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Top 8 Best Tripods for 4K Camera

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

Market is loaded with wide variety of tripod units so most of the buyers feel confusion while investing to buy a new tripod. Tripods play an essential role in digital recording, they helps to keep your footage stable but while buying a Tripod you need to focus upon several specifications.

The article below is designed to provide you all necessary information about Tripods so that you can invest on right product and it can meet your requirements. Keep reading this review of top 8 Tripod units that are compatible with 4K cameras.

How to Choose Right Tripods for Your 4k Camera?

Before choosing a tripod for your 4K camera, there are some things you need to consider:

1. Weight Capacity:

First of all you must think about the weight handling capacity of a tripod. Professionals recommend picking a device with capacity 2 times higher. Note that sometimes you may need to rest your hands on it during long hour shooting so it must be able to handle that additional pressure. You may also need to use a battery grip for your camera at some time during recording applications or may even need to use it with heavier accessories so all these factors must be considered while making a purchase.

2. Tripod Height:

A tripod that is equivalent to your height is best because it will not force you to shoot with odd body posture. In case if you are going to buy a tripod that has attached head then this head must reach up to your jaw level for better positioning. One more important thing is to pick a tripod that offers easy portability so that you can carry it to your tours without any disturbance.

3. Tripod Head:

A tripod can generally have three types of heads:

  • The Pan Tilt head that can possess a single handle to assist in horizontal movements or a dual handle that works for vertical as well as horizontal movements.
  • Ball Head have only one type of control that is simple used to make its grip tighter or loser. While keeping the cameras tightly positioned, these heads use to be highly flexible and they ensure smoother operations.
  • Gimbal Head is suitable for lenses that have 300mm or higher dimensions. They are highly balanced and allow better results for fast action type photography needs.

4. Tripod Legs:

You will find tripods in two different configurations that are tabular and non tabular type. Generally the carbon fiber legs are designed in tabular form; they follow a threaded twist lock type mechanism that makes legs more secure. On other side, steel, basalt and aluminum tripods use to come in various shapes with the flip lock system. With such height variations, you will find at least 3 to 5 tripod leg sections.

Top 8 Best Tripods for 4K Camera in 2017:

Section 1: Low Budget Tripods: (Under 500)

Those who are going to buy a tripod for the very first time and want to invest minimum are advised to pick a device from below 500 collections. Below are some of the best suggestions:

1. Bescor TH-770 High Performance Tripod System:

Price: $109.95


This highly reliable and durable tripod system is best for mid-sized camcorders that have maximum weight up to 15lbs. It comes with a camera plate that assists in long distance travels. You will be able to buy this tripod with a carry case and head.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 15 lbs
Weight 7 lbs
Height 76.5 cm to 152 cm
Leg Section 2

2. Manfrotto MVH500A Fluid Drag Video Head with MVT502AM Tripod and Carry Bag:

Price: $285.00


This tripod extends support to HDSLR form factor you can enjoy quick leveling with its 60mm half ball even without making additional efforts for adjustments. The head consists of a side lock mechanism ensuring sliding type quick release service.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 11 lb
Weight 2.5 lbs
Height 12.6cm
Materials Aluminum Alloy
Fluid head counterbalances Spring loaded
Tilt range -70 degrees/ +90 degrees
Leg stages 2
Leg material Aluminum
Pan range 360 degrees

3. Benro S8 Pro Video Head and A3573F Series AL Tripod with Deluxe Carry Case:

Price: $403.67


This is a perfect choice for video recording needs as it can easily support cameras having maximum weight up to 17.6 lbs. This tripod system is able to provide much precise control while offering continuous adjustment service for tilt drag and pan.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 17.6 lb
Weight 11 lb
Height 63.8"
Folded Length 33.1"
Leg Section 3
Counterbalance Stepped: 0 to 3
Pan Range 360 degree
Tilt Angle +90 degree to -70 degree

Section 2: Medium-Budget Tripods: (500)

1. Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminium Tripod & Mid Level Spreader:

Price: $655.50


This is a perfect solution for camcorders and HDSLR cameras; most of the users love to explore amazing details with this tripod for weddings, documentaries, corporate videos and ENGs. Its light weight structure, mid level spreader and compact size are major advantages.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 8.8 lb
Weight 9.7 lb
Height 66.5"
Folded Length 33.5"
Leg Section 2/3
Counterbalance 5 step
Tilt Angle +90 degree to -70 degree

2. Gitzo GT2532 Mountaineer Series 2 Carbon Fiver Tripod:

Price: $849.88


Its legs are designed with high modulus carbon fiber that makes it stronger and tough for rough use. With its large leg selector angles, you can make easy grip adjustments and the tripod stability allows trouble free recording even at higher weight ranges.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 39.6 lb
Weight 3.7 lb
Height 65.4"
Folded Length 25.6"
Leg Section 3
Tripod Feet Features Rubber - without spikes
Center Column Features Ballast Hook

Section 3: Top of the Line Tripods: (Above 5000)

1. Miller Compass 25 Solo ENG 3-Stage Carbon Fiber System:

Price: $4,516.56


This tripod is commonly used with XDCAM, HDV, DVCAM, P2HD and Large Sensor Cameras. Its classic counterbalance system along with precision fluid drag technology makes it more suitable for fast setup. It ensures consistent performance over wide variations of temperature ranges.


Parameters Details
Payload range 8.8 to 30.9 lbs
Weight 17.1 lbs
Height 23.7 to 66.6 inches
Counterbalance 4 selectable positions
Leg Extension 2 stages
Leg material Carbon Fiber
Pan Range 360 degree
Tilt Angle +90 degree to -75 degree

2. OConnor Ultimate 1030D Fluid Head & 30L CF Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Case:

Price: $9,371.75


There are lots of advanced features hidden inside this CF tripod. The package includes mid level spreader, soft carrying case, Ultimate 1030D fluid head and 30L carbon fiber tripod. It ensures higher stability and rigidity for recording setup and the soft carrying case makes transportation much easier.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 39 lb at C.O.G 4" and 24lb at C.O.G 8"
Weight 8.7 lb
Height 6.6"
Leg Stage 3
Material Legs are made up of Carbon Fiber
Pan Range 360 degree
Tilt Drag Adjustable between 1 to 5

3. Cartoni O105 Omega Professional Tripod System:

Price: $13,895.20


This professional tripod offers best services for cinematographic applications. The package includes P377 mid level spreader, K705 1 stage Superpod, 2 O110 telescoping pan arms, K498 Camera plate and Omega Fluid head. It works perfectly with heavy weighted studio cameras that usually go up to 176 lbs.


Parameters Details
Load Capacity 176 lb
Weight 55 lb
Height 30.0"
Folded Length 33.1"
Leg Section 3
Counterbalance Continuously variable
Pan Range 360 degree
Tilt Drag Continuously Variable Fluid
Tilt Range -65 to +65 degrees
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