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Top 7 free DVD Player Software for Windows/Mac/Phone

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Are you searching for DVD video players that can work on your laptop for Mac as well as Windows PC environment? Don’t worry! You are one right page.

The article below will help you to gain detailed information about all DVD player software that works perfectly on Mac OS, and can be also used on various versions of Window.

The best thing to know about these players is that they are available for free.

Part 2: Top 7 Free DVD Players Software for Laptop: Windows PC and Mac:

1. VLC

VLC media player is available for free as an open source media player and it works like a cross platform type multimedia player.

It follows standardised streaming protocols and can play almost all multimedia files. The great news about VLC is that it can play everything for you including streams, devices, webcams, discs and files.

No matter what kind of video file you have downloaded from internet like MP3, WMV, WebM, , MKV or MPEG; VLC media player will play all of them without asking about additional codec support.

This software tool offers compatibility over wide range of devices including Android, iOS, Unix, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. You will be able to access this simple to use interface with perfect spyware protection and it will never get cluttered with ads.


2. Leawo

Leawo possess all advanced media playback solutions inside it so that users can have endless entertainment with videos.

It offers compatibility to all popular Window versions like Window 10/8.1/8/7/XO and Vista.

It can play so many roles at once; means you can access Leawo as a free audio player, free ISO file player, Free HD video Player including 4K resolution, Free DVD Disc Player and it also covers Blu-ray Disc player capabilities. As it comes under the category of Blue-ray disc players so you can expect totally free playback for Blue ray discs on Leawo.

In addition to a-its ability to play DVD discs, this platform can easily handle DVD player applications by allowing DVD ISO and DVD folder playbacks for free. Use Leawo to watch 4K video files with TS, MP4 and MKV file formats whereas 1080P and 720P is also supported with all popular file extensions.


3. KMPlayer

KM Player is well rated as a versatile multi media player platform that can cover almost all inherited file formats. You need not to access any separate codec to play media files over it rather it can manage everything with its internal powerful codecs.

KMPlayer extends its support to OGG, WMA 8,7, and MPEG 1/ 2 with impressive content quality.

If you are working on a slow CPU type computer then also KMPlayer can help you to enjoy better viewing experience because it is a light weight tool that never creates additional bourdon on CPU. Users can expect outstanding performance over its Window as well as Mac versions.


4. GOM Player

GOM Player is available for free of cost and it offers a built in type support to all popular file formats. Users can also enjoy impressive customizability options with many advanced features on GOM Player and it can always fulfil all your video/audio playback needs. GOM Player is considered as biggest competitor against VLC Player with its ability to manage all media file formats with internal codecs and smooth processing over interface.


5. 5K Player:

5K player comes with built in type AirPlay feature and it works perfectly over Windows, Mac and iOS platforms. You can easily play MP3, M4V, MOV and MP4 like media file formats with this well designed player. One awesome feature of 5K player is its ability to configure AirPlay Mirroring so that applications can be rendered instantly on multiple platforms from portable devices to big Mac Screen. It also has ability to record 4K as well as 8K UHD videos.


6. RealPlayer:

Real Player is well known for its easier and impressive user interface that allows users to enjoy audios as well as videos for free. If you want to enable the playback feature for DVDs then you may have to make additional purchase for RealPlayer Plus or switch to RealTimes subscription package.

Real Player is capable enough to serve users with incredible functionality that includes services for online bookmarking, downloading and streaming via Real Player Downloader.

Further, you can also enjoy easy media sharing abilities over many social media sites like Google + and Facebook etc. In simple words, RealPlayer allow users to get socialized with large community over internet.

Window 10 users can download it for free and they will get automatic access to media file converter inside this tool.


7. Windows DVD Player:

Windows DVD Player was recently launched by Microsoft as a powerful software tool that assists users to play DVDs on window 10. I

n case if you have upgraded your system to Window 10 from Windows 8.1, Window 7 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate using Media Centre then you will be able to avail all features of Windows DVD player for free. In other cases, users need to purchase this DVD player with payment of $14.99 only.

You will be glad to know that Windows Media Player can easily detect as well as load DVDs as soon as you insert your disc inside reader. But users may face little difficulty while switching between multiple discs.

Now that, Window DVD player do not allow jumpstart type playback option for DVDs; and you may have to restart your application if DVD is not detected.

Windows DVD Player

Comparison Table: Top 7 free DVD video player software for PC & in 2019 Mac

Features VLC Leawo KM Player GOM Player 5K Player RealPlayer Windows DVD Player
Multi-Platform Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and Linux Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.6 and later Windows Vista (32 Bit)/ XP/ 2000/ 7 (32 Bit) Windows Vista/ 7/8/8.1/XP SP2 or higher Windows, Mac and iOS Windows 10 Windows systems
Play Commercial DVD Disc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play DVD Folder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play Non-Commercial DVD Disc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power Manager No Yes No No No No Yes
Screen Capturer Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Select Audio Tracks No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Select Subtitles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove Region Code Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Decrypt Disc Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No
Free Audio Player Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Play 1080P video Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free 4K Video Player No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Play Blu-Ray ISO Image File No Yes No No No No Yes
Play Blue Ray Disc No Yes No No No No No
Play ISO Image File No Yes No No No No Yes

Creative way of burning videos to DVD with Wondershare Filmora video editor

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Learn more details about How to Burn Videos to DVDs >>

So far, there are the best 7 free DVD players for Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and Linux. Some of software are used for your loptop and some are for iPhone or Android. Let me know which one is your favourate.

Part 2: DVD Video Player Software FAQs

1. What is a DVD player?

A DVD player can either be a device that is designed for the playback of audio and video DVDs or a media player that enables you to open a DVD on a computer. A DVD player is a hardware that can be connected to a television set, and enables you to watch movies or listen to music from your home entertainment system.

A DVD player can also be a software product that allows you to view DVDs on your computer’s display.

2. Which video files can be played on a DVD player?

The answer to this question depends on the DVD player you’re using because the list of supported file formats varies from one DVD player to another. However, most DVD players on the market support MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV, DivX, and other commonly used file formats.

If you cannot open a DVD video with the DVD media player you have on your computer, you should check if the media player supports the file format in which the video you’re trying to open is saved and make sure that you have all the necessary codecs.

3. Which video file format is the best for DVD player?

Ideally, the video you’re trying to open will already be saved in the file format that preserves the file’s quality. In case you are burning a video to a DVD, you should either opt for the MPEG-4, MOV, MP4 depending on the type of disc you are making and the purpose for which you are going to use it.

Avoid choosing video file formats that may compromise the quality of the original video.

4. Does Windows 10 come with a DVD player?

Yes, it does. PC owners that have Windows 10 installed can open DVDs with Windows DVD Player. So, all you have to do in order to open a DVD disc on Windows 10 is to insert a DVD disc into the computer’s optical drive.

However, earlier versions of the OS don’t always come with Windows DVD Player, which means that you have to search for a third-party app if you want to play DVD on your PC.

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