. Further, go to the swap tab and then disable window media foundation.

As soon as you will finish all these settings, your subtitles will appear perfectly over video and you can enjoy great synchronism for all content. Window Media player tool is capable enough to make effective adjustments for subtitle placements and it will take just a few minutes to complete all these steps.

Websites for Downloading Subtitles:

If you are searching for websites that can help you to download subtitles for your videos then this list can be useful for you:


You will be glad to know that this website offers subtitles in wide range of languages. Users can simply initiate search for latest subtitle files, most popular movies or most download subtitles. All these subtitles packs are available for free and they are usually packed in WinZip file formats.


This website stays one of the top preferences lists of all professionals as well as beginners. It serves with easy to access search function so that users can easily navigate for their desired subtitle file. It also allows users to upload movie subtitle files and they can be rated.


There is no doubt to say that is well known as best site for TV show subtitle download needs. This platform contains largest collection of popular TV show subtitles from every corner of world and they are available in multiple languages. Some of the most commonly downloaded subtitle files use to be in Korean, Russian, German, Greek, French and English language.


One more online platform for downloading wide range of subtitles and the best thing to know about this website is that it possesses user friendly platform that has super cool appearance. As soon as you will open your website you will notice that well placed search box. Yeah! This is your biggest need when you need to search for subtitles. Enter your details inside this search box and it will soon bring all desired results to your computer screen. One can also access this site for uploading movie subtitles.

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