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POT Player Review

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

What’s POT Player?

POT Player is a feature rich platform that offers wide range of functionality even beyond expectations of common users. This player is available as a freeware for Windows OS on 32 bit as well as 64 bit platform and plays videos without posing any restriction. Users can easily download this software from internet and get started for free.

You can throw any media file format of POT player timeline and it will play them instantly. No matter what is size of your media file, POT player starts playback without asking about additional plugins and codecs.

The great thing to know about POT Player is that it never creates bourdon on CPU and never even clutters memory of your system. It is an intelligent video player that keeps track of your last played tracks so that whenever you have to switch over it for next time, it can simply resume from last paused location. Thus viewers can expect uninterrupted playback services all the time.

You will be glad to know that POT player platform is highly customizable and it assists users to enjoy videos with added support to subtitles. It accepts all audio and video files with quality delivery of content.

POT Player Features:

  • This software tool can play most of the video and audio file formats.
  • It supports playback even for broken files and various incomplete AVI files.
  • POT Player automatically resumes last stopped playbacks.
  • You can enjoy incredible subtitle support on this player; it accepts files like ASS and SAA etc.
  • It extends support to embedded subtitles in various media files like MP4, MOV, 3GP and MKV.
  • Inbuilt audio equalizer that ensures rich sound quality for all playbacks.
  • It can easily adjust controls for hue, contrast and brightness levels of video clips.
  • One can enjoy settings for downloadable as well as user designed skins.
  • Users can access keyboard shortcuts for subtitles, contrast, brightness, volume, zooming and seeking.

The Pros and Cons of POT Player:

The Good:

  • POT Players works fine with all editions of Windows (32/64 bit versions).
  • It possesses customizable logos, navigation elements, color themes, OCD and transparency controls.
  • User defined shortcuts makes controlling much easier.
  • It creates minimal loads of memory and CPU.

The Bad:

  • Beginners may find its setup quite difficult with loads of advanced settings.

The Truth:

The truth behind its classic design is that POT player is basically dedicated to advanced or professional users. Those who demand higher controls over customization and want to explore wide range of media file formats can enjoy great viewing experience over POT Player.

Deep Review of Pot Player:

1. Adding Files and Managing Playlists:

Users can add various files, even a complete directory to POT player library and allow it to play high quality content from URLs directly. The key board shortcuts make playlist editing much easier whereas drag and drop features are more beginners friendly.

The playlist tabs are well designed where users can manage numerous albums; all added controls are later automatically saved to playlists and they are auto loaded for the next time. Albums on its library are managed in alphabetical order and your can also add files from one album to another using add and edit menu. Note that, the drag and drop feature works only within playlists, they cannot work inside a playlist.


2. Playing Audio Files:

When you are ready to enjoy playbacks then it is also possible to pair up content with equalizers in order to have rich sound quality. When this paired up connection is dragged into timeline, they work in perfect synchronism and if you want to separate them at any moment then simply drag the playlist.

On the bottom right side of the playback screen, you will find three buttons. If you left click on the first one then it will open windows folder containing controls for current playback, extensive menu can be opened with right click to this first button. The middle one is designed to close or launch the control panel if you follow the left click whereas right click will simply open skin menu. The last or right most button is designed to open or close the playlist.

Users can manage audio equalizer adjustments from control panel and it can also provide services for easy settings of video frames, video ratios, play settings, control subtitles, screen captures and other video settings.


3. Playing Video Files:

Generally, the video frame appears on left portion of screen and right one stays cluttered with playlist but you can simply close it by pressing the little arrow head on right most corner of screen. In order to bring video to the full screen mode, you need to double click over it. Return back to small window by pressing Esc or double click again.

It is also possible to hide skin during video playbacks and users can easily hover over different elements on screen. The video playback menu of Pot Player is quite useful and it allows users to manage channel controls. NV12 offers controls for specific frames, within subtitles, frame by frame movements within videos. The first three control buttons on bottom screen works for video processing, subtitles and stream controls. If you want to access advanced control menu then simply right click over control panel button and soon you will be able to manage so many advanced controls for your player.


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