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Top 6 Best 4K DSLR Cameras

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

No doubt to say that mirrorless cameras are becoming first preference of beginners as well as professionals these days due to their high-quality results and light weight designs. But we cannot discard the awesomeness of DSLR cameras. They have incredible focus; crisp detailing and their stunning performance in almost all light conditions make them suitable for professional photographers. Moreover, with DSLR cameras, you have more options for lenses as they can be replaced with ease.

If you are searching for some details related to DSLR cameras then here we have brought you the well researched and detailed information for top 6 DSLR cameras that are best choices for 4K photography. Keep reading to choose your next camera unit:

Top 6 Best 4K DSLR Cameras:

Lots of big brands like Nikon and Canon etc. have presented their awesome collection of DSLR cameras into the market. With this huge competition, now you can have more options with 4K abilities and the best thing to know is that prices for these cameras have come down to the more affordable range. Here is the list of top 6 professional recommended DSLR cameras:

Product Price
Canon EOS-1D C $6,499.00
Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR Camera $5,999.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV $3,299.00
Nikon D5 $6,496.95
Nikon D500 $1,796.95
Nikon D7500 $1,246.95

1.Canon EOS-1D C:


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Price: $6,499.00 only

Canon EOS is capable enough to capture stunning stills with its 4K ability. The effective resolution of EOS-1D C goes up to 18:1 and it has 100% viewfinder coverage. This camera is designed with a waterproof body and its CMOS sensor is dedicated to providing cinematographic content quality. This camera offers great service for audio recording that is why it is recommended for documentaries. You can easily connect it to a smartphone for remote control via wireless applications.

  • Solid built.
  • Decent picture quality with impressive low-light performance.
  • Too Expensive.

2. Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR Camera:


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Price: $5,999.00

This camera is recommended for pro photographers because its 20.2 MP CMOS sensor ensures breathtaking picture quality. It has 61 point autofocus system and is capable enough to shoot videos with the 14fps rating. Mark II is equipped with automatic flicker detection system and face recognition system.

  • High-performance camera with bunch of advanced features,
  • Impressive ISO performance.
  • Costly choice.
  • Needs little improvement for sensitivity level.

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV:


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Price: $3,299.00

You will be impressed to find stunning image quality with its 30.4MP CMOS sensor that makes use of Digic 6+ processor. Professionals will definitely love to enjoy 7fps setting for continuous shooting and the improved weather sealing makes it suitable for cinematographic needs.

  • It is Wi-Fi/NFC and GPS enabled camera unit that allows easy sharing of memories with the external world.
  • Impressive flicker detection and metering capability.
  • Not suitable for action shooters.
  • FOV restricted due to the 1.64x crop factor.

4. Nikon D5:


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Price: $6.496.95

It can record 4K UHD videos at 30fps rating and ensures precise tracking of moving devices even in low light conditions. The automated autofocus ensures fine-tuned results even at 12fps rating. The image sensor offers 20.8MP effective resolution rating and picture quality is improved with Expeed 5 processor.

  • High-quality ISO performance.
  • Great battery life.
  • Appreciable color details.
  • Heavy weight and large size make it unsuitable for field applications.
  • Expensive choice.

5. Nikon D500:


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Price: $1,796.95

Nikon has launched one of its most impressive DSLR cameras into the market with 20.9MP CMOS sensor where professionals can enjoy frame rating up to 10fps in continuous mode. It offers fast performance with its 99 cross type points whereas built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth ability make it able to share memories on other platforms.

  • Excellent AF system.
  • Weather sealed body.
  • Brilliant image quality.
  • It has limited touch screen controls.
  • The performance of live view AF appears little slow.

Check the complete review for Nikon D500: here.

6. Nikon D7500:


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Price: $1,246.95

It is rated as a true all-rounder with impressive image quality, crisp footage details, classic autofocus system and highly accurate subject tracking abilities. The built-in Bluetooth and WI-FI enables easy sharing along with remote control abilities. Nikon D7500 is designed with auto ISO sensitivity that allows professionals to male easy selection for minimum shutter speed.

  • Sleek design makes it easy to handle and comfortable to use.
  • Fast performance with 15 cross type points.
  • Maintains great brightness even at low light situations.
  • Low-cost solution.
  • It has limited touch screen controls.
  • It needs some improvements for live object tracking capabilities.

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