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Best Free Downloaders: Download YouTube Thumbnail for Free[Online/Win/Mac]

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Feb 19, 2024• Proven solutions

What is a YouTube thumbnail?

A YouTube thumbnail is nothing but the cover image shown on a video file on YouTube. It shows what you are going to talk about in the youtube video. A cool thumbnail will make the viewers want to click your video which in turn will help you to improve the traffic and number of clicks per video. Sometimes you may want to download youtube thumbnail from others.  But it is very difficult to download a thumbnail directly from YouTube and many of you might not know that a thumbnail can be downloaded from elsewhere and then added to your content.

Here in this article, we will introduce the best 6 online tools available in the market to download YouTube thumbnail.

6 Online Tools to Download YouTube Thumbnail for Free

Knowing the importance of YouTube thumbnails, you might now be wondering where to download the thumbnails for free. Let us have a look at some of the tools that can help you download YouTube thumbnail for free.

1. YouTube Thumbnail Image Tool

The YouTube Thumbnail Image Tool is a simple and free tool that helps you to download a thumbnail in four dimensions for your video, i.e. MQ 320*180, HQ 480*360, SD 640*480, and HD 1920*1080. Whether you are using a Windows or Mac OS, the thumbnail can be easily be downloaded via any browser.

youtube thumbnail image tool

Steps to Download:

  • Open any browser and open this youtube thumbnail image tool from Here
  • Copy the link from your youtube video
  • Paste the URL link of the video in the box and hit on Search
  • You will be then displayed different qualities of the thumbnail. Choose one (HD is recommended) and hit the Download button

The selected quality of thumbnail will be downloaded to your storage which can later be used while uploading a video to YouTube.

2. Online YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

This online YouTube Thumbnail Downloader tool has a lot of features among which creating thumbnail for a YouTube video is one. This free online tool can easily be accessed both on Windows and Mac OS via any browser. This downloader can generate thumbnails for videos in HD, HQ 1080p, and 4K formats and the thumbnails will be available in SD, HD(720), and Full HD(1080).

youtube thumbnail downloader

Steps to Download:

  • Copy the link of the youtube video you wish to generate the thumbnail
  • Click Here to open this free tool with your browser  and paste the link in the box displayed at the top
  • As soon as you paste the link, the available qualities of the thumbnail will be displayed just below the box
  • Choose your desired quality of the image and hit on the Download button on the image you wish to download

The image will be downloaded and saved to your device instantly. You can now use it as a thumbnail for your YouTube video.

3. Thumbnail Save Tool

The Thumbnail Save Tool is also a free online tool which you can access from the browser of your Windows or Mac. It is a very simple tool that can generate thumbnails for HQ, HD, 1080P, and 4K videos instantly. Let us see how the thumbnail can be generated

youtube thumbnail save tool

Steps to Download:

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to create thumbnail
  • Open this Thumbnail Save Tool from Here via your browser
  • Paste the copied link in the box above Submit and hit Submit. Then the thumbnail will be generated instantly
  • Now, to save the generated image to your device, right-click on the thumbnail and select the Save image as… option

The image will be saved to your device for later use as a thumbnail for your YouTube video.

4. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

The YouTube thumbnail grabber is an online tool that can help you to download a thumbnail from a YouTube video for free. This tool can simply be accessed both by windows and Mac users through any browser. This tool helps you to download a thumbnail in any quality in some simple steps. Let us see how.

youtube thumbnail grabber

Steps to Download:

  • Open this youtube thumbnail grabber from Here with any browser. Then Copy the link of the youtube video.
  • Paste the link in the box displayed on the page and hit the Get Thumbnails Image tab
  • Five different qualities of thumbnails will be generated among which you can choose your desired quality
  • Hit the Download button below the image you chose

The thumbnail will be downloaded to your device for later use.

5. Thumbnail Download Tool

This thumbnail download tool allows generating thumbnails from video platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube. It is a free online tool that enables you to download the thumbnail of your video in the best quality. The tool can be accessed both on Windows and Mac OS without any issues. Let us see how the thumbnail can be downloaded for YouTube.

download thumbnail tool

Steps to Download:

  • Copy the URL link of the video you wish to generate a thumbnail
  • Click Here to open this Thumbnail Download Tool with your browseron any browser of your Windows or iOS.
  • Paste the copied link in the box and press the Download button
  • Choose the picture size among the results displayed
  • Save the picture to your PC

Your thumbnail image is now ready to be used.

6. YouTube Thumbnail Downloader

The YouTube Thumbnail Downloader is an online tool that can help you to create thumbnails for your YouTube videos and blogs. This tool will help you to download full HD 1080*720 images from YouTube for free, irrespective of the operative system you are using. Let us see how the thumbnail can be downloaded

youtube thumbnail downloader

Steps to Download:

  • Copy the link of any YouTube video you wish to generate a thumbnail
  • Click Here in your browser and Paste the link in the box
  • Hit the Find button. Then different qualities of the image will be displayed
  • Select your desired quality and tap on the download icon on the respective image

The image will now be saved to your device

Bonus Tips to Create a Clickable YouTube Thumbnail

Don't know how to create a clickable youtube thumbnail? Here we will recommend 5 tips for you!

1. Great thumbnail image quality and size:

The thumbnail image quality should be good (HD/UHD). It should be bright. No matter what the device (a large TV) the viewers are using, care must be taken to avoid getting blurry thumbnails. The quality and the correct size of the thumbnail will create a positive image of the video in the user’s mind even before viewing the video. The video must be viewed from a variety of devices to test if the quality differs in different devices. Here are some specs for a perfect thumbnail

  • The image formats should be in GIF, JPG PNG OR BMP
  • The maximum size of the image must be 1280*720 px
  • The minimum size 640*360 px
  • The aspect ratio 16:9
  • The maximum file size 2MB

2. Show a person in the Thumbnail image:

A human face will get you closer to your audience. Our brain is wired in a way that a human face will draw its attention more than anything. So the users will naturally would an image with a human delivering the content rather than a robot or just a video of nonliving things. People tend to find a connection with the characters displayed on the thumbnail and hence prompting them to click on the video.

3. Use descriptive text in your thumbnail with branding elements:

It is not completely possible to deliver a message through a picture and hence try to use descriptive texts. The texts should be clear enough and must be phrased in a manner that increases the curiosity or appeals to the emotions of the viewers. People tend to click a video just because of curiosity, wanting to know what the content is about. The type of font, color, and size also plays an important role in catching the attention of the audience.

4. Make Color Contrast between the text and background:

 Complementary colors will make your thumbnail stand out to some extent. Combining a yellow background with a purple foreground or green with red will make it easier to draw the attention of the browsers. Also, the use of analogous colors in the thumbnail makes it more attractive and pleasing to the eye.

color hue

Image resource: Pinterest

Analogous colors are the colors that appear next to each other on a color wheel

5. Consistency:

Consistency is something most of the people prefer and makes a thing more attractive. A thumbnail video with consistent text font, color tuning, visual effect, etc. will catch the eye of the users as it will stand apart in the whole webpage. Consistency adds to the standards of a video and will make people feel that this video is productive or from an authentic source

Create Your Own YouTube Thumbnail with Filmora for Free

Now that we have learned about how to download YouTube thumbnail for free and the rules you should follows, you may want to create a thumbnail. There are many Youtube thumbnail makers on the market that can help you create a YouTube thumbnail like Canva, PixStudio and more. However, we would like to be different today and recommend Filmora to you.

The benefits of using Filmora to create your YouTube thumbnail is that you don't need to look for other softwares. You can make a thumbnail while you are editing your video with Filmora easily.

Wondering how can you do it? Here is a video guide for you.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version


Getting the proper size and quality of a YouTube thumbnail is very important for activities like blogging, designing, etc. Here in this article, we have described how to download YouTube thumbnail from the best free downloaders available online in simple steps. These Thumbnail downloading tools can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and will help you to download the perfect thumbnail image of your choice within minutes. Please leave your feedback about our suggestions in the comment box below.

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