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Top 10 Best Blu-Ray Players of 2024

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

You might be in search of Blu-Ray Players that is why you are directed to this page. Don’t worry; here you will get complete details about important considerations related to selection of a new Blu-Ray player as well as price based common differences. The article below will also introduce top 10 blu-ray players with 3 different categories of price. This content can help you to make better decision about buying a new Blu-Ray player for your streaming and playback needs; you will also be able to find best features in a budget friendly device.

Important Factors to Consider about Blu-Ray Players:

1. Performance based upon Usability and Quality:

As users these days are considering Blu-Ray players one important part of their home theatre so their usability and quality becomes essential aspect. During our evaluation process, we focused upon interactive support offered by player interface, loading speeds and user friendly settings. It is advised to buy a Blu-Ray player with adjustable settings for subtitles, audio sources, sub-menu supports etc. Further, boot time of every player was evaluated as it helps to know about how easily users can reach to quick start settings. Also, the build quality of player along with its design was observed and specifications were compared for all top models.

2. Connectivity with External world:

Most of the home theatre systems appear mess of cables but if you work on Blu-Ray players then everything can be managed with ease. Before you make a new investment, make analysis over what kind of cables and connections are suitable for your need. Do you need HDMI connectivity? What kind of audio standards are workable at your home theatre platform? And in case if you wish to install a dedicated multimedia hub then do you need a USB port with your player? All these connectivity related issues must be answered before making investment on a new product. Never forget to check for streaming app functions and its requirement for Wi-Fi connections. Note that most of the budget friendly players are designed with Ethernet Jack whereas high end models may have Wi-Fi facilities.

3. Advanced Features:

When we talk about advanced features then first thing that comes into our mind is 4K and 3D support. Your Blu-Ray player must be capable enough to handle high definition playbacks. However, most of the high end models and mid range products offer good playback options. 4K resolution refers to 3840x2160 pixels on frame with crystal clear image quality. There are two possibilities for 4K content on Blu-Ray Players: either you can buy one with native 4K support or prefer to go for a player that has ability to upscale simulation of 4K image. 3D support is also equally important for your home theatre but in order to get best results with 4K and 3D abilities it is important to stream over HDTV.

4. App Support for Streaming:

Most of the Blu-Ray users demand easy to use application support for their streaming needs that is why manufacturers these days are focusing upon this ability. Most of the blu-ray players follow streaming applications like Hulu and Netflix. You can easily find these application either on app stores or in player menu and they offer easy controls over streaming activities. However, these applications are designed with variable layout and menu options by all every manufacturer.

Top 10 Blu-Ray Players:

A. BluRay Player Over $200:

1.Cambridge Audio CXU

This device is well known for its impressive built quality and Darbee Video Processing capabilities.

You need to pay $999 to buy this device. However it is heavy weight solution with aluminium chasis but it also ensures durability and quality.

It offers 24bit/192KHz audio quality with impressive support to all sound channels. CXU is designed with stereo audio outputs, digital optical and coaxial audio support, HDMI input, Ethernet LAN and two USB slots along with RS-232 port. It supports 3D Bluray as well as many other popular discs ranging between DVD to HDCD. Cost is a big deciding factor for this product but if you are having good budget then it is a must buy unit.


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2.Xbox One S

With this product, you can enjoy impressive services for streaming of 4K videos and for Ultra HD Blu-rays. It further supports HDR contrast for games as well as videos.

It has a small yet powerful GPU along with wider ESRAM bandwidth that is why most of gamers love to use xBox one S as their favourite game console.

You have to invest $369.00 only to buy this slick looking game console that also offers Bluetooth connectivity for external devices. The sad part is that its 4K supporting feature is compatible only with new TV sets whereas most others will stop with an error.


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3.Play Station 4

PlayStation 4 is designed with dazzling graphics and it works like a logical interface with simplified controls that assist users with easy access. With PlayStation 4, it becomes much easier to broadcast as well as capture gameplay hence this product is rated as a solid media streaming and Blu-Ray player box.

One needs to pay $289.00 to buy this device. It is available with blazing performance, smart interface, eye-catching graphics and near perfect controller. The downside is that it offers limited features for non gaming entertainment needs.

Some recent updates to this platform include addition of game communities, party chats and YouTube Live game broadcasting facilities.


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4.Samsung UBD-K8500:

Samsung UBD-K8500 product is one of the best designs with reasonable price range as you need to pay only $199.00 to gain access to its all impressive features.

It extends support to 4K discs with HDR and ensures best video quality. You will be able to enjoy quick loading times on this interface with a wide range of supporting streaming apps. It ensures high contrast with perfect color blending on screen and offers high performance on overall home theatre design needs.

K8500 can be used to get streams from M-Go, Amazon Video, YouTube and Netflix.


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B. Price from $100- $200:

5.LG BP550

This mid range Blu-Ray player ensures impressive image quality on Cinema Now, Pandora, YouTube, Vudu and Netflix where you can stream pictures, video and audio. The loading time for streaming is faster as compared to other entry level competitors.

You can buy this player by paying $199.99 only and it will serve you like most essential and solid entry level bluray player.

The downside is its missing DLNA compatibility so it is not possible to directly digital stream content from networked computer. Further, its interface appears somewhat oversized and it does not possess onboard storage facility. Users need to make manual adjustments for 1080p settings.


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6.Sony BDP-S6700

BDP-S6700 is designed with impressive user interface and it offers delivery of excellent blu-ray images. The dual core process makes processing much faster so that users can enjoy quick loading times for streaming.

Price tag for Sony BDP-S6700 is US $130 and it comes with dual band Wi-Fi support.

This design received low rating for built quality and 4K upscaling feature. You will also find its Bluetooth interface little cumbersome where only android devices are mostly favoured. So, iOS users may feel disappointed.


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7. Sony BDP-S6500

Some of the key features of Sony BDP-S6500 includes 3D Blu-ray playback, ability to support 4K upscaling, online applications and built in type super Wi-Fi.

It is available with price tag of £149.00 and also enables DLNA streaming. You will love to enjoy excellent picture quality on this device with its slick and user friendly operating system. It can easily play MKV, FLAC etc media files via network.

Build quality of Sony BDP-S6500 has received lower rating and it also lacks in TV app support. However, users can enjoy easy access to wide range of internet apps like PlayStation Video, Facebook, BBD Sport, BBC News, Demand 5, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, iPlayer and BBC.

One can also enjoy super audio CD as well as 3D playbacks on this device along with DTS HD Master and Dolby True HD audio support along with screen mirroring facility.


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C. Below $100:

8.Samsung BD-J5900

It was observed as one of the fastest Blu-Ray player during our tests and it offers decent streaming facilities. If you need something with impressive image quality having dedicated streaming box but want to invest minimum amount then it is good to go for Samsung BD-J5900.

This budget friendly product is having price tag of $51.49 only and it is speedy enough to access discs. You will be able to enjoy 1080p resolution for Blu-Ray discs whereas streaming can be enjoyed with YouTube, Amazon and Netflix like popular platforms.

Users find its design little unattractive and this player does not offers basic indicators, not even for power. User interface and remote both demands little improvement.


Check at Amazon

9.LG BP350:

Here is your budget friendly feature rich design that ensures stunning image quality for Blu-Ray content and results are almost same as most high end models. Users can enjoy streaming with this player on Amazon Video, Hulu and Netflix.

The price range for LG BP350 is $76.99 only and it offers low speed for streaming and disc loading needs. It also lacks in available number of connections like coaxial digital audio and Ethernet etc.


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10.Sony BDP-S3700:

This Blu-Ray player offers many incredible features while providing great performance for money. Users can expect satisfactory disc loading time from this player and streaming apps are also solid enough. You can enjoy streaming over Spitify, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon Video and Netflix whereas it offers impressive playback services for CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays.

The price range is $73.00 but it provides great services that are comparable with high end products. High responsiveness makes it more suitable for home theatre needs.

You may find its applications much annoying and leggy whereas the PlayStaion new gaming app also leads to poor results.


Check at Amazon

Comparison Table

Player 4K ability Wi-Fi 3D Support 1080P Dimensions Weight Price
Cambridge Audio CXU No Yes Yes No 20.5x15.7x6.2 inch 14.6 lbs $999
Xbox One S Yes Yes No Yes 11.6x9.0 inch 6.4 pounds $369.00
PlayStation4 Yes Yes Yes Yes 12x10.8 inch 6.17 pounds $289.00
Samsung UBD-K8500 Yes Yes Yes Yes 40.6x23x4.5 cm 4.18 Pounds $199.00
LG BP550 Yes Yes Yes Yes 270x43x195 mm 2.9 lbs $130
Sony BDP-S6500 Yes Yes Yes Yes 39.6x7x27.5 cm 2.95 lbs £149.00
Samsung BD-J5900 Yes Yes Yes Yes 11.4x8.7x1.6 inch 2.4 pounds $51.49
LG BP350 Yes Yes No Yes 270x43x195 mm 1.87 pounds $76.99
Sony BDP-S3700 Yes Yes Yes Yes 4x23x19 cm 1.763 pounds $73.00
Sony BDP-S6700 No Yes No No 10.6x7.7x1.7 inch 1.9 lbs $92

More Tips:

1. Can I stream or it demands Disc?

There is no doubt to say that these media players are designed to handle content from discs but it clearly doesn’t mean that they cannot stream. You can easily find so many devices that offer impressive streaming services along with built in Wi-Fi connectivity. Although, you can observe little clunky interfaces on most of players or in few cases HBO may be missing but if you are tight on budget then they are far better solutions. It can easily serve your basic needs.

2. How much Budget I need to Prepare?

You can have flexibility as per your budget range because a player can cost as high as about $3000 or even more and as low as up to $200. But one must know that features are varying with price range and quality is also variable. High end players can handle data translations from Blu-Ray with much impressive results whereas with low priced products you may have to make few compromises. If you spend more than you can expect services for 3D compatibility, intuitive user interface, satisfactory audio-video quality and many more. However, there is no hard and fast rule about which feature will vary with price. Users can decide their budget first and then check detailed reviews of all products to make valuable comparison.

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